JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 21-30

?Just Two Months ?

Written By Tamara Blair

Chapter 21

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
“Are you nuts?”I asked Nina. “What’s wrong?”She asked confused. “I can’t tell him how i feel ,am not even sure of what i feel towards him,am not telling him anything” i said

“Okay,just don’t come crying to me when he hooks up with Chantel”She said and i sighed. “I won’t cry,okay, I have to go,bye”i said and hanged up.

I can’t possibly tell Daniel how i feel,he should be the one to tell me that’s if he even feels something,No,i can’t tell him.

? Author’s P.o.v?
Everyone was seated at the breakfast table except Kylie and Paris. “Mason, where’s Paris and Kylie?” Mrs mendes asked. “I don’t know,mom,maybe they are busy trying out outfits in the room”Mason said then Paris comes down the stairs.
“Mom,dad,am just coming from Kylie’s room and she doesn’t look good”Paris said. “What’s wrong with her?”Mr mendes asked.
“She’s burning up and shivering,i think she has a fever”Paris said looking so worried. “Let me go check on her” Daniel said and left the table.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
I rushed to Kylie’s room and opened the door, there she was shivering,her eyes were a little swollen and red. “Hey,how are you feeling?” I said sitting beside her.
“Not good,i..i feel miserable”she said and sneezes. “Let me call a doctor”i said while my mom, Mason and my dad entered the room.

“Honey,are you okay?”My mom asked. “No,am not”Kylie said while my mom touched her head.
“I already called the family doctor so he will here in no time”My dad said.
“Who knows,you could be pregnant”My mom said and i rolled my eyes. “Mom,am so sure she’s not pregn@nt”I said.
“How are you so sure, using protection isn’t 100% certain”My mom said. Why does mom want Kylie to be pregn@nt, Kylie won’t even let me touch her.

“Mom,i don’t think am pregn@nt, maybe it’s just a fever”Kylie said and my mom sighed.

Few minutes later, the doctor arrived and checked Kylie. “So what’s wrong?” Paris asked.
“She has a high fever,i prescribed some drugs,she needs to take them and rest afterwards” the doctor said.
“Okay, thanks, doctor,let me walk you out”Mason said and he and the doctor walked away.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
I was busy playing candy crush on my phone when Daniel walked in with a bowl of soup,he placed it down, then collected my phone.
“Hey, what’s your problem?” I asked trying to collect the phone. “You should be resting not playing games”He said putting the phone is his pocket
“Why are you here?”I asked while he sat in front of me and brought a bowl of an ugly looking soup close to me. “Eww, what’s that?” I said clearly digusted.
“It’s herbal soup,Mom made it,she said it will clear your running nose and your sneezing”He said trying to feed me,i looked away.
“I don’t want to take it,it looks so bitter and i rather…”he didn’t let me finish before he shoved the spoon in my mouth.
“You talk too much”He said while i rolled my eyes at him.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
Seeing Kylie make those funny face anytime she ta$tes the soup is so funny,i had so much fun feeding her, even when she’s sick ,i still enjoy being with her. Kylie’s something else.

“That was h0rrible,am never taking that again”She said. “Then try not to get sick”I said. “It wasn’t my fault i got sick” She said pouting her lips like a baby.
“Actually i think it is, you are too troublesome, that’s why”i said and laughed. “Jerkface”She said and giggled.
“What did you call me?”i asked. “I called you a…” Before she could finish talking,i kssed her,she responded quickly like the first time but she pulled away.
“You take your drugs,while i go drop this tray” i said and walked away.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
He kssed me..again and i kssed him back..again,oh God, Kylie,i hope i don’t wake up in his bed one day. I have to control myself. Next time,he tries to kss me,i will push him away..I promise.

After two days, I felt much better,infact i was back to myself.It was a Friday night and Daniel’s parents went out on a date,so cute.
We stayed back at the house binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
“Am so bored”Mason said yawning while Chantel was busy taking selfies, wtch.
“Me too”Daniel said scratching his hair. “Let’s play a game”Paris suggested.
“Yeah but what game?”I asked while Chantel smirked. “Let’s play Truth or Dare”

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