LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 21 to 30 (American Story)

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 21

By : Kebby NG

We both turned to find Micheal standing by the door,Starring at the both of us.

“Why are you here? “I asked

“Didn’t you guys miss me,I didn’t communicate with you for a week and you never bothered to call and ask about me”He said

“Stop with the joke and just tell us why you are here,Brian is in the chapel and if he should see you here,He will be furious”Nina said

“Relax,I made sure Brian and his stupid guards didn’t see me and as of now,He is locked up in a room with the priest”

“What do you mean by locked up?”I asked

“Are you planning on causing another harm?”Nina asked

“Relax,I listened to what you said Dora and I won’t touch him until you are married to him and once the fortune is in your hands,Then I will strike but now he is safe”He said

“I still can’t trust you,I will go and check on him”Nina said running off

“That girl! I thought I told her to stop having feelings for him,Seems like love has blinded her,I just hope you won’t be like her and fall for him too”

“I have no intention of falling for any one, Not when am being forced to live a lie”I said

“That’s my girl,You know how to be professional and you know how to deal with your emotion, That was why I chose you for the job”

“Well it seems like youve chosen wrong this time because Brian already suspect me”I said

“That son of a………..,He sure is smart but not smarter than me, Don’t worry,Have made sure to cover your tracks,Even if they try,They won’t find a thing about you”He said


“Yes,So don’t worry about Brian and just continue with our plan,Though Nina might be in love with him, In the end she will still stop that feeling,After all she is only interested in getting her share of the deal”

“Now go and worry no more,cause your big brother is here”He said

“If you were really my big brother,You won’t make me do this”

“Just be thankful that I chose you,When all this is over,You will be known as a Wealthy widow and with your share you will be able to take care of your dad”He said

“How is he?”I asked

“Doing fine! Just keep it in mind that I won’t hurt your dad if you do as I say”

“And that is by getting married to Brian and then I get all his property and then I help you kill him”I finish

“Yup,Am glad to know that you still have that in mind”He said

“Its better you leave,You wouldn’t want him seeing the both of us together”

“I will but one last thing,Don’t you make the same mistake Nina did,Don’t you fall for Brian,I mean it”He said and walk off

I sighed gently and thought about what he said

If only he knew about my deal with Brian,He would have chosen Nina to do it instead of me

Though Nina loves Brian,She is ambitious and am sure that she would chose money over love a hundred times.

I just hope that she won’t break Brian heart,I thought

I was about to leave when I saw some thing on the floor.

It was a ring and it was Micheal,How can the fool be care less with his wedding ring,I thought as I went through the path he followed.

It led to the back entrance of the church,I was about going when I saw Micheal and he wasn’t alone.

Nina was with him,I hid behind the door and gently spy on them.

But she was suppose to be with Brian,She ran off saying she was going to meet him and why is she here? I thought as I kept on starring at the both of them.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying but from their expression,I could tell that they were having an argument

And just then Micheal pulled Nina to him,Kssing her.

I thought that Nina would push him away but instead she drew him closer and kssed him back

What is this? I thought still starring at them,If she loves Brian,Why is she kssing Micheal?

Quickly I ran back to the balcony,I still can’t believe what I saw just now.

I knew there was some thing about Nina that can’t be trusted but I would never have thought that she would be capable of cheating on Brian.

Brian! If Nina is out there with Micheal then Brian would still be locked up with the priest.

Immediately I went in search of the room and when I did find it, It was not only locked but there was fire.

Immediately I ran outside and called for his guards,They followed me and with their help the door was opened.

The fire wasn’t that much and I could see Brian on the floor along with the priest too

I ran towards him,Turning him over “Brian! Brian! “I called

He opened his eyes and stared at me and then he closed it again but not before whispering Nina

The guards came towards me and carried him out while the others tried to stop the fire from escalating .

They took them to the church infirmary and luckily a doctor was around and so he checked up on them.

“What happened?”Nina came towards me looking worried,Worried about what exactly? Does she really love Brian,I thought starring at her

“Answer me! Is Brian okay!”She asked

“Right now the doctor is checking up on him”I answered

“But how did the fire start?”

“Are you asking me that? I thought you ran off to check up on him”I asked

“I did but when I didn’t find the room,I stopped searching and he told us that Brian was only locked up,He never mentioned that There was going to be fire”She said

“You have been with him for a while now,You should have known how his brain work,You should have tried to search for Brian no matter what but instead you…….”I couldn’t finish because the doctor came out

“How are they ?”I asked

“They are both doing fine”

“But what started the fire and why were the both of them unconscious? From what I know the fire wasn’t much and so the smoke wouldn’t have made them unconscious”I asked

“You are right,seems like some one had put in sleeping pills in their drink and when he saw that they were both asleep,He started the fire”The doctor said and left when he got a call.

