Health Benefits Of Okro (ladyfinger)

OKro is loaded with Nutrients – Protein, Fibre, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. Rich in vitamins – A, C & K..

* Works against Cancers
* Relaxes Blood Vessels and Arteries
* Works against High Blood Pressure

* Controls/Cures Diabetes

* Good source of Probiotics

* Works against Asthma

* Aids in improving digestion/combats constipation

* Protects eyes against Cataract and Macular Degeneration

* Aids in Weight loss

* Helps control Hunger as it’s full of soluble Fiber that makes you feel full so quickly.

* Stabilises Cholesterol levels

* Prevents Neural Tube defects in Pregnancy

* Keeps one from getting tired. Seeds delay fatigue

* Maintains a beautiful Skin

*Applied as facemask for a smooth and radiant look

* Use as a good hair treatment

* Protects face and body against Pimples

* Helps in healing Ulcers and Acid reflux

* Protects Heart against Clotting and Atherosclerosis

* Reduces the appearance of Wrinkles on Face

* Reduces the appearance of Scars

* Strengthens Immunity

* Improves Eyesight

* Prevents Liver Disorders

* Kills Breast Cancers

* Works against Alzheimer’s Disease

* Helps to fortify bones

* Works against Gastritis – Blocks active sites of H Pylori, the bacteria believed to cause ulcers.

If you haven’t been eating Okro, then, rethink!

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