Mrs. Brown was taken to a warehouse, she wanted to ask questions but decided to keep quiet

He takes her to the last floor where she saw her girls still tied up

“My babies,” she said and took a step forward

Alex shot the wall making her flinch immediately

“Don’t make me angry scarlet if not I will bIow your skull,” he threatened pointing a gvn at her head

“Okay,” she replied with a shaky voice

He went over to Olivia and raised her chin up

“I thought you would act stupid and call the cops, you wouldn’t have seen these beautiful face again,” He said and turned to Karan

“I know you haven’t gotten me scarlet that’s why you played smart cos you know that I got nothing to lose if I d!e now but yours is different cos you’re never going to see them again. It will be in your mind for the rest of your life, the good old days will keep haunting you cos you know too well that you should have saved them but you choose to be stupid,”

“Even if you become pregnant again for your stupid husband, you can’t cover the loss or replace these two, or will you? Just look at them, all grown up!” he said, standing with his chin held high

“It’s me that you want and am here now, let my girls go,” Mrs. Brown said instead

“Am not stupid scarlet…..

“Please even if it’s one of them,” she cut in

He was silent

“Fine,” he said, and went over to Olivia, he cut the rope holding her

“Go,” Alex said to her

“Mummy,” Olivia called going over to her

“I said get out from here before I changed my mind,” He yelled making her flinch and rushed out

“This could be our kids, I would have done anything for you Scarlet but you choose that stupid nerd over me,” he turned to her and said

“My husband is not…

“Shout up,” he yelled and sI.apped her hard across the face

“I will just end this here and now,” he added pointing the gvn at Karan who was still tied up

She was sobbing

“Or I could just have a good time your choice, I can do you first and she will watch or I cut her down and do her first then you watch, choose one option,” He said

“Rape me instead,” Mrs. Brown replied making him scoff

“I can still remember when you said this to my face” you would rather jump off a bridge than sleep with me! So are you going to jump off the bridge?” he said laughing

“I was a college student back then but now am a mother of three,” she replied

He went over to her and gra.bbed her ne¢k

“Those kids should have been mine, we would have made a good couple but what did you do? You broke my heart and returned my engagement ring, did you think I will ever forget that?” He yelled still holding her ne¢k as she was struggling to breathe

“You’re klling her,” Karan said staring at them

“Shut up little thing, what did you know?” Alex sneered and she quickly kept quiet

He released his grip on her and she started coughing and gasping for air

The sound of sirens filled the whole place as they could hear the police shouting outside, he went to her back with an angry face

“Baby, look away,” Mrs. Brown said, Karen turned her face in another direction

“Good, now close your eyes….. Don’t open it until I tell you to, okay?” She added

Karan nodded and stayed quiet with her eyes closed and facing another direction

“Your squad is here, did you know what I would have done if you didn’t come? Well, let me tell you……. I would have klled them and myself too,” he whispered into her ears

She didn’t say anything, she was handcuffed and chained to the only table in the room, he grabbed her face roughly and kssed her

She closed her eyes as tears came rolling down, taking his hand to her bbs he squeezed them and then went for her trousers..

“This is the last thing you’re gonna think about before you d!e, the last thing you will ever remember,” he said and……




Loud laughter could be heard from Alex as he fixed back his trousers

“Am Alexander McDonald’s, I always get what I want and if I can’t have you scarlet then nobody will cos you’re mine and mine alone you will be” he laughed loudly




The police have already started looking for them but there seem to be no trace

The warehouse is big and it has many rooms, they were still looking for them when Mr. Brown’s phone rang and he picked it up instantly and put it on a loud speaker

“This is Alexander McDonald’s and am here with councilor scarlet, The woman you stole from me! we are playing a little game you know, Russian roulette. I will be sliding the gvn across to her and there are three chambers left with one bvllet,” he said and pointed another gvn at Mrs. Brown’s head

“Pick it up,” he ordered pointing at the gvn on the table with his left hand while holding another gvn in his right hands

She picked up the gvn with a trembling hand and positioned it in her head

“Do it scarlet or I will,” he ordered still pointing the other gvn at her

She closed her eyes tightly, her heart hammering against her chest. She pulled the trlgger but Only heard a clack

Alex took the gvn and pointed it at his head

“I have always been lucky Scarlet,” he said and switched his hands

Now holding the gvn in his left hand

“If I d!e and you tell them that I klled myself nobody will believe you,” he said smirking and pulling the trlgger

There was a clack

“Game over scarlet, we will meet again in the afterlife….. Say goodbye scarlet,” he said pointing the gvn at her head

The phone was still connected and the cops haven’t found them, they were still searching the building

“Where the fk are they?” Mr. Brown who was among the search team asked no one in particular

“For our benefits,” Alexander said and pulled the trlgger




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