JODA : Episode 11 – The End


Written by Amah’s Heart

Episode 11.

I drove to Kuria’s place that morning, i saw school bus parked outside his gate, but nothing was important to me than what I so much wanted to do. I ran up to his front door, I knocked hard and he opened within second, he looked shocked to see me that morning but I wasn’t thinking straight. I pounced on him like a prey and started k!ssing and putting off my cloths, asking him to make love to me. He was still shock as he takeoff his face from me, he tried to push me away still asking me to calm down, but I don’t want to be calmed down. I wanted Kuria, I wanted him so much as I kept moving close to him he was stepping back. My top blouse was already on the floor, it was remaining my bra and my jean trouser, but Kuria was resisting me.
“Joda…Joda please stop this and put on your cloth, Joda stop… Please, what happened… What’s wrong… Talk to me… Please Wear……put your top back on… Stop

” I thought you wanted me, why are you running from me, I want you Kuria, stop pushing me away, please… I need you…please make lo…

“Uncle Kuria.. Is everything okay…is she alright?

I quickly turned and saw this cute teenage boy in his uniform and school bag hanging on one of his shoulder, he was standing on the wooden stairs that Kuria built.. He looks so confuse and looked from me to Kuria…I gently picked up my top on the floor and wore back without shame.

“Hey Jude.. You are set for school… That’s good… Pick up your lunch pack on the dining table, and run up because your school bus is waiting for you outside.. Yea, she’s fine, she’s my friend, her name is Joda, I will introduce you properly to her when she’s in a better mood but run up now, be good my boy.
“Thanks uncle Kuria, see you after school.

Jude looked at me again, I wasn’t in the mood to smile so I looked away, he ran out. Kuria took me to a seat and I quietly sat down, I need to make Kuria to do this with me, but he was trying very hard to resist me, I thought of plans.

“Joda what is the problem, my boy was around and he doesn’t suppose to see this drama, he is a teenager, and I’m trying to guide him through.. I don’t want him misunderstanding this whole thing, teenage mind can work faster than you think, and what exactly happened… Talk to me, you can’t drive down this early morning to my place just to ask me to… Hmmm this is crazy… I’m sorry Joda… But what exactly is going on.

“I’m sorry, I forgot you have a teenager around, I wasn’t thinking.. I…I …is just crazy Kuria, you won’t understand… I had a fight with my husband and I needed to desperately talk to somebody, hmmm… I thought you actually felt the same way I have being feeling since we had that k!ss, all I think about is you…Even when I’m with my husband…you occupied my mind… I…think I’m… Never mind…

I looked at his face, the trick was working, I smiled in my mind… Today with the way I wanted a revenge, with the way I desperately wanted to cheat on Denis I can’t give up, I liked Kuria and I’m sorry for making him do this but it needs to be done… I didn’t want to talk to Binta because she would have some other plans outside this, but I need to do this on my own. I know she will even be proud of me.

“Say it Joda.. You are in love with me? Isn’t it, but you are a married woman, you are married, I promise you what happened the last time won’t happen again, I can’t do that because it won’t be fair to your husband cheating on him…and I know you equally love him… From the very first time I saw you, I have loved you Joda, but I kept my self in check because you were engaged to be married and you would never be mine, and when we finally k!ssed back then, I wanted to pour all the stored up feeling I have on you, i regretted it, and i watch you walk down to be married I started wishing I was the man getting married to you. My heart still beat for you even at this moment, but is a waste of time because you belong to somebody, you are the only woman that melt my ego, and brings me to my feet any time I’m around you or I think of you, you got my heart right from the first day…

I love you so much Joda but you can never be mine, and that’s the fact and I can’t tell you to leave your husband for me, God forbids if I ever do such a wicked thin. I will some day get somebody whom I will love with my life, and who will love me in return because I want to have a big family, and a happy on. I came from a broken home, I want something different and beautiful, I will never be a partaker in destroying another man’s own home because of my selfishness, go back home Joda, before your husband starts looking for you. I hate to see couples fight or unhappy, go home and sort out with him…He is your husband and will always be, if you don’t love him or he doesn’t love you, you two won’t be together… I’m always here if you want to talk but please come with Binta or somebody, is difficult sometimes having you alone with me, I must say the truth.. Joda, but all the same I’m always here for you, just go home, is too early for you to be out…

