Written By Oluwatosin Ayomi Abolarin


He played with his tongue, rolling it around his mouth, with his lips slightly patted apart. He smiled sheepishly, after remembering what took place before he left Amelia’s house as he walked up to the stairs.

Remembering the message which Damon sent to him earlier. “Where’s Tiana?” He wondered as he finished climbing the stairs.

“Why has he not seen her around?”
His steps came one after another before he eventually got to the door, where he pressed the doorbell slightly with his fingers. His voice ushering him in from inside, he took a step into the room as he fully entered, with the breath-taking fragrance welcoming him into the room.

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His shirtless chest also entertained him where he sat down there with his phone, in his hand. His fingers taping one after another on the iPad without lifting his head to look at him. “What’s the need to attend to the work even at night?” He thought after closing the door properly.

“Are you planning on staying there or you will come closer to me?” His voice brought him back to himself as he already filled his head up with different thoughts.

“Come. Come and get this done for me.” He said to him. “Is that why he was told to come?” On his way back home from Amelia’s house, he got a message from his father which informed him that his attention would be needed. Now that he’s stretching the iPad at him, is that the main reason behind his coming? He’s needed to finish up with the company’s works he isn’t interested in?

“I am almost done with the level, I don’t know why they don’t want to make it easy for me to win over them.” Mr. Stewart complained frustratedly after which Dean collected the iPad from him.

“Dad!” He called out suddenly before he started laughing, his eyes staring at the iPad in his hand.

The man who was about to remove his eyeglasses raised his brows at him where he sat down. He raised his eyes to make close contact with him. “Dad! Dad, it’s a game!” Dean unbelievably announced and his words were sounding uncleared to him.
“So? I have been trying to reach another level, you know those Computer knows how to cheat during the game. I have lost so many coins due to their silliness.” He ranted with seriousness all over his face. Dean who was holding his laughter suddenly burst out again after he has finished speaking.

“I thought you were busy with office work, I never knew you were playing game Dad!. Do you do that often?” He asked while staring at him.

“Have a seat son, let’s talk about the reason why you are here.” He stated instead of answering his question. His smile secretly vanishes away as his face looks so serious.

Dean after hearing this took a seat opposite him on the couch, the phone still in his hand when the father said: “Don’t lose the game after everything. I don’t want to be defeated after having such a stressful day” He informed then rubbed his hand around his shirtless chest. His way of acting, his look, attitude, and facial structure make him look the same way as a youth.

His pointed nose which Dean had gotten from him raised itself when his glasses were about to fall.

“You are not jealous of your father’s body, ain’t you?” He joked after noticing Dean’s eyes on his body. He smiled softly since he’s been caught.
“I want us to have a brief discussion about Amelia.” He announced as his words made his heart skip beats.

How did he find out about Amelia’s name?
“What should we discuss about her Dad?” Dean asked his eyes looking at the phone in his hand. “What is between you and her. That’s what I want to know” he replied instantly
“She’s my friend Dad. We are friends.” Dean answered. “Is that all?” He raised his eyes brows at him.

Hesitating for a while before nodding his head. “I don’t want to believe that you refused to go with Tiana to the meeting because of a friend.” He started

“Is Tiana not your friend too? Childhood friend” Dean’s lips became heavy as he found it difficult to lift it and speak. He knows not going with Tiana will later bring up a situation where he would have to face his father’s talk.

“I just don’t feel like going with Tiana Dad. I prefer Amelia instead.” Came his reply
“That’s why I am asking if that’s all aside from your friendship with her.” He raised his question once again
“I like her,” Dean responded, as he’s been forced, it’s right to just tell his mind. “I like Amelia than how much I like Tiana.” He added

“Is that all? Do you feel something else?” The father asked his face revealing no sign of being surprised because of what Dean just told him.
“Nothing else aside from that Dad. I just like her.” He repeated tiredly. “But you know Tiana will be hurt when she knows about this right? She must have gotten her happiness high thinking she would be the one to go with you.”

“I hope she doesn’t Dad, I have taken Amelia with me already. And I enjoyed her presence with me.” Dean poured out
“Just talk to her gently Incase she talks to you about it. I won’t want her parents thinking I am not capable of caring about their daughter’s happiness.” He added stretching his hands forward.

“I thought you wanted me to help you with it Dad. You didn’t give me the chance to start with it.” Dean complained after putting the iPad on his hand that was stretched to him.
“I don’t trust your capacity enough; by the way, I love the speech which you’ve given earlier. I’m proud of you son.” He complimented with a smile. Dean smiled sweetly after hearing that, followed by him bowing his head slightly.

“Your mother will always be proud of you. I’m thinking we should go visit her grave. What do you think about that?” He suggested while Dean’s lips patted open instantly. He would be paying his mother a visit after such a long time!.

“I can take the sudden smile on your face as the answer that I need. I will think of a particular day for us to visit her. Till then, make sure to take care of yourself, tell me if anything is bothering you.” He completed his words.

“Thanks, Dad, I never knew that gifts will be given to Amelia,” Dean said while looking at his father whose eyes had returned to his iPad.

“Just come straight with your words, I’m sure you already know that a gift will be given to THE LADY BY YOUR SIDE no matter who it is.” The father responded without blinking his eyes from the iPad.

“What’s the need for bringing a lady with me? She didn’t do anything till she left.” Dean shared his thought

“Her presence isn’t for her to say anything, but to honor you. Everyone present would think of her as either your girlfriend or fiance. That was why I suggested Tiana for you then.” He explained furthermore to him.
Her face was heavy, as she walked into the car. She joined him in the car without saying anything aside from sniffs coming from her. Seeing her acting all quiet made him curious to know what was going on in her mind.

