Chapter 59


Twisting the key severally to ensure it has been locked, he walked lazily to the bed, the bed which he sat down tiredly on.

Dropping the phone which was in his hand on the bed, he relaxed his back weakly on the soft foam (bed). Closing his eyes tiredly before opening it to see the chandelier hung above shining into his eyes.

Lazily took his eyes away from it before he would get dizzy because of the brightness. He ended up losing himself to the memories, the memories which made him feel better but, a lot of weakness was activated.

Firmly closed his eyes as he remembered the sweet moments. A day ago Amelia was here taking care of him. Up until now, he has only been thinking about Amelia, he never thought of what made him kss her.
Has his mind started transgressing? What’s with the uncontrollable emotions that he gets whenever she is around him?
“I kssed Amelia yesterday Flora,” “I don’t know what’s mistaken with me? And now, Amelia wouldn’t even speak to me,” Dean spoke his mind to the image which he laid down facing on the bed.

“I never tried kssing any lady before aside you. You were the first lady I ever kssed on the very night when you came to see me at home after my birthday,”
“Yesterday I lost myself into the emotions I get whenever Amelia is close to me then I kssed her,”

“I have only felt something of the sort for you and, even though you are not here anymore, my heart still beats for you,”
“Amelia has been my friend and we share a friendship bond, how am I to explain the reason why I kssed her to her?”

“She will be away for a while, I thought I would explain myself to her but, she left before I could. Now she doesn’t want to pick up my call. What should I do Flora?”
“I had to leave behind what I was doing just to rush down here, I’m just getting your message today,”
“Smooching Lisa? “The message which I sent two days ago? You are just seeing it today?” Dean asked

“Your way of sending messages isn’t the right one at the moment.” ”Messages are sent through email when it comes to business, no one sends a casual conversation through E_mail,” Damon answered
“Were you expecting me to fall ill? How’s the mail casual?” Dean asked

“That isn’t what I said. Your messaging through E_mail isn’t just right to me. After knowing that I hardly visit it, “He further explained

“That was the only source I had then to message you after unlimited calls which you didn’t pick.”

“I have told you to associate yourself with social media, they don’t slaughter there!” Damon replied feebly
“Have you come here to see me or nag?”Dean demanded.

“Both are needed as long you wouldn’t give me peace of mind.” “How are you feeling?” Tired Damon stated
“Have I started looking fine?” “I wouldn’t ask you to come if all is okay with me.” Dean’s sharp reply

“Reasons why you are summoning all your anger on me? It wasn’t my fault that you are ill, or, has Tiana done something?” “Probably you feel like releasing the anger on me because, you don’t look unwell to me, except your eyes that are cold and red,” Damon ranted like a lady.

“I’m in trouble but it isn’t because of Tiana. I can’t say whether she added to my trouble but, I am in trouble,” Dean started speaking

“Your words weren’t coming to where I would understand it, speak straight now and don’t emphasis,” Damon told to him
“My trouble began after I did what I shouldn’t have done to Amelia,” He stated
“What did you do?” “You picked a fight with Amelia?” Damon questioned.

“I’m not a lady that picks fight around. I kssed Amelia when she came to visit me yesterday,” Dean said as he took his eyes away from Damon, he can’t withstand the mad reaction he would give.
“Excuse me!? Did you call me here to prank me? You can’t do that!” Damon scoffed yet laughed.

“I did, I don’t know how it happened or what happened to me, she was only trying to help me get better when I__” He suddenly paused
“When you?” Damon raised his eyes at him
“When I kssed her, “He eventually completed his words after reluctance.

“What were you thinking? I don’t know if I should believe you or not. You would not have kssed Amelia,” Damon stated
“She was close to me, I felt my body working against me. I made her lay on my body even when she didn’t want to, in the next minutes my hands were wrapped around her with me kssing her,” Dean explained as he thought about the incident.

One part of him isn’t sad because he kssed her, he was just confused and weak at the same time concerning everything;

Damon stared unbelievably at him, he would have assumed him telling lies, but he knows Dean when he’s deceiving him. The sincerity on his face wouldn’t have been there if he wasn’t telling the truth. But how did it happen?

“What did you notice happening to you before you kssed her?” Damon asked, his face serious as he knew there was nothing to joke about anymore.