I sat there not making a move, I intended to achieve my aim before going anywhere, on seeing I wasn’t ready to go he wanted to call Binta to come over but I begged him not to, he breathed deeply before standing up to make some breakfast for me but I told him I wasn’t hungry. He went to his kitchen anywa, I later stood up and followed him. As he bent over making scrambled egg, I put my hand under his shirt, holding him, he m0an and turned trying to takeoff my hands, begging me to stop it. I did it even more since I know I’m difficult for him to resist me. I took my hands up his body and grabbed his n!pple, I was good at what I do, he m0aned again and pushed me off, he flee like the story of Joseph and potiphar’s wife in the Bible. I sat where he pushed me, when he returned back to the kitchen he helped me stand, and apologised, he said I should be going or he would leave the house. I knew he wanted me but he was trying so hard to resist me, and I was working so hard to get him. As he held me and talk I k!ssed him hard, he tried to pull off but I held on tight, he struggled a bit before relaxing, I finally won. The next thing followed as we put off our cloths. I told him to take me to his bedroom and he lifted me into his arm and carried me up there.
After the whole thing, I felt so good and he felt so broken.

“I enjoyed you more than My cheating husband, this is his revenge for cheating on me with my friend…

Kuria looked at me as if I said the wildest thing
” your husband slept with your friend, Binta?

“Not Binta, he slept with Vanessa, they are lovers, the idi0t slept with my so called friend Vanessa, the girl that was my chief brides maid during my wedding. I caught them red handed, they usually drugged me just to do it…and I plan to cheat on him too.

” whaaaat, Joda.. God…so what we just did was only because of revenge, just because you wanted to cheat on your husband you came to me, how stupid can I be….jeeeeez…why didn’t you tell me what you had in mind. Why tell me now that the deed is done… Why Joda… Why did you hurt me this way, I felt terrible already giving in to this, but with this realization I don’t known if I can forgive myself, you manipulated me just to achieve your plan, it wasn’t even because you have feeling for me..oh noooooo…. It felt like I took advantage of you Joda, you shouldn’t have done this to me I truly love you…so much. That pushing you off and running felt like a knife was on my throat, ooh Joda….

His face was so sad, he looked as if he wanted to cry as he asked me to leave immediately. I tried to apologise, but he shouted and told me to leave.
By this time he was actually crying, I felt broken too seeing his tears, he actually tried to resist me. I felt so ashamed of myself as I walked out. I hated myself for making such a grown man to actually cry.

I drove home, and didn’t come down from my car immediately as I got home, it wasn’t the picture of Vanessa and Denis on my head again, it was that of Kuria, shameless regretting his action as tears pours from his eyes. If I had known it would result to thi, I would have kept quiet and just do it and leave him in peace. I tried getting my phone to call Binta, but I couldn’t find it, I have forgotten it at Kuria’s place.

When I finally went upstairs to my room, Denis came to ask me where I was coming from, but I didn’t reply him, I was boiling on seeing his stupid face, as he came to hold me I gave him a double heavy slap, he held his face in shock. I started raining heavy curses on him, I released all my anger on him, but I never mentioned about me knowing his plan with Vanessa or about the drugs, I never mentioned last night to him I just cursed and fought as he tried to hold me to himself, comforting me and asking me what happened.

Denis made me to hurt Kuria and I will never forgive him,
as he held me in his ar, I poured out all the tears I have held back, he was acting all nice as he tried to wipe my tears, I slapped off his hand.
I’m actually done with foolishness, I really need to talk to Binta probably she can help me beg Kuria to forgive me for manipulating and using him like Denis did to me.
This is my wrong, I will make it right it, this is my story and it must not end sadly for me.

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