Last night he thought she would nag with him whenever they see. It’s miracle that she isn’t saying anything.

“Good morning Dean.” She greeted her eyes staring outside the car. “Morning to you too.” He replied simply before relaxing his back properly on the chair. She didn’t say anything more after that and Dean quickly thanked his stars. At least he would not have to start his day with any issue from her.


Amelia and Mina walked each other to the basketball court. Mina’s body was boiling as she couldn’t wait anymore to hear about everything that took place where Amelia had gone during the weekend.

“Such a disgrace!” Mina muttered after Amelia finished narrating. She shook her head annoyingly before saying “But at least Dean was there to help you out.” She added with her cheeks almost turning red as she wouldn’t stop smiling.
“It wasn’t a good thing Mina. Dean saw the stain on my dress,” Amelia snapped angrily at her

“He saw it, but he didn’t refuse to help you. After all, he gave you his cloth to cover the stain.” Mina replied
“The cloth which I also stained with blood and eventually brought it home with me.” She fired back

“I didn’t know that the suit also got stained,” Mina replied. “You wouldn’t have known as your love for an expensive jokes won’t let you be,” Amelia stated in a hefty voice, her voice which was sounding like one who just finished racing.

“Don’t shout at me okay! It wasn’t my fault that you didn’t check your calendar.” Stated Mina

“But it was your fault that I had to think about it. I wouldn’t have if not because you requested for what took place over there.” She blurted out

“Sorry then! Let’s not talk about that anymore,” Amelia after hearing that rolled her eyes angrily before hearing her saying: “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind talking about what happened when he took you home.” “I thought you said that we should not talk about it anymore.” She raised her brows in surprise

“I can’t remember when I’d say it. Common tell me what took place there. After all, you couldn’t fulfill my wish of letting Tiana see you.” Mina complained

“I told you that she didn’t come to where I would see her. Your ears were asleep not to understand those words?” Amelia nagged

“They were asleep to hear about Tiana but Awake to know about Dean. Tell me what I need to know.” She insisted

“I don’t know what exactly to say, just listen to this one that will drop from my mouth. I won’t repeat my words!” Amelia warned, and she repeatedly nodded her head.

“He got me a new dress which I changed into and, we had little chat after when he dropped me at home. He also talked about doing mischievous things whenever he’s around me.” She shared

“Mischievous? Did something happen?” Mina raised her brows in confusion. “He pulled me back and hugged me when I was about to leave,” Amelia replied. “He did that!? So what did you do?” Mina tried holding her joy.

“What should I say? I was speechless at the moment. He also gave me this, and told me to wear it often.” Amelia added while showing her wrist to Mina. The band which she hasn’t noticed earlier came in contact with her eyes.

“Geez!! It’s so beautiful,”. She coed while removing it from her hand which Amelia didn’t bother stopping her. “Did he buy it for you?” Mina asked, still admiring the band.
“I didn’t ask him.” Amelia sharply said. She doesn’t want to tell Mina about Flora.

“He must have gotten it for you. Don’t you think Dean is such a nice guy? He helped you when you needed him, he gave you the band, followed by an embrace.” She gibbered non-stop after wearing the band back to Amelia’s wrist.

“So? I never said that he isn’t nice.” Amelia defended, also finding her words offensive. “Don’t swallow me okay! I was just talking about what I think about him.” She complained after seeing the displeasure in her eyes.

“I have heard the side of the story from you, I need to visit Dean. At least with that, I will find out about other things that took place. ” She replied while standing up from the sofa, her hand grabbing Amelia’s wrist.

“What’s the color of your problem? Don’t you believe what I told you?” Amelia questioned as she refused to come with her.

“I can’t identify my problem, which means that the color is still unknown to me. But if I am to choose a color for my unknown problem… I will stick with YELLOW.” Mina teased Amelia who couldn’t hold herself from laughing out loud at Mina’s stvpidity.

“I guess we wouldn’t be able to solve your problem then; Yellow is always difficult to clean.” She replied Amidst laughter


Amelia who excused herself to the restroom earlier washed her hands in front of the sink, her eyes looking at the length of her hair in the mirror that was hanged on the wall.

She didn’t notice someone entering as she wasn’t expecting anyone to.
Her mind was at peace until, she felt someone pulling her by her hair from behind to the other side of the room. The mirror wasn’t close to her anymore to know who it was. She winced in pain as the person’s grip on her hair was so tight that she could feel her scalp peeling off.

“What are you doing?” She managed to say as she closed her eyes while taking in the pain. The person didn’t talk, instead, she made her grip on the hair firmly than earlier.

“Who are you? You are hurting me! Let go of my hair!” Amelia murmured tiredly while trying to defend herself. She couldn’t help herself, as the person was standing behind her, making it difficult for her to turn her head.

“Let go of my hair! I’m in pain.” She tried screaming.
“Your pain isn’t up to the one I felt when you decided to replace me.” The words came out silently from her mouth, which made it difficult for Amelia to recognize who it was. Amelia’s heart skipped beats as she dragged in the air to her nostril just avoid her being breathless.

She raised her hand towards her head, and before her hand could touch the hand which was pulling her hair, she had already been hit on her back with her knee.

“What have I done to you? Let go of my hair, you are hurting me!!” She wailed in pain. Her eyes closed in excruciating pain. “Did you know that I was hurt too when Dean replaced you with me?” She yelled which made Amelia recognize who she is instant.


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