BY Mha Rhy


Class 3 was in silence as they listened to the biology teacher who was busy explaining the topic she taught them last class

The teacher was still explaining when the door burst open revealing Gianna,class 1 teacher

“Miss Gianna, hope there’s no problem? Miss Vera the biology teacher asked respectfully

Gianna is the head teacher so she is highly respected in the school not to forget the fact that the best students in the entire school are from her class


Gianna ignored Vera’s question and face the students instead

“Tiffany Watson come out here!! She ordered fiercely

On hearing her name, Tiffany was stupefied but she didn’t hesitate to come to Gianna’s front

“Miss Gianna” she bowed respectfully

“Save your greetings to yourself! Gianna retorted rudely to everyones surprise

? What is going on?

?Did Tiffany offended Miss Gianna??? The students murmured among themselves

Becky and Tamara stared at them quietly but in mind they were worried about Tiffany

“Did I offended Miss Gianna in anyway?? Tiffany asked with a smile

” Tiffany what effrontery do you have to insult my students??

” Insult your students? Tiffany asked with a fake innocent expression

” Don’t act like you don’t know what am talking about!! How dare you call my students dogs

Of course Tiffany knew what Gianna was talking about, she just wants to play her like a dumbo Kindly Hi Amazing Stories on zero nine zero seven four two nine two three four seven to join our story green

Class 3 almost hissed on hearing Gianna’s words

Becky stood up Immediately to defend her best friend

“Pardon me for interfering Miss Gianna, Charlotte and Madison were the ones insulting Tiffany at first_

” So what?? Class 1 has every right to insult everyone of you after all they have are better in their studies and have brighter future ahead of them unlike you bunch of dumba$s! Gianna scolded the students harshly

Her words prickled the students heart except Tiffany and they all felt anger burning inside them but what could they do? She is the head teacher in the school and can expel any students if she wants to

“Miss Gianna,that was harsh” Vera interfere with a frown on his face

” You have no right to talk when am talking,are you tired of your job?? Gianna yelled and Vera kept quiet at once

Gianna faced the students with a furious expression

“This will be my warning, none of you is allowed to insult my students,if anyone dares to,trust me I’ll make sure that day will be the last day the person in this school” she threatened and turn around to leave

Vers glared hard at Gianna’s back as she stuttered out of the classroom

“Y’all don’t need to be angry at her foolish words,all you need to do is to prove her wrong” Tiffany said plainly and left for her seat

Tiffany’s words and nonchant shocked everyone including Vera that they were all quiet trying to register her words



Tiffany stared at the unusual big phone in her expressionlessly

The phone is her real world, it shows the real her, the real Tiffany

After hiding the phone away for a long time because of the attention she wants from her parents, she knew it was time to return to her former self

After all there’s no point in pretending like a good child anymore not like her parents cares

Tiffany’s fingers pressed the switch button and the phone came to life in two minutes

After unlocking the phone, Tiffany switched on her internet and log into her Weibo account

Series of messages started rushing in but among all messages only two caught her attention

But the one that caught her attention the most was a group chat

“S. H. A. D. O. W” was boldly written as the name of the group chat

Tiffany clicked on the group chat and she saw a lot of unread messages she had missed

Without bothering to read the message,

[……..] She texted without writing a word

The members who were presently online in the group saw her message and were dumbstruck

Abby: Boss you are back….!! He texted with an happy emoji

Ceviche: D*mn you Shadow! You finally remembered that you got children!! The latter was happy

Ghost: Boss have you returned from your parents clutches… Hahaha

Arson: How is it with your new parents???

Tiffany smirked on seeing Arson’s message, she decided to reply the only sensible question which Arson had asked

Tiffany:@Arson……. Hell!

The rest saw the message

Ceviche: serves you right.. hahaha


Abby: Hahaha my condolences to your parents in advance”

Tiffany smiled coldly on seeing Abby’s reply

Tiffany:@Abby… Your reason for the condolences???

Abby: we all know how ruthless you can be when you get offended duh…!

Tiffany: Right, but it’s fun to play like a coward and a dumba$s with them

Ceviche: You are too ruthless….. But I love it”

Tiffany:@everyone…. I just happen to get deflowered by an handsome stranger


Ghost: OMG!!! You finally left the vrgin Mary club

Abby: how sweet was it???

Tiffany: Edible I guess”

Ghost: Badass bch

Tiffany: I know” she texted with a wink emoji

Ceviche: now that you are back, will you start taking orders??

Tiffany: not free until next year

Abby: Boss, there’s an order by an anonymous with a pay of hundred million

Tiffany: That’s a huge money but too bad am not interested in taking orders from anonymous

Ceviche: okay

Tiffany frowned as she noticed that Arson was silent through out the chats

Tiffany:@Arson… What’s up with the silence??

Ghost: poor boy got her heart broken.

Tiffany: Really??? Who dare broke my best friend heart???

Abby: You are blessed with high IQ but your EQ is just as low as the dignity of your parents so called daughter Esmeralda

Tiffany: hahahaha…. So gracious of you to compliment the doted daughter of the Watson

Tiffany heard a knock on her door before Esmeralda’s voice followed

“Sister are you sleeping? She heard Tiffany’s voice from outside

“I’ll chat with you guys later,the dumbass sister is here” she texted and switch off the data throwing the phone inside her bag

“Come in” she ordered coldly and the door open

Esmeralda walked in with a sad face

Tiffany had already guessed why she came to her room

The school anniversary is in three days, she was sure that Esmeralda was here to beg her to paint for her

“Sister” Esmeralda called with a broken voice

“You are here for the painting right? Tiffany asked with a hidden smirk

“Sister please help me,I need the painting urgently” Esmeralda cried grabbing Tiffany’s hand

” No problem I’ll help you” Tiffany said with a sigh

” Really??! Esmeralda asked with a brightened eyes and Tiffany nodded

“Thank you sister! Thank you” Esmeralda hugged Tiffany happily

“Sister when am I going to get the painting, and does it comes with anything? Esmeralda smiled sheepishly

” You will get the painting in two days and don’t worry I don’t want anything in return”Tiffany replied with a smile and Esmeralda almost sighed out in relief

“Thank you sister, I’ll leave for my room then” Esmeralda smiled

” Ok goodnight”

“Goodnight” Esmeralda replied and left the room

A sly smile tugged it way to Tiffany’s lips as the door closed

“You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into Esmefool! She thought smiling viciously.


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