AWKWARD NURSE : Chapter 21 – 30


By Chidinma Jerry M.

Season 1
(Chapter 21)

Samantha’s P. O. V

Yes my name is Samantha, I don’t know who that girl is but how dare Ryan talk to Me like that because of her.

I already looked her up “Clara David, the clumsiest nurse in A. G. H. C.

Does this mean Ryan doesn’t realky know me, I mean I am pretty.
This is the second health mission where I am meeting him, and he always, always just ignores me.

I like Ryan Dervantes infact i want him for myself.

I’m the daughter of the manager and am not suppose to be here, I should be in the state’s for my training. But no, when I heard Ryan was coming I decided to do my intern here .

What does it take for a man to notice you anyways. He didn’t even give me the little respect I deserve because of my class. And its all because of that mad looking girl.

The general meeting will start Soon I pray it ends in my favour.

Maybe if I am close to Ryan maybe he will see me.

I can’t believe these girls are making fun of me, I hurriedly ran away.

Clara’s p. O. V. Conts

we got to his car and he drove off.

He didn’t say a word to me, Omg I even thought our love had began.

Just then he looked at me

” you shouldn’t cry for your fellow woman, you are just as good as she thinks she is., he said
Wait did he just talk to me, I mean did he just say something nice to me.

Just then his phone rang, I really wonder whom it is , he connected the call to the car since he was driving.

” mine”, he said.

Oh it must be my sleeping beauty, is there a way to block my ears, I want to hear her voice but my heart is already beating fast, my breath is seizing, I feel jealousy, why do I feel jealousy.

” actually, I sat up today “, she said to him.

He smiled

” oh really, that means you will walk very Soon “, he asked.

” yes sure, and when I do, I will visit you first, you will be the first person to see me “. She said
” don’t forget your promise, it’s written in my heart. He said

” oh I won’t, so where are you, did the meeting already start..

” by twelve, I still have time “, he said

” ahh, it’s ok, bye, I really love you”, she said

” i love you more “, he said
“I love you morer “, she said.

He chuckled

“You won, he said.

” yes no one can beat me to loving you”, she said.

” drop the call, stop stressing your pretty voice, I will call you., he said.

” good bye “, she said and dropped out of the call.

I regret hearing this call, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I better call Diana or mom.

I looked at his face but when he turned, I looked away. Pls don’t see the pain in my eye, I too don’t know what’s behind it.

“You, do you go shoping at night”. He asked me
” what!!! ..
I instantly covered my lips with my hands

I opened the bag and brought out the book where I wrote.

” No sir, actually, I don’t have style.
He looked at it and faced forward.

” before coming out, did you bath? “, He asked as he turned the car steer.

I scratched my hair.

” well…

” you didn’t, he Said with assurance.

He looked back and and continued his driving.

” use your sit belt, the car seems to be having minor issues “. He said.

Oh but am not good at doing that, I still collected it and tried fixing it but no avail.

” if you won’t do it right, u might as well get hurt, you are always looking for my trouble “, he said.

His face when he said this just made me smile.

Finally he stopped the car. Wait, wait,. is this a hotel.

Omg Ryan i trusted you, how could you bring me to a hotel room. I know I like you but, let’s take it slow.

I still followed him from Behind

I just followed Him quietly and he made reservations.

We walked upstairs, he opened the door and sat on the bed. wow the room is pretty.

I don’t know what to do, I can’t sit in the bed with Ryan he might kill me.
I slowly used my butt to push the door close then I flipped my hair back and stood there with both hands on my lap.

Ryan dropped his phone on the bed. Why?

He removed His jacket. Why?

He walked towards to me in a haste, why??.

I opened my eyes wide He came close enough, first I noticed the height difference, omg mom why am I short.

Next I noticed his sexy chest which I stole from the first 3 open buttons of his shirt.

A silver necklace rested there. I rolled my eye up to his face and his lips suddenly got into my sight.

Did I just imagine kissing him, what’s wrong with me.

what am I thinking, what’s happening to Clara. I closed my eye tight, , argh my first night.
I instantly wrapped both hands round my chest

I can feel his breath, he’s fragrance, omg am not ready yet.

Why is he so close anyways, I opened my eye and turns out He was fixing the door lock above my head after which he locked the door.

Then he walked back to the bed where he sat down

What to do, I slowly removed my hands from my chest and bowed to him.

“Don’t stand there, i brought you here so you can take off your cloths and

i instantly wrapped my hands round my chest again.

” what!! I shouted.

**Omg lia was right, What is he going to say, He wants to say take off your cloths and lie with me. **

” Hey, dont say the bad word ” I Shouted.

” what bad word, take off your cloths and bath so we can go for the meeting, but what were you thinking.

