?The Billionaire’s

Girlfriend? Season 2

?(She is mine)?

By: Kebby NG

Episode 11

? Khalid ?

We went home after that,the guards kept searching the whole building while I and Kayla paced around the room.

She kept cursing everything and breaking anything in sight.”Fkin d@mnit!! This is all your fault Khalid!! You got her into this Fkin s0nofabtch mess!” She yelled.

I saw her moving towards my favorite lamp stand”No no no.. Kayla move away from that” I tried to stop her.

She ignored of course and smash it to the wall”G0sh if you dare break any of my stuffs one more time,I will..”

“You will what?! Do the same thing you did to June that got her drinking? Let me tell you something Khalid,I Am not afraid of you okay? I am not timid like June”

“Oh for chrissake Charles!!! Would you shut her up?!! I’m trying to think here!”

Charles tried his best to shut her up”Let me go Charles!! My best friend is out there and I don’t know where she is…I don’t know if she’s okay.

She was drunk for crying out loud!! I’m sure she doesn’t know what was happening to her..

She’s just… just out there all alone! I feel stupid Charles, for not doing anything about it.” She cried

“Shhhh don’t worry about a thing, they’re working on it. We’re going to find June in no time”

“Your men are useless Charles, how did the kidnapper get past them?”

“Yeah that’s true, fire everyone of them and recruit new ones” I said coldly not giving him a chance to object.

“Yes sir”

I breathed out heavily and rubbed on my temples”I’m suspecting two people here… it’s either Melissa or my mom”

Kayla rushed to me immediately “Your mom? Why would you say that?”

“Cause I know that my mom doesn’t truly love June,she only pretends to”

“Hmm…then who is Melissa?”

“Let’s just say she’s my ex fiance”

She nodded”That explains it so what are we waiting for? Let’s get moving already”

It’s Charles who answered her”No babe, it’s late already, we’ll go first thing in the morning”

? Melissa ?

I waited patiently for his call, d@mnit! What’s taking him long? Did it not go as planned?

G0sh I can’t afford anything to go wrong, I want Khalid to feel the same pain I felt when I lost him.

The same feeling I felt!

The embarrassment he made me feel, I’ll do the same to him. Hmm poor June, she’ll just have to suffer the consequences of ruining my supposed wedding.

I have so many plans for her right now, I don’t even know where to start from.

My phone beeped just then, I checked to see a text from him.*It’s done*


I sent back a text to him saying that he should leave her there in the abandoned building till tomorrow. I’ll pay her a visit then.

My mind was finally at rest so I decided to go shower. Afterwards, I went down to eat dinner with my parents.

I kept a neutral face despite how excited I am. Mom didn’t suspect a thing.


I woke up early the next day, I just couldn’t wait to get my eyes on that btch.

I dressed up quickly in a black jeans and long sleeve then went down only to find mom sitting in the living room. Oh sht!

She’s going to ask where I’m off to.

“Morning mummy!”

“Hey Lisa, why are you dressed like this?are you going out?”

“No, I mean yeah.. I’m going to meet a friend of mine”

“Well at least have breakfast before going”

I sighed, there’s no way I can refuse her now else she’ll suspect. I sat in the dining table waiting impatiently for her to go up so I sneak out.

Suddenly, we heard a commotion outside. Mom and I glanced at ourselves Wondering what’s going on.

I shrugged my shoulders and decided to go check.

On reaching outside, I across my greatest shock. Khalid! Khalid Black is here, in my house.

And he.. he looks furious. Oh God! What have I gotten myself into?

I guess mom is also shocked cause she pulled at my hand”Lisa? Khalid is here!”

I nodded slowly”I know!”

“Do you think he came to apologise and propose to you?”

I could only shake my head in fear, he’s here for something else.

My heart started thudding as he walked closer.

This is bad, really bad.. what am I going to do?

He didn’t even take his eyes off me, he just kept coming like a lion hunting his prey then he stopped in front of me.

“I’m going to ask you this one time, where is she?”

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