JUST US: Episode 21 – The End

(Do you believe?)


[] Bella []

My morning alarm woke me up and before I knew it, I was done with my morning routine and joined the girls in the car to school.
I got to school and to class and the first person my eyes met was Sophie.
She quickly looked away rolling her eyes and I made my way to my seat without acknowledging her presence.
Fynn was not yet in school, I sat down on my seat and took off my bag. My wrist grazed against fynn’s necklace when I tried to take the other hand of my bag off my shoulder and I couldn’t understand the sudden shiver that went up my spine when that happened.
The feeling was weird.

I remembered last night and how fynn told me, the necklace granted me good stuff, by making my healing faster.
I mean that’s nice but…

I looked up to see Fynn walk inside the class, he smiled at me and looked away, he walked up to Sophie and starts to say something to her and the two of them walked out of the class together making me roll my eyes…
And i didn’t understand why I rolled my eyes. Like I care about their relationship.

Fynn and Sophie made it back to class before the bell was rung for first period. And they both made it to their seats.
“Hey.” Fynn said to me as he sat down.
“Sup.” I said uninterested popping the ‘p’ like a lunatic.
Our Math teacher walked inside the class with his briefcase and after saying his hellos and good morning he told us he’ll be giving us our marked script from the test.
Half of the class groaned and half of the class gasped in excitement.
One by one our names were called and we were to walk up to the class and take our script from the teacher.
Sophie was first to be called and she looked relieved as she saw her paper.
I think she did well.

It almost took an hour before it got to my name and taking and looking at my paper I smiled as I saw the A-plus mark at the top of my paper, the red ink making my heart bounce in excitement. If my dad was still alive, he would have scolded me for not getting double plus beside the -A- and I would have to yell and say there’s nothing like A-plus-plus and then he’d laugh and say i did well anyways and ruffled my hair.

I bit my bottom lip as I recalled the whole sad memory, I smiled and turned to Fynn immediately I heard his name.
He hesitated a bit before standing up to take his paper.
I stared down at my paper again and smiled carefully opening the middle of my math text book and carefully placing my paper in it.
Fynn came back to his seat and held his paper in his hand grinning.
“Guess what?” he asked.
“You scored Aplus” I broke it down for him.
“Wow. You’re such a good guesser.” His gasp made me roll my eyes.
“it was pretty obvious, you were grinning and looking down at your papers,” I said.
“Well still you’re a pretty good guesser.” Fynn smiled.
Those smile again.
“So…” Fynn turned to me as he shoved his paper underneath his book.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
Am I okay?
“Why would you ask that, I am perfectly fine.” I shrugged.
“Oh okay, I’m just a little worried cause the necklace, when it gives good source sometimes, it drains most of your energy and you get tired real quick.” Fynn explained.
I sighed. “Well I’m fine. Thanks for worrying.”

“And guess what?” Fynn smiled even more.
“Not really a good guesser.” I tell him.
“Okay, Sophie and I broke up.” he spit it out.
“No… Way…” I said.
“I told you, our relationship wasn’t going to last and we just had our conversation outside the class, it was brief and I told her it won’t work between me and her. She told me it was fine and she also noticed I never really wanted to be in a relationship with her. She seemed cool about it though” Fynn narrated.
“I…I don’t even know what… To…say” I stuttered.
“But you just said something, but anyways I’m pretty glad we broke up. It was like, I was being tied, don’t get me wrong Sophie is pretty sweet and funny but. I just don’t see that kind of relationship between us.” Fynn said.
“Well I don’t care anymore.” I blurted.
“Wow… You’re rude with words” Fynn laughed. “What do you expect me to say, you broke up with her fine. Congratulation!” I scoffed.

Fynn leaned closer to me and whispered. “Want to see how you heal?”
I turned to him. “Why would I?”.
It might be fun though, looking at my hand heal.
“Cause it’s fascinating and fun to watch, believe me.” Fynn smiled.
I couldn’t help it, I wanted to see how I heal so fast. “well let’s give it a try.” I let my guard down and Fynn smiled and grabbed my hand.
“So… Do You have one of those tiny blades?” Fynn asked.
“You mean a razor blade” I asked to be sure, cause I have one of those.
“Yeah those.” He grinned.

