HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS: Chapter 41 – The End

HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS: Chapter 41 – The End

Chapter 41

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“Hold on !”I called and the two maids came back to me

“Tell me what this album is all asked

“Well it’s an old album of the resort chefs,the chef’s were always jovial and they enjoyed taking picture, it was a pity they all had to split because the resort close down”one of them replied

“But it’s a good thing that it is open again, it will be good if they can find those chef again”the other replied

“How do you two know the story of the past workers”I asked

“Well my mother told us a lot, she was once a worker of the resort ten years ago”one of them replied

“Who exactly is your mother, tell me who she is, I have to talk to her?”I asked

“Well she is known as ¢razy Lucy now, my mother has gone crazy” she replied

“Your mom is ¢razy Lucy?”I asked

“Yes she is “the girl Answered softly.

“Can you please tell me what she told you about this people?”I asked showing her the picture and she hesitated

“Please tell me, I have to know, will giving you more money do?”I asked and the maid stared at me, unsure to tell me what I needed to know.

“Well she told me that these two left the Island and was never heard from again but she made it clear that before they left, they were a bit off and were acting strange being a busy body she went to check up on them and she saw that they had some one with them”she answered

“Who is this some one? Did she tell you who it was?”I asked

“No she didn’t get to finish because, she ran off “the girl answered

“Okay! Thank you for the info”I said and began to walk off

“What about the money you promised sir?”she asked

” I will get it to you soon”I said heading straight for my study.

Is it possible that when Racheal had fallen off the cliff she didn’t die but instead she was saved by the Wilburn family, I thought as I paced around the office.

Can Emily be Racheal, I thought as I couldn’t stand the question any more.

I went in search of Emily, I need her to answer some questions of mine.

She was at the patio snacking on some desert with Gracie.

“Oh it’s your husband”Gracie said announcing my arrival to her

“You are back!”she asked as she stood up

“We have to talk”I said and with out waiting for her reply, I pulled her to the privacy of our room.

“What’s going on? You have been acting weird since morning, will you tell me why now!”she asked looking worried.

I began to see a little bit of resemblance between her and Racheal.

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself first, I must at first get some answers from her.

“Cade!”she called softly bringing me back to reality

“When I had asked you to leave, you said you wouldn’t and that’s because you found a reason to stay, can you tell me if the reason is this?” I asked showing her her parents picture.

“Where did you find that? Have been looking for it”she said as she snatched it from me

” Answer me Emily! Is this the reason”I asked

“Yes,it is”she replied still starring at the picture


“What do you mean by why?, I never knew that my parents work on the resort, I had to know why they never told me about it, you see my parents and I are very close and we tell each other every thing but they had kept this a secret from me and so I said to myself, If they were keeping such a secret, there could be some thing behind it and that is what I must find out and besides………….”she stopped suddenly

“Besides what? “I asked

“I never told you but since you are asking,I will,there is some thing about that house, the house you forbade me from, there is some thing about it, I don’t know how to put it but I feel that have been there before and that some thing happened to me there”She said

She is Racheal! I thought to myself

‘”And then I had this strange Dream too of me being pursued, I didn’t get to see the person but all I can remember was that he kept on pursuing me until we got to that house and then he pushed me into it and then he………….”she couldn’t get to complete her words because I hugged her

“Am sorry”I said holding her tight

“Hey don’t be? It’s just a dream and i doubt f its real”She said and I held her more tight, wishing that I had been the one in her position instead of her.

“Am sorry Emily, am really sorry “I kept on muttering softly

“Cade stop saying sorry, you have done nothing to harm me”She said laughing gently .

If only you knew that I was the jerk who ruined your life

Just then I felt blood running out of my nose and the last thing I heard before losing conciousness was Emily calling out my name.

HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS: Chapter 41 – The End


“Will he be okay?”I heard Cade father asking the doctor some where in the room.

“It’s all due to stress, he will be fine, he just needs more rest”The doctor replied too

“Okay doctor, let me see you out” his father said as he walked off with the doctor

I sat by the bed, holding his hand tight, I was so shocked when I saw him fall out of my arms with bl.ood in his nose.

All the anger I felt for him dissipate, I couldn’t stop crying and even when the doctor arrived, I refused to leave his side.

All I want right now is for him to wake up, once he is up, I will believe then that he is okay.

“This is all your fault”Cade mother said beside me

“You should be taking care of my son not concerning your self with that darn resort” she added and when I still didn’t give her a reply she continued

“I wondered why he married you, he should have never married you, he should have just been with Isabel, aren’t you going to say some thing?”She yelled at me

And when I still didn’t answer her, she tried to pull my hand from Cade hand and then i gave her an angry look.

She was intimidated at first but she regained her composure and kept on pulling my hand.

“Stop it Denise”Her husband yelled at her and she stopped pulling my hand

“Let’s leave the two of them alone”he said

“But I ……….”

“Denise!” He called and quickly she left the room leaving only Cade and I

Some peace at last, I thought as I kept on starring at Cade.

He looked so innocent and free from all the thoughts that torment him when ever he is awake

“You have to wake up, you still have a lot to do with me okay, I love you and I won’t ever leave you”I said as I kissed his hands.

He stirred and i looked up to see that he has woken up

“My love! You are finally awake”I said as I held his hand

“What happen?”he asked

“You fainted, the doctor said it was caused by a lot of stress”I said feeling happy.

“Help me sit up”he said

“Not yet my love,the doctor said that you need complete bed rest”I said as gave him an authoritative look

“What did you say?”he asked

“I said that the doctor said…….”

“Not that ,the one before that?”

“What did I say before that! Don’t try to confuse me here, we are talking about …….”

“My love, you called me your love” he said softly

“Yes I did and that’s because you are my love”I said

“Emily I…….”

“Don’t deserve me, I already know that you will say that ,so find another line to give me, I love you and you love me and thats the only line I want to hear from you”I said waiting for him to say the word

“Common, say it, have been waiting to hear you say it”I urged him

He gave me a smile and then he whispered the words I long to hear most

“I love you “.

HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS: Chapter 41 – The End

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