JUST FOR LOVE : Chapter 71 – 80

(Love, why?)?

?Season 2?
Chapter 71

?Anel’s POV?

? Please answer my question,are you related to Bryan Shaw?” I asked with my heart beating fast.

He was silent for a while before he finally replied.

?Yes,he’s my dad

I stifled a gasp,with my phone nearly dropping from my hand.

?Anel,I’m sorry. I was about tell..” He was saying before i hung up.

I was stilled for a while,not knowing what to do.

D..Dan lied to me!
I held the sketchpad tighter staring at my image.
I’m still damn shocked to believe this.
Dan is the son of Bryan Shaw? The man I’ve always wanted to meet.
The only man i loved aside from my family?

H..how could Dan lie to me!
He told me his last name was “Martin!”
To hell with ‘Martin!’

I’m a fool! Yeah…i am.
I remember the day Mrs Oliver invited me to her office the day Dan was wounded.
She mentioned Daniel ‘Shaw’ and the stupid me thought she made a mistake.
But does that mean she wasn’t also aware that Daniel is the son of the great artist?
Of course,everyone might just think his last name is similar to the real ‘Bryan Shaw’.

I should be called a fool once again cause i remembered also when i went to his house and saw series of his Bryan Shaw’s artworks. My initiative should have given me a hint.

I stared at the drawing closely. Dan is damn good just like his dad.
I just don’t know the reason I’m not feeling annoyed as i should be!
And why am i smiling like a dummy.

Dan lied to me,I’m supposed to be pissed but funnily, I’m smiling.
Isn’t that weird?

Even if i wanna be pissed at him,i know i can’t be, cause i totally understand this situation.
His father is a celebrity and he can’t go about telling people who his father is,just like i never told anyone except Dan that I’m related to Milana Sydney.

I told him about Milana,then he should have also told me about his dad.
Well…considering the type of person Bryan Shaw is,it’s well known that he loves his privacy,he doesn’t even socialise.

Could that be the reason that dumbass lied to me?

I’m excited my he’s Bryan Shaw’s son! and i feel a bit sad he lied to me.
I once heard someone said ‘if friends keep things from each other,then the friendship is not true’

But can that be applied in this case.
Should i stop talking to Dan for lieing to me.

I dont even think i can do that again, remembering how lonely i felt when i refused to talk to him for days.

I should probably wait for his explanation before jumping into conclusion.

I yawned and shifted under the blanket still holding the drawing.

I should paste this beside my bed also, i would love to be seeing it every minute but i guess I’m sleepy to do that now.
It won’t be bad if i hug it to my chest while i sleep and;

That was what i did!

? Next morning ?

I got up from the bed and quickly got ready for school.

I walked down the stairs and had my breakfast with Ana and in few minutes James was driving us to school.

I can’t actually wait to hear from Dan.
I’m so anxious and angry at the same time.


“Bye Jack, Ana” I waved at them before alighting from the car.
They waved back.


I made sure i responded to everyone’s greetings before walking to my seat,they seem happy i did so and once again,i felt like a goddess.

He isn’t in class yet.
I sat down and patiently waited for him.
I took a note to study while waiting.


Few minutes later, he walked into the classroom and i found myself placing my head on the desk.

?Dan’s POV?

I walked into the class and quickly reply to greetings before rushing to my seat.

I met Anel bowing her head on her desk.
She’s pissed at me, of course she should be.
I lied to her! I should have just told her everything at the beginning but I’m always afraid of revealing my dad personality.
I’ve never done that.

I sat down and dropped my backpack.

I cleared my throat and hesitated for a while.
“Anel” I tapped her shoulder gently
“Don’t touch me” She yelled suddenly and i flinched.

I should expect this though.

“Look Anel,I’m sorry. I had a reason for lieing to you” I said.
“Can you please raise up your head,i know you’re pissed right now buh I’m so sorry..you need to at least listen to me” i said trying to touch her but i know i dare not.

“I’m so sorry,it wasn’t my intention to do that”

“Ane..” i was saying but got interrupted by her laughter.

My eyes widened in surprise.

She raised up her head and laughed louder, holding her mouth with her hand.
She tucked her hair behind her ear and my heart stopped for a moment, registering how beautiful she look.

“Look Dan,I’m not annoyed. I totally understand” She smiled.
“Huh?” I asked to be sure I didn’t heard her wrong.
“Yeah,you heard me silly ass” She said.