“I can’t say, I noticed my body working against me as I said earlier, there was a turn up which I felt because she was close to me and when I stared into her eyes,”
“I’m sure that was what made me do that, I wouldn’t have done that if my sanity was intact. I don’t know what was wrong with me Damon,” He managed to clarify
“What was her reaction after the kss? Was she angry amidst the kss? What was her reaction?” Damon questioned repeatedly

Briefly thinking about it before answering “She was lying still on me, she doesn’t stop me but, she doesn’t allow me either.” “I couldn’t say whether she was angry then, but she hurried away to the bathroom after we stopped kssing,”

“Did she say anything when she came out of the bathroom?”
“She never did… After I called repeatedly but she didn’t open it. I went back to the bed because of the headache, that was how I doze off,”
“I woke up not to see her anymore the next morning, Tiana told me that she left last night,”

“Can it be that Tiana created scenes with her? You know what she’s capable of doing,”
“I met Tiana beside me, I don’t know what she did when I was sleeping.” “I’m just thinking that she left because we shared a kss,”

“I don’t know what to say… Should we go to her house? Maybe you can explain yourself to her,”
“What am I to explain to her? I’m not a f©ol who doesn’t know what to do at the right time.” “I went to her house but she already left,”
“Even though you need my help, you can’t fail to run your mouth like a lady. Where did she go? Explain that to me”
“On a trip to see her parents, she won’t be back till after a week”
“even during school days? Let’s give her a call, that’s the last hope”
“I explained calling but she wasn’t picking earlier, I don’t know what to do anymore.”
“You didn’t think of that before kssing her? Does she looks like Flora whom you claim to love?”
“I seriously don’t know, each time I tried understanding everything just entangled, and nothing comes to my mind,”
“All I remember was the crave I had then, which made me do that,”
“Small to the extent of not understanding what’s happening to you?”
“Get another way out for me, I need to speak with Amelia, I am restless”
“Give her a call once again,”
Doing the sorting of the clothes by herself inside the wardrobe. She would have asked a maid to attend to it but, the stress of going out to seek attention was what she doesn’t want to go through.

Picking the clothes one after another from the box, she heard her phone ringing where she kept it on the bed. Complaining brvtally before reaching out to it where she dropped it carelessly.

“Mina!” She mumbled in surprise before picking up
“You were thinking if you should pick up or not?”
“You shouldn’t have bothered calling as you didn’t remember to call throughout yesterday,” Amelia babbled

“You enjoy ranting during inappropriate times. Would I not have called if I was free? Do you know what has been keeping me busy here?” Mina snapped, Amelia rolled her eyes lazily before going over to take a sit on the bed.
“Sort yourself out,” She answered back

“How was your trip? You are sounding like you’ve been told to walk around the world,”
“Because I am tired.” “The journey was not so hectic but my joints are aching,” She complained after which she relaxed her back on the bed
“All you did was sitting in the plane, you were not the pilot,” Mina gibbered
“Story for another time, “Tired Amelia snapped.

“I have called Dean to ask about his health, have you spoken to you today?” Mina asked. Her constant heartbeat started racing against her chest at the mention of Dean.
The memory of what happened flashed through her mind, she let out a deep breath before thinking, “Has Dean told Mina what happened?”

“What suddenly happen? Did you catch sleep after hearing what I said?” Mina who was waiting for her to speak taunted
“I’m busy here, what were you saying?” She managed to say
“Dean told me he’s been calling but you weren’t picking. Can’t he just ask of you in peace?” Mina rushed her words
“I was busy throughout yesterday so I couldn’t speak with him, did you ask about his health?” She tells an untruth
“He’s doing well, he told me how you helped him when you went to visit. Tell me did Tiana see you?”
“Many things to talk about but not now. I have many things to do,” Amelia explained

“Include Dean in those things, I already told him that I would speak to you,” Mina told to her
“Tell if he calls that he should take care of himself, none of his medication should be stopped,”
“As I have turned to a messenger? End the call and tell him all that.” Mina stated firmly
“Such a lazy rat!” Amelia murmured.
“What did you say?”Mina was polled because she wasn’t able to hear her
“I was only meditating,”

“Dad didn’t tell you about my health? Why are you bringing this to me?” Dean asked the P.A who stood in his presence.
“He did, but he likewise permitted me to come to you.” “The files are to be submitted tomorrow,” The soft-spoken and, extraordinary beautiful lady contemplated on her words as she speaks to him.

She has a huge crush on Dean even before she started working in his father’s company. She can’t be questioned for having a huge crush on him as any lady out there would also have something to say if they are asked.

When the news of working with him came to her she was the happiest person on Earth. Never knowing he’s an Heir who doesn’t care about the company processes work.

She expected him to be around her as she works for him, maybe then she would lure him into being hers, but that hasn’t happened

“Place those files on the bed,” Dean instructed as he walked closer to her. He noticed how she was looking at him, each time their eyes meet she would bite her lips sxily but he doesn’t care.

Leaning forward to the edge of the bed where he signed the files, he knew her eyes were set on him the whole time. He has finished signing all the files even without going through them.

Rising back on his feet to stand properly, he gave the files which he had neatly arranged together back to the lady who looked lost in thought.

“Are you okay?” Dean innocently asked while he watched her nodding her head with a smile. “You can take the files away, although I don’t know what company will demand work on Sunday,” he said then he sat down on the bed

Taking away the part of his hair that was blocking his eyes which made look so handsome with the act “Tell Dad that I am done with them, you can leave now,” He completed his statement and in a go! He stood up then walked out of the room.


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