LOVE HAPPENS: Episode 1 – 10

Love Happens

Ese Eruemu Writes

Episode 1

Ashley’s POV
“Ash, you going in or what?”. Adrian asks breaking into my thoughts.

I shoved him and he laughed going into the building with me behind.

Then i heard someone yell my name from afar.

“Ashley!!”. She squealed hugging me tightly. Its my best friend Jessamyn.

“I miss you too but please don’t choke me”.

Jessy laughed disengaging from me.

She turned to Adrian “Hi”.

But my twin brother ignored her and walked away.

Jessy wasn’t affected by that. “How was your summer holiday?”. She says.

I groaned “It was so boring”.
“It wouldn’t have been boring if i was there right?”. I looked sideways to see my other best friend Kathryn.

She smiles and hugs me while Jessy rolls her eyes. I seriously don’t know why these two don’t get along.

I walked to my locker placing my thumb on it for it to be scanned.

Here at DaSilva High, we unlock our lockers with thumb print.
It unlocked, as i opened it, something immediately bursted on my face.

Xander’s POV
I was by my locker when Adrian came over tapping me playfully on the shoulder.

“Whats up”. I asked after we did our special secret handshake.

“I haven’t been in school up to an hour and i’m already tired”. He says leaning on his locker which is next to mine.

“Hey guys”. J.R says coming over laughing at whatever he’s watching on the phone.

“Spill it”. Adrian said standing straight.

“Ashley just got cheese splattering all over her”. He says showing us his phone.

“Oh here she comes”.
I looked back to see an angry looking Ashley heading our direction.

“You are dead”. Adrian says whispering in my ear.
Oops!! Whaave i done?

What is Ashley going to do?

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