Oluwatosin F.

Chapter 31

?Loran Adamson Mansion?

Loran entered the mansion..
He saw Steph sitting on the couch polishing her nails..

He rolled his yes and ignored her taking the stairs up to his room.

Steph called..
He stood on his stairs and turned to her..

LITTLE MS CEO : CHAPTER 31 – THE END. Thingscouplesdo

“I’m sorry”
She blurted.

“Why are you sorry?”
He scoffed.

“You know why I’m sorry”
Steph rolled her eyes.

“wait,are you that stupid?
Loran said loudly and she gasped.


“Stooping so low by slapping my workers,,are you really the woman I married..

This is not my Steph and I hope you change before I clasp on my decisions”
He yelled and dashed upstairs in fury..

Steph will had her mouth widened and her eyes boring out..
She can’t believe what he just said..

Loran has never yell or shout at her but he just did because of one slummy bch..

She bit her nails thinking of the best way to beg him.
“But I did the right thing”
She said…

Trinity was really scared as he moved towards her..

“Shayne, Stop!
Stop this rubbish”
She yelled but it was falling on his deaf ears.

“I’ve always wished to go there Trini,,get down and deep with you, I’m so lucky today”
He smiled d’vilishly..

He grabbed her legs and dragged her down..
He was about to grip her hands when he suddenly received a kick on his face..

He fell down and groaned..
It was Rex who actually came to her rescue..

She hastily stood up and went to stand behind him..
Rex bent over to Shayne..

“Wanna know how it feels like to get moIested?”
Rex said and kicked him again..
Making him spit little bIood..
He wiped it away with his hands and smiled

“Who are you?”
He said and Rex chuckled.

“Your Worst Nightmare”
He said and ki¢ked his dk,,he pun¢hed his stomach and he spitted more bIood..

Rex stood up and wiped the bIood stains on his shirt..

He grabbed Trinity’s hands pulling her out of the bar..

Sue suddenly bursted into tears as they got to the car…

Rec wiped her tears and hugged her… patting her back slowly.

“Who’s he?”
He asked.

“My Ex”
She replied.

“And he’s trying to rappe you such a j.erk”
Rex gritted his teeth..

He opened the car door and motioned her to enter.

“He spoiled the date”
Rex muttered and took the driver’s seat.



He alighted and opened the car door.
She also alighted.

“Good night”
He said and was about to walk back to the second side when Trinity called him back.

He glanced back.

“Thank You”
She said..
He smiled and walked up to her..

“Get a sleep,, Good Night once again”
He patted her hair, entered his car and drove away..

Trinity exhaled and entered her apartment.

“I wish I have the powers to kll Shayne”
She muttered and dropped her bag..

She suddenly thought about their moments together.

“I hate him”
She half-yelled and fell on the couch..

She had a leg cramp and had to hold it through out the night to enjoy her sleep.


Next morning**

Lisa dressed for Ella and packed her hair..

“It’s beautiful”
Ella pouted and posed different styles.
Lisa chuckled and dipped a blue hairpin into her hair..

Ella touched the hairpin and faced the mirror.

“I look beautiful, Mom”
She giggled like a baby who just got a popsicle.

“Be good”
Lisa said and held her hand..
They went downstairs talking and giggling about random stuffs..

Reece walked down the stairs looking messed.

“Good Morning Dad”
Ella said..

“Morning princess,how was your night?”
He asked in a smile

She gave him thumbs up..

“you’re not going to the office today?’
Lisa asked..setting Ella’s breakfast.

“Yeah, I’m kinda getting sick”
He said and took the stairs leading to the rooftop bar.

Lisa shrugged..
“Ella eat up or your food is gonna get cold”
Lisa said and Ella nodded..

” Bye mummy”
Ella waved before entering the car..

“Bye Baby”
Lisa said..
The car drove out of the compound..
Lisa entered the mansion back..

? Okay,, I’ll check it..

? I’m gonna work with my laptop in my house, I’m sick

?Send the screenshots

Lisa folded her hands and watched his place different calls..

Though,he was backing her not even Feeling her presence.

She moved forward..
She saw down on one of the vacant couches…

The rooftop looks beautiful like those pictures in Pinterest,..

The chairs has different colors and the chandeliers made it look dope even though it’s broad daylight.

He ended his car and turned back to his seat surprised to find Lisa on the couch he was sitting on before.

“How long have you been listening to my conversation”
He folded his arms.
Lisa scoffed.

“it’s an achievement, isn’t it”
She said and rested her back on the couch.

Reece shrugged and held onto the iron rails.

He said.

” You’re sick, shouldn’t you be in the hospital?
She said and looked up..
She found him staring at her.

“My sickness is not that worse,, it’s just a normal headache anyone would have”
He said..

“you aren’t gonna eat?
She asked

He said..
She replied…

“Why didn’t he mention the sex?
She thought.

“I thought she was avoiding me?


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