BY Mha Rhy


The black van stopped at the opposite of a small villa

“Are you done? Shadow asked Ghost who was busy doing something on her computer

“Yes,all clear” Ghost replied shutting down her computer


“Let’s go then” she ordered and they all came out of the car with a mask on their face

They walked towards the fence and jumped over it together landing at the villa entrance

The four men guarding the entrance were shocked seeing the intruders, but before they could take an action. They were shot d.ead with silencer by Shadow

“How many men did she has left?? Tiffany asked lazily

“Three more” Ghost replied

“Let’s go in” Arson said and open the door but a punch was sent to his face immediately he opened it

“Fk! He cursed loudly spitting out bI.ood

He raised his head and glared at the one of the two bouncers who had pvnched him

“You’ve signed a death wish for intruding this villa” The bouncer said with his deep voice

“Really?? Tiffany asked with a cold smile

“How about I show you what death wish means? She added and before the man could make a move, something pierced into their bodies and they started bI..eeding from their mouths

“What…did.. you do… One of the bouncers asked breathlessly

“Nothing, just shot you with a needle that will make you bI.eed to d.eath’ Tiffany laughed evilly before shooting each of them on

They let out a piercing scream attracting the attention of Monroe who was sleeping in her room

Shadow with her gang walked into the house at the same time with Monroe who was climbing the stairs hurriedly

“Who are you all??? Monroe asked and was about to bring out her gun from the pocket when she was shot with a tranquilizer by Ceviche

Monroe passed out at once

Shadow face the remaining guard who was shivering in fear already

“Where is the girl? She asked coldly

The guard needs no soothsayer to tell him that they were asking about Giselle

“There….,” The guard pointed to the elevator leading to the storage where Giselle was kept

“Follow him” she said signalling to Ceviche and Abby

Ceviche and Abby dragged the man with them

“Arson and Ghost tie the bitch and throw her into the van booth” Shadow ordered

Arson and Ghost carried the unconscious Monroe and left the villa

Few minutes later,Abby and Ceviche came out with the unconscious unkempt Giselle but not with the guard

Her eyes fell on the back of Giselle clothes which were filled with bI.ood and she frowned

“I hope it’s not what am thinking” she thought

“Let’s go” She said to the girls and they all left for the Van


Ceviche and Arson stands in front of the big mansion with the unconscious Giselle in Arson’s hand

“Drop her” Ceviche said to Arson after ensuring that there was no one around

Arson dropped Giselle gently at the gate before pressing the doorbell

Immediately he did that,the duo left hurriedly without looking back

The gatekeeper who was napping inside the security room heard the doorbell and woke up at once

His eyes went to the CCTV footage to see who it was, and a gasp left his mouth seeing the unconscious body laying in front of the gate

He immediately alerted his boss and the rest of the security guards in the mansion

Few moments later,they all rushed out with Jameson

“Have you checked how the body got here? Jameson asked

“I did boss but nothing was found,I think the street CCTV was hacked before the body was dropped here” The security replied

“Check if the girl is still breathing” Jameson ordered the guard beside him

Since the body was backing him, Jameson couldn’t see the girl’s face

The guard walked to the body and pushed it gently allowing it to lay flatly on the ground

It was then the face become clear

“Gi….Gi… Giselle” he stuttered in disbelief and walked closer

The guards were surprised that their boss knew who the girl was

Jameson eyes grew wide in shock as he saw that it was really Giselle

“Giselle” he shouted in shock and slump down beside her body

“Get the car!!! He ordered loudly hugging Giselle’s body

“Yes Boss”The guards chorused and rushed inside

“How was it? Shadow asked as Arson and Ceviche boarded the car

“Done Shadow” Ceviche replied

“Good” Shadow nodded and face Ghost who was at the driver seat

“Drive to our hideout” She ordered


Tiffany walked into the dimmed torture room with the rest of the gangs, the room was filled with different torturing equipments

At the middle of the room was the unconscious Monroe tied to a chair with a gag in her mouth

“Wake her up” Tiffany said to Ceviche who was beside her

Ceviche nodded and walked towards Monroe with a bottle water in her hand

Standing at the front of Monroe,she uncapped the water and empty everything on her head

“Ahh….” Monroe gasps as she regain her consciousness

Her eyes were blurry so she had to blink it repeatedly before she was able to open her eyes fully

She could feel that her whole body has been restricted with a rope

It was then she remembered what had taken place in her hideout

“Welcome back to life bch! She heard an aloof voice

Who the h’ll are y’all? Monroe asked angrily as her eyes landed on the gang

She remembered them to be the ones that attacked her and her men

Arson snickered as he heard her question

“You wanna know us ? Tiffany asked as her lips tugged into a cold voice as she walked closer to Monroe with a gvn in her hand

“Then I will gladly introduce us” she added and shot Monroe’s left leg

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Monroe let out a piercing scream as felt pain all over her left leg

“Let me introduce us now,we are your worst nightmare” Tiffany said caressing Monroe’s face with the gvn in her hand

“I finally meet you again Monroe O’Brien, how long has it been? Nine Years? Tiffany chuckled which send a chill down Monroe’s spine

“Who the hell are you all?? Monroe asked gritting her teeth in pain

“Does this name Hazel ring a bell?? Tiffany asked calmly

“Hazel? Monroe frowned with her red face

“Yes Hazel, the girl you adopted from the orphanage together with your son and took in as a maid” Tiffany said with rage

“You are….” Monroe paused as an image flickered in her brain

“We are Hazel siblings,the girl you klled brutally and burnt to ashes” Ghost yelled angrily


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