“I failed,” Elliott mumbled as he watched them carry him away

“Are you gonna just stand there or help me?” Adam said to his guardian who was staring into space

Seems like he was staring at something

“If I help you he wouldn’t regain his memory so it’s better to allow him to push you down,” his guardian replied

“Are you ¢razy? Am gonna d!e,” he said staring at him

Turns out Elliott foresee the future

“You won’t d!e, just let him push you,” His guardian replied

“Hey, what are you looking at?” Lewis asked angrily

“Just get your hands off me,” Adam said instead, that add to the anger in Lewis and he pvshed him off

“River!!!!” He yelled falling from the rooftop

That was the same thing he shouted when River fell from the cliff, the voice echos in Lewis’s head making him hold his head as pain grips him

“Adam,” he mumbled and looked down, his brother was still falling

“Adam!!!” He yelled and rushed out from there, good down

Elliott used that opportunity and stopped the time, he flew towards Adam and gently carried him down then he turned to the students who saw him falling from the rooftop and wiped the memory from their heads before releasing the time

Lewis rushed out immediately to see Adam still on the floor and many students gathered around him already

“Adam,” he called and hugged him tightly immediately

“River,” Adam called as his chest started hurting again, he made to pull away but River holds him tightly

“Adam, you’re here and alive,” he said and slowly pulled away then he turned him around, checking him out

He forget what happened a few minutes ago and no one seem to remember it too

“Hey, looser,” Ben said with a frown

“Say that again, no… Just say that again,” River replied and fold his fist

Seeing his angry face, Ben smirked

“This isn’t over dude,” Ben said and turn to leave

River pvshed him from behind making him fall, he grabbed his collar and dragged him up

“Listen to me dkhead, if I see you near my brother again……..

“Boys, in my office now,” the principal ordered

River released his hold on Ben and sI.ap his head

“Am gonna ki¢k your a$s,” he said and followed the principal out.





The kids were having dinner when Mr. Brown came back, they all stood up immediately ready to run except for Karan whose mind was far away

“What happened?” Mrs. Brown asked staring at them

“Am done,” Eddy replied cleaning his mouth with a wipe

“I need to finish my…

“Sit down both of you,” Mrs. Brown said

“Mom I…..

“Whose house is this?” Mrs. Brown cut in

“You and Dad,” Eddy was the first to reply

“Sit down and eat,” She said dryly

Mr. Brown already went upstairs to drop off his suitcase and he came downstairs again, it has been hard for him though

His kids don’t even want to come near him ever since the incident, even though his wife is trying to help but it looks like nothing is happening

“Mom, I think I’m…

“I said, sit down,” Mrs brown cut in with a straight face

The kids saw the look on her face and reluctantly sat back on their chair

“Why are you running? Is your father a ghost?” She asked, her hands folding on her chest

“No,” Eddy said

“No,” Olivia replied

“Then why are you running?” She asked, she use her leg to kick Karan bringing her back from her dream world

“I dunno,” Olivia said

“Maybe because he pushed you off the stairs,” Eddy replied

She looked at Karan who was quiet and she gave her that I dunno look

“Are you the one that was pushed?” She asked now staring at Eddy

“No, but…

“Hold it, now Olivia tell me why you’re running,” she said glaring at her

“Baby, I think you should just leave them, with time they will come around,” Mr. Brown said

“No, we have to fix this here and now, I can’t go out all day taking care of others when I can’t even take care of my home, did you know how many cases I take care of each day? Did you think am happy with this? With a broken home!” Mrs. Brown asked glaring from one person to another

“I was only saying…..

“No, this has to end here and now, and if they can’t end it then is taking them to the orphanage first thing tomorrow morning so that they can see other kids that didn’t have the chance to meet their parents.

So they can see kids that is praying to be adopted so that they can have a home!

Many kids out there are praying all day for someone to come and adopt them so that they can have someone to call mom and dad.

If that’s what you all want then fine! pack your stuff cos I will be taking you all to the orphanage tomorrow morning and you will be staying there for six months” She said, now standing on her feet


Everyone was surprised cos they have never seen this side of their mother before, they all have that guilty look on their faces

“People see me as a good attorney, I fight for everyone that deserves Justice but I have a broken home, does that make sense? No, you all should tell me if that makes sense, what lawyer am I if I can’t put bring my family together?” She added, her hands on her head

Everyone was still silent

“My head hurts and I need fresh air, you all should pack your clothes cos I have seen that I can’t change your mind no matter how I try,” she added going out

“Mom please am sorry,” Eddy said, he runs to her and hugged her from behind followed by Olivia

“We are sorry,” Olivia said gently fighting back tears

“Apologize to your Dad now,” she said

The kids went over to their father who was silent and hugged him

“I’m sorry Dad, I will never run away from you again, please don’t be mad,” Eddy said

“Daddy, am sorry,” Olivia said

“Karan, did you need a wine to apologize?” Mrs. Brown asked since she was still sitting down

“No, I need a chocolate cake,” she replied and winked at her mother

Mrs. Brown picked up a pan from the table to hit her head but she jumped on her father at full speed and they all fell making everyone start laughing


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