“Seems like the person who wants his Highness dead is very close to him”Andrew said as he walked towards us

“Do you have any idea who would want to harm him”I asked pretending not to know who it was.

“Well I don’t really have proof yet but I have some one in mind and when that person is caught,I promise to make he or she pay”Andrew said and then he went into the room.

“I believe that he was referring to you”Nina said

“I know that am innocent and Micheal have assured me that no matter how they try,They wont find a thing on me”I replied

“Let’s hope so,Cause I don’t want any thing to ruin our plan”Nina said

The door opened and Andrew came out

“His Highness would like to see you ” He said starring at me.

I went in and saw him sitting on the bed,He didn’t look like some one who has just walk out of death door, He looked just the same, Healthy and fit.

“How are you feeling?”I asked as I walked further into the room

“Are you really concerned ?”He asked

“Of course, You were almost killed in the fire and…….”

“Stop with your lies…. enough okay!!! “He yelled angrily

“What do you mean by lies?”I asked And suddenly he pulled me by my arm and pushed me on the bed with him crouching over me.

“Tell me the truth! Why do you want me dead?”He asked

I stared at him in shock,Did he know? I thought Micheal said he has covered up every thing.

“You are hurting me Brian”I said trying to get up but he pushed me back

“I won’t leave you until you tell me the truth”He said

“Fine! You want to know the truth right! Well I will tell you”I yelled at him and just then the door burst open and Andrew walked in along with two guards who were both holding unto a fellow guard

“What’s wrong?”He asked

“We are sorry we barged in like this but Your Highness,We found the person who started the fire “Andrew said

“That’s true,I started the fire and I did because THE BOSS instructed me”He said

“He has also confessed to having cause other incident which endangered your life,Am really sorry your Highness,I didn’t know that the person who kept on causing you harm is some one within us”Andrew explained

He stared down at me and released me and then he stared at the guard who they had brought in

“So you were sent by THE BOSS right! Tell me who he is” Brian asked

“Do you think i will tell you? No matter what you do to me,I won’t talk,I won’t ever Betray THE BOSS” The guard replied and was rewarded with a punch

“Don’t worry your Highness,We will make him talk”one of the two guards holding unto him said as they dragged him away.

“Am sorry your Highness,We made a wrong conclusion about Lady Dora,She is innocent,I apologise”Andrew said bowing at me before leaving the room too.

No, Am not innocent,Am guilty too,Guilty because am deceiving every one,I was sent here to kill you but instead of killing you have been saving you and yet, you blame me,I thought feeling so sad.

“Dora I……”

“You don’t have to say a thing,I don’t want to listen,Without getting to know me,You thought the worst of me,It doesn’t matter any way, The wedding won’t be happening and while you marry the woman of your dreams,I would be out of this country, You have Made a deal with me,So no matter what please fufil it”I said and left the room.

I got out and immediately Nina ran towards me

“What happened? Is he okay?”She asked

“Don’t ask me,Just go in if you want to”I said and walked off.

I won’t intrude in his life again,If Micheal try another stunt,I won’t try to save him and if Nina is deceiving him with her love,I won’t interfere too. I thought as I walked out of the church and went into the car.

“Lady Dora your car is over there!” the chauffeur in it said

“It will be taking back his Highness,Just take me back home”I said and he did as I instructed him.

As soon as I got to my room, The phone began to ring and I answered only to listen to Micheal

“Did you like what I prepared for him”He asked

“You told me you won’t do any thing until am married to him”

“But I didnt do any thing”He lied

“Stop with your damn lies,You set the room on fire after sedating them with sleeping pills”I said

“And is that me doing some thing? I didn’t do anything, I only sacred you all a bit”

“You should just stop it Micheal,Stop trying to harm him,Not until am married to him”

“Have heard you,I won’t do any thing until you are married to him,For now I will stop and in exchange you will make sure he gives you all his property”He said

“Have told you ,I will get it for you, Just stop for now,They already suspect me”

“But I got one of my men to cover up for every thing”

“Yes you did and for now they won’t suspect me for a thing but if you should do some thing again,They will suspect me once more,So just stop ”

“Fine then I will stop and I will make sure they stop suspecting you”

“What do you plan on doing about that?”I asked

“If I tell you,It will ruin every thing,So just sit back and wait”He said and caught the call.

What is Micheal up to now? I just hope it won’t be some thing bad.

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