My face brightened in a smile when i realised i didn’t heard her wrong.
I had to stop myself from hugging her.

“You mean you’re not annoyed with me?”
“Hmm..a bit though” She frowned.
“I’m sorry” i said.
“It’s fine, i know how much Bryan Sha..huh? I should say your Dad, cherish his privacy, he’s the only celebrity i know that doesn’t socialise”

“Wow,you seem to know him real well,,he doesn’t like getting out in the public,his secretary does almost everything,what he does is just to make artworks and so many other things relating to it”
She nodded but suddenly frowned.

“Do you mean other people doesn’t know about it?”
“Yeah,they don’t..I’ve never told anyone,i was planning to tell you in the garden but remember you got interrupted by your dad’s call”

“Oh..my..that’s true! You weren’t planning on keeping it from me in the first place, i forgive you totally” She said.
“Of course” She said and then paused.
“You mean you’ve not told Jacq and Karissa?” She asked.
“Yeah,I’ve never told them about it.”

” Wow!” She exclaimed.
“But they know your last name is Shaw,you mean they’ve never asked if you’re related to Bryan Shaw?”
“They have! A lot of people have but i kept denying it, ‘shaw’ isn’t made for only Bryan, there are lots of people out there who is named ‘Shaw’ ”

“Ohh!” She sighed.

“You trusted me when i told you my last name was Martin. I’m so sorry to have broken that trust”
“No trust is broken Dan,i perfectly understand” She smiled.

Wow! This is surprising.

“Anel is this really you?” I asked and she laughed.
“Of course”
“I’m surprised”
“You should be,you thought i won’t speak to you right?”

“Well i thought of that but i decided not to do that, everyone has a reason for everything and i believe there was a reason for what you did. Good thing you’ve came out clean,I forgive you but please don’t tell lies to me again”
“OMG! Thanks” I nearly screamed.
“It’s nothing dumbass” She said.

“What’s with the ‘ass’? ” I asked and we both laughed.

She twitched her nose and hugged her chest with her arms.

” Yes! The funniest part is that I’m a friend of Bryan Shaw’s son,the man I’ve always hoped to meet, the man i had loved apart from my family,the man whose artworks gives me joy” She smiled.

“You’re surely a die hard fan of dad..”
“Last time,i remembered you said ; ‘You’re a die hard fan of Bryan Shaw and now it’s ‘you’re a die hard fan of dad’ isn’t that amazing?” She asked.

“Well..it is” I said and we both laughed again.

“Anel” I called after our laughter has died down.
“Huh?” She faced me.
“I will love to take you to my dad” I said .

She looked shocked for a moment before screaming out loud.
The whole class turned their attention to us.

I shouldn’t be surprised but i am with the type of bond between dad and Anel.
Dad also like her.

“Let’s get going” She grabbed my hand.
“Anel, we’re still in the class” I said.
“Really?” She breathed heavily and i smiled.

“Not today,do you wanna go dressed in school wears?” I asked and she frowned.
“So when?” She asked eagerly.
“I will come pick you tomorrow after school” I said.
“Yes!” She exclaimed and smiled.

“I feel like flying high in the air” She said.
“You can do that once you get outside the school” We suddenly heard and turned to see Mr Jones.

He entered the class already.

Anel secretly hissed and brought out her book.

I wonder why there so much dislike between the two?

?Lunch break?

“Dan let’s go to the cafeteria” Jacq and Karissa said, standing in front of my table.
I looked at Anel and she shrugged.

“Let’s go,it’s been ages i visited the cafeteria” She said and stood up,adjusted her school wears and started walking out of the classroom.
I stood up also “Let’s go guys” I said to Jacq and Karissa and we all walked out of the class.

I stood for a while after ordering my lunch, Jacq and Karissa are already seated on our table obviously waiting for me.
I stood there deliberating if to Anel’s table or jacq and karissa’s.

My eyes met with Anel’s and she smiled.
“Go meet them” She whispered but i stood still.
“I’m okay here” She whispered again and continued eating her lunch.

I dragged my feet to Jacq and Karissa table.

“What took you so long?” Karissa asked as i placed my tray of lunch on the table.
“You stood at that spot for minutes” Jacq added and gulped her milk juice.
“I was looking round the cafeteria” I said and sat down and started eating.

I stole glances at Anel’s table while contributing to the discussion in my table.
She wasn’t looking in my direction,she was concentrated on her meal instead.