” arhg its nothing “, I replied

i ran into the bathroom.

Ryan’s p. O. V

And she didn’t even take a towel but this hotel setting is wrong the towel should be in there.

What ever, I checked my time. ok we still have a little time before the meeting starts and after that I need to service my car.

How long will this girl spend in there anyways. Argh why am i being kind to this she devil, my kind nature is really getting to me.
i still dont like her.

Clara’s P. O. V

Oh I feel refreshed, I removed the shower cap.

Wait, Wait . wait… what!!!, there is no towel in here.

What to do, am I to wear this cloth, What is this.

how do I tell this guy to give me the towel I am not suppose to talk him.

I knocked on the door then I brought out my hand.

Hey, sir, uhmmmm master, can u please, please, pass me that red paper, I have something to say.

Next thing I felt the towel in my hand.

“Oh, thanks.

I used the towel, Just then i realized the towel is short, Argh its too short, can I even bend or better, jump.

Aarrgh I better go, am delaying him.

I walked out
I stood quietly with both hands to my front, slightly btw my thigh.

He looked at me in a very different manner, I got shy so I just moved my hair.

Am sure I felt his eye steal my pretty legs as well as my neck and chest.

Until he controlled his eye. What is this, a man never looked at Me like that. Omg Clara someone looked at you with desire , what an achievement.

He picked up his phone

” wash your hair”, he said
” what!!.
” go back, wash your hair. He Said again.

I bowed and rushed back in , I carefully washed my hair and rushed out.

In my haste I slipped and fell to the floor. Ouch what’s wrong with me.

I got a big cut, it bled out, What to do.

Now how do i stand up, if i move my towel will slip. Ouch what’s this.

He looked at me for a while , he flipped his back word then he stood up and walked out.

I rushed up and tied my towel well then I sat on the bed and picked the hair drier on the table plugged it and dried my hair.

Soon it was dried, what’s keeping Ryan, I instantly wiped my blood from my legs.

Just then he walked in with a bag on one hand and a first aid kit in the other

He bent down and opened the kit he brought out some treatments and applied it on my leg.

I placed both hands on the bed, soon he was Done.

he looked up to my face.
His eye went up my neck again I instantly covered the area with both hands.
He chuckled. First time he ever smiled at me.

He stood up and handed me the bag I opened it and what!!!, a white gown, white bra and white pant.

I smiled, I tried talking but I held my lips. I picked the book and wrote.

“Thank you and sorry, sir. ”

He picked his kit and dropped it on the bed

” change, we are almost late “, he said.
I rushed into the dressing room with that bag.

I dressed up, how can he know my size so well.

I kept forcing the gown to zip up but no way, i have been trying to this for hours and we are almost late.

I used my long hair to cover my back, I don’t want him to see my bra, when I get home i will zip it.

Yes, fighting!!.

I walked out then I bowed to him, i was fast to run to the door so he won’t notice anything.

He picked his phone and walked behind me. I got to the door, what!! This lock is really tight. I couldnt open it.

Just then he lifted his hands up and opened the door.

I tried rushing out bit he dragged me back, i stopped. he moved my hair to one part of my shoulders then he zipped the gown.

He still returned the hair, then he walked past me. I almost melted, now I feel 1000 butterflies In my tummy, what does this mean.

Arrgh mom, I don’t want to stay here anymore.

I rushed after him and there he stood kicking his car and making some calls.

I tried talking to him but I held my lips.

Seems like the car spoilt and we are runing out of time.

Just then the mechanic arrived and started work. Ryan checked his time and scattered his hair as he walked up and down.

Hes face is so troubled, this is all my fault.

Samantha’s P. O. V

This is 11:40, my dad is already here he hates being late.

All the departmental heads and all important people for this meeting are seated.

But where Is ryan and he’s stupid hand nurse.

I can’t believe he wants to be late, they will soon call his dad.

What’s the way forward

Ryan’s p. O. V ??

Omg I can’t believe it, this mechanic is taking time.

Just then this Clara girl dragged my hand, How dare she touch me

” sir, there’s the free bus”, she said.
“You, how dare you expect me…

I didn’t finish my statement she ran away dragging my hands with her.

I only turned to look at her face. What is she doing.

I stopped runing. She shouted at me
‘Hey!!! !!, you are going to miss it.

“She devil, listen…

She cut in

‘ shhhhhhhhhhh”.

What!! Did she just tell me to shut up.

” hey!!, I shouted

She dragged my hands and ran away again.

I checked my time 11:50.

Where is this girl taking Me too my legs are paining.

Clara’s P. O. V

Am dead, I told him to shut up. And now i am dragging his hand.
He can kill me later but he can’t miss this meeting.

I don’t want his dad to call him again.

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