I brought a shiny new razor blade from my backpack pocket and gave it to Fynn and he unwrapped it.
“So is this going to hurt” I asked as he grabbed my hand and placed it on his desk.
“A lot,” Fynn smiled.
“What?” I almost screamed.
Well I did scream cause half of the class turned to look at me. And when I looked up to give them an apologetic bow I saw Sophie’s eyes on us. Well good thing the teacher didn’t notice.
I looked away and turned to my hand in fynn’s desk.
“Look it’s going to hurt, but where’s the fun part without pain.”
I scoffed. “Wow you’re mean.”.
“Thanks. I learned it from you.” Fynn replied.
“Anyways just hold on to the pain and besides it’s just a small cut” Fynn explained as he placed the tip of the razor blade on my bare skin.
“Okay make it quick.” I panicked, as he placed the blade down and dip in my skin, I winced and winced even more when he made a line on my skin with blade and my blood starts to drop down my arm from the small cut.
I gasped and he removed the razor and we both watch the cut carefully.
“Oh My God.” I said, as the cut starts to close from the bottom and then to the top, my skin being back together like nothing happened, well only the spilled blood to show evidence we actually slit my hand with a razor blade.
“Well now, isn’t that beautiful” Fynn smiled.
“Beautiful but messy.” I said looking at the spilled blood on my hand.

“Oh” Fynn said, and from his jacket, he brought out his handkerchief and slowly help me wipe my blood.
I slowly brought my hand back to my desk and raised it up to my face, I smiled as I looked at the place where I had cut my hand earlier.
It was an unbelievable sight, and it was wonderful.
On second thought I don’t think this necklace is a bad idea. I mean this is like an everyday miracle.
I felt undefeated and I laughed when I started to imagine crazy thing.
“What? Why the laugh?” Fynn asked and as I Turned to reply him, I didn’t know he had lean very close to me, making my lips brush against the tip of his nose.
I moved back immediately and he smiled.
“What?” He asked like he was clueless about what just happened.
“What?” I scoffed. “Stop leaning close to me.” I said it, so he’d understand.
He laughed. “You’re dramatic, it’s not like it’s an actual kiss. It’s just a brush against the nose.”
“Wow. I can’t believe you’re saying that.” I rolled my eyes.
“You know, I was actually going for an actual kss.” He smiled.
He pursed his lips forward leaning closer to me with his eyes closed, but I quickly flicked my finger against his lips making him open his eyes and moved back with force.
“Ouch. Don’t you know that hurt.” he said touching his lips.
“What the hell were you trying to do.” I almost yelled.
“Didn’t you say you wanted an actual kss.” Fynn retorted.
“When the hell did I say that?” my eyes widen.
“I don’t know, but I think one of us said it” he said still rubbing his lips. The flick hurts really bad.
“You’re crazy you know right?” I said but he laughed.
“I am not crazy.”

I turned back to the class and ignored Fynn. Who still carried on with his laugh.
My eyes met with Sophie’s and she gave me death glares.
I sighed and looked away, she’ll get tired soon.
Math teacher was done with sharing of test papers and finally left the class.
We had three subjects before it was time for lunch break.
Fynn didn’t allow me to breathe as he pulled me and whined like a child for me to hurry up that he’s so hungry.
Finally we both made it to the cafeteria and he said I should wait that he’d get Sophie to join us too, cause she wasn’t in the class when he was whining. I wanted to protest but he left before I could say another word.
I watched our trays and watched as our food get cold.

Finally Sophie and Fynn made it, with Sophie looking all grumpy and mad.
“I told you, I am not hungry and I’m busy” sophie said looking at me.
“But we always eat together.” Fynn said.
“Not anymore, and Fynn,” sophie called and turned to Fynn Making Fynn raised his brows quizzically at her.
“We just broke up and don’t you think it will be awkward sitting with my ex boyfriend and my ex best friend. Sometimes you don’t think like others, you think weird and act on your own, not waiting to hear what the other person has to say. You’re annoying, both of you, and I don’t eat with nuisance, thanks for inviting me though” sophie said and walked away…
She just made me boil. I ignored her words and turned to Fynn, he stood still without moving and I think the words Sophie said hit him like real bad. His face suddenly looked dull and his happy eyes had faded from earlier ago.

“Fynn!” I called and he turned to me.
“Your food is getting cold.” I said lowly and he sighed and sat in front of me bringing his tray closer to his body.
As he raised his spoon and took a bite, he sighed and looked up at me.
“Bella.” he called.
“hm” I replied, focused on my food.
“Do you think I’m annoying?” Fynn asked sadly.
Well… He is, a little bit but I don’t want to add more to his sadness.
“No you’re not, don’t listen to whatever Sophie has to say.” I tell him.
“So coming from you I’m not annoying?”.
“You’re not.” I said slowly and his happy eyes came back… “Well now that totally changes everything.” He smiled.
That smile.

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