By Oluwatosin F.

Chapter 11

?Seoul-Korea ?
Ella refused to open the door early this morning.

Reece kept knocking but she won’t open up.

He sighed and roughed his hair.
Sam chuckled.

“I told you”
He said.

“Can we just get her out of that room,, stop saying rubbish”
Reece snapped.

LITTLE MS CEO : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

Sam swallowed his laughter and knocked Ella’s door.

“It’s me,, Sam
Ella,, open the door”
Sam said calmly.

“Go away”
Ella replied from inside.
Lisa got up from the couch…

“Don’t tell me I slept Here,,, Trini must be worried”

and went upstairs about turning to the corner leading to Ella’s Room.

She saw Reece and Sam,,
Also some of the maids standing by her door.

She trailed her steps..
She bowed slightly.

“Yeah,,, Ell your nanny is here,, can you just come out”
Reece said tiredly.
He loosened his tie..

He’d even dressed up when one of the maids informed him that Ella refused to open her Door and was crying.

“Ella,, I’m here”
Lisa said.
Ella rushed to open the door.

“Nanny,, she hugged her legs as Soon as she opened her door.

“Ella,, you got me scared”
Reece said and wanted to touch her hair…

She jumped on Lisa and burried her head on the crook of her neck.

Reece sighed.

“Go away Dad”
Ella snapped.

“I hope you’ll take care of her”
Reece face Lisa and she nodded.

He motioned Sam and they left.
” Please, bring her breakfast”
Lisa said to the two maids standing.

They nodded and left.

Lisa Entered Ella’s room with Ella in her arms,, clinging tight to her body.

“Ella,, come down”
Lisa said in a groan.

“Nanny,, I wanna stay like this”
Ella replied.
Lisa sighed and brushed her hair with her hands.

“Ella,, you need to take your bath”
Lisa said and she finally came down.

Lisa cupped her cheeks.
“No matter what, do not sound rude to your dad”
Lisa cautioned.
She nodded.

“Ok Nanny”
She replied.

“C’mon let’s get you dressed for school”
Lisa said and tried to leave to her washroom.
Ella grabbed her hand.

“nanny,, I’m not feeling fine”
Ella replied..
Lisa understood.

“Do you need to go to the hospital”
Lisa asked dearly.
She shook her head negatively.

“nanny,, do me a favor?
Ella asked pathetically.

Lisa bent over to her and kssed her cheeks.
“Anything for you baby”
Lisa replied.

“Marry my dad!
She dropped the shell..
Lisa flinched.

“Ella,, it’s not possible”
Lisa said and bit her lips.

“It’s possible, just marry my dad…
I wanna have a Mom too.
I wanna teach how to make cake and other things…
Alina told me her mom made her ice cream and sandwiches,,

I want that too..
I wanna feel the love of having a Mom..
Nanny be my mom and marry my Dad”
Ella cried.
Lisa wiped her tears

“Ella, I wish I could help but no..
I don’t….

“You don’t love my Dad?”
Ella cut her off.

“Not like that….

“Then go and never come back”
Ella replied and lied on the bed.
Backing Lisa.

Lisa sat down beside her.

Lisa sighed.

“I’ll bring your breakfast”
Lisa said and left her room.

Ella bursted into fresh tears.
“I wish I had a Mom”
She cried really hard.


Lisa got downstairs and requested for Ella’s breakfast.
It was brought to her.

Bacon, egg scrambles and tea..
It was arranged in a neat tray.. and covered plates.

Lisa replied shortly.
She remembered what Ella said earlier.

“Marry my dad”
She felt guilty the young girl has to go through such a thing.

Life without a mother!
Cruel and saddening.

She placed the tray on the table beside her bed.

She called but she didn’t answer.

She wanted to touch her but restricted her hands..
Ella can be funny when angry

“Baby,, Your food Is gonnana get cold”
She said.

“I’m not hungry”
Ella snapped.

Lisa sighed.
” Ok fine,, I’ll marry your dad”
She said fakely to.make her eat.

Ella’s eyes widened.
She hastily sat upright facing Lisa.

“Are you Sure?”
Ella asked delightfully.

“C’mon, your food”
Lisa said and uncovered the plates.

” Shall we?”

” Yes”


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