I turned back to my meal also.
“I knew she liked Travis” Karissa suddenly said making me drop my spoon and turn to look at Anel’s table immediately.

Travis was sitting with her and she wasn’t even sending him away,she was smiling!

I shifted in my seat in anger, i had to restrain myself from getting up to go meet them.

I turned my face away and looked again.

She’s now holding his hand!!!
I thought she disliked him.
And why am I feeling so pissed about this.

I struggled to remain on my seat but the struggle didn’t last.
I stood up with my gaze still fixed on them.

A loud bang suddenly sounded through the whole Cafeteria and Travis was on the floor in few seconds, groaning in pain holding his hand.
Students exclaimed and started flying out of their table.

I was surprised for a moment but later smiled when i realised Anel has dealt with Travis.

Haha…serves him right.
I knew Anel couldn’t accommodate him that easily.

“Don’t ever say that shit to me again” She yelled at him before walking out of the cafeteria.
Students laughed and mocked him and i also joined.

I later walked out of cafeteria to go meet Anel.

I saw her was sitting on one of the benches in the hallway, gulping her bottle water.
I walked up to her.

“That was….” I was saying when she glanced up at me and laughed.
“What?” I asked.
“You thought the person that told you i kissed Travis was right?” She asked.
“No! I believed you but i was only surprised cause you didn’t like Travis enough to smile at him or take his hand” I said.
“Well…I smile and act nice before hitting someone i disliked”

“Yeah” She grinned.
“That’s wicked of me,i know”
“No it’s not, especially if it’s Travis” i said and she laughed.
“Looks like you don’t like Travis also” She said.

“I don’t,he has been bullying me since i resumed this school” I said.
“What! You mean he has been bullying you?” She asked standing up slowly.
“Yeah but…” I haven’t completed my statement before Anel started running back to the cafeteria.

“Anel” I shouted and ran after her.
I quickly got hold of her before she could get into the cafeteria.

“Where are you going to?” I asked breathing heavily.
“I need to go teach him more lessons,i hate bullies” She sighed and brushed her hand through her hair, looking pissed.
“H..he didn’t bully me,well..he did but I’ve learnt to fight for myself, remember i told you how i beat him up, don’t bother going to teach him more lessons,the ones you taught him are enough” I said hoping she would listen to me.

She was about disagreeing when i quickly added ‘Please’
“Damn! I’m gonna let him go cause you said so,let’s go back to the bench” She took my hand and we both started walking back to the bench.

I smiled,glad she listened to me easily.
I must be very important to her.
“So…” I was saying but got the shock of my life when she dropped my hand and started running back to the cafeteria.

This girl!

“Anel!” I shouted and ran after her.
She suddenly turned and laughed.

“I wasn’t gonna go,i was only pulling your legs” She laughed.
“Ah!” I breathed in relief before feigning a frown.
“Come get me” She said playfully and started running back to the bench laughing hysterically.
I laughed and ran after her.


“So what shit was he telling you about?” I asked after we were finally settled on the bench.
“The normal shits” She frowned.
“What normal shit?” I asked even though i already know what it is.
I kinda felt jealous and i wondered why.

“You know!” She poked my nose and i laughed.
“I hate guys asking me out” She said.
“Really?” I asked surprisingly.
“Yeah,it brings back some memories i would love forget”

“Did you got heartbroken?” I asked.
“No,i believe heartbreak is mostly for people involved in a relationship and i was never involved in one”
“Wow!” I sighed.
“Yeah…for a beautiful girl like me right?”

I nodded.

“I’m not beautiful in the aspect of kicking guys away though” She grinned.
“Yeah” I rolled my eyes “that’s obvious” I added and we laughed.

I so much like her.

{Back in class}

?Anel’s POV?

“Dan! Don’t make me laugh,you can see Mrs Claude is in class” I said trying to hold back my laughter at the funny face Dan was making.

I made sure my mouth is well held with my hand.
I could burst into laughter any minute.

“Aggregate is formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum..
I think i should explain further on the board” Mrs Claude said and turned to face the board, holding a board maker,she started scribbling.

“Dan stop!” I whispered but he continued.
I quickly turned to the front of the class to avoid laughter,just then Mrs Claude flung back her ponytail and my eyes caught;

The tattoo!
The love tattoo on the perpetrator’s neck!
The exact love tattoo!

But the perpetrator is a man!
I’m d@mn sure he is.
What the hell is going on.

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