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Lewis has been avoiding Adam since the day, even though Adam tried talking to him several times but he did as if no one was talking

Karan and her band group came into the class not long after and Devi went out with Ben

“Hey, did anything happen between you two yesterday?” Adams’s invisible guardian asked staring at Karan

“Yes, why?” He replied

“What happened?” He asked

“She kssed me or should I say we kssed which one?” Adam replied more like a whisper and lewis looked at him like a weirdo

“Just what I want,” the invisible guardian said and started walking towards Karan

“What are you…..

Adam stopped when he felt Lewis’s eyes on him, he stood up instantly and followed his guardian

LOVE IS A CRIME : EPISODE 41 – THE END. Thingscouplesdo

“Hey Karan,” he said putting his hand on her shoulder making her flinched

“Are you alright?” He asked staring at her expression

“I…em….am…I need to use the restroom,” she said stumbling over words as her body started acting weirdly

“Are you…

“Yeah… I mean… I’m… Nevermind,” she cut in and hurriedly left

“What did you do?” Adam asked in his mind staring at his guardian

“What I should have done a very long time ago,” he replied in his head


Karan rushed into the bathroom and locked the door

“What is happening to me,” she said washing her face in the sink

She poured a lot of water on her face but it wasn’t enough then she put her head in the sink and open the water tap

“Okay….okay, Karan calm down,” she said to herself breathing in and out

“This is crazy, how can I be having a such feeling just because that guy touched me, oh I’m a mess. I need to tell mom,” she replied and looked around

Turns out she was having a sxual urge

A moment passed

She slowly came out of the bathroom and went to her locker, getting close to it she saw Devi trying to open it

“What are you doing,” she asked

“I wanted to tell you something but I don’t know how to do it so I decided to pass it in a note,” she replied and Karan gave her that puzzled look

“Okay, what’s that?” She asked and took the note from her

“Interesting, so you’re dating Ben now?” She asked after going through the note

“Yeah, are you angry or jealous?” Devil asked with a shaky voice

“Congratulations,” she replied instead and open her Locker then get her phone and left without saying another word

“Karan I…..

“It’s good, congratulations once again,” she cut in before going out of sight



“So you mean you kssed this girl yesterday and today she’s avoiding you?” Olivia asked staring at Adam

“No she kssed me not the other way round,” Adam replied rudely

“Yeah, whatever,” Olivia rolled her eyes

“So you’re saying…

“That’s one step to success and it makes it even easier,” she replied bringing out the list of things she wrote

“This number one is kinda fun,” he mumbled with a smile

“I know right, that’s why I said it makes it even easier since she’s running away from you then take her to a place where it will be only the two of you,” she said demonstrating it with her hands

“How will I do that?” He asked

“That’s why you have a tutor, get her number from the school blog then send it to me don’t worry about the rest just be ready and wait for her to come,” she said

“Then what?” He said

“You asked too many questions and I will start charging for each question?” She pouted


“Yeah, that’s how it works. Now lemme tell you something you don’t know,” she said and turn to face him

“She running away simple means two things, and we can only find out tomorrow evening, and please don’t go beyond sx cos that’s our agreement,” she said with a serious face

“Okay, okay… Then what,” he said

“That’s all for today, get the number from the school blog send it to me, and tomorrow we will talk about the arrangements,” she replied standing up

“Did I still need to come to your place?” He asked

“H’ll no, I will land in detention if my mom sees you, or I might be grounded,” she replied backing her backpack

“Alright thank you,” he replied with huge smiles

“How cute,” she thought silently walking off She suddenly stopped and looked back

“Hey, can I tell you something?” She asked

“Sure, anything,” he replied

“I… Em… I think I….. You know what, nevermind,” she replied and left

“That’s ¢razy,” he said with the way she acted

“It’s not,” his guardian replied

“Then what? She was brave a few minutes ago and then all of a sudden she started stumbling over words and you said that’s not ¢razy?” He said

“I will be back,” his guardian said

“Where are you going, we are not done talking,” he said

“I know and I will be back,” his Guardian tell

“But I…..

He vanished before he could say another word, Adam left there and went to the rooftop, it was already time for lunch so he didn’t have much to do

He was still looking around the city cos the building was high when lewis came to him, with the look on his face he didn’t need anyone to tell him that he was angry

“You promised,” Lew said and grabbed him by his collar

“Calm down and listen,” he said trying to free his hold on him

“You said we were friends but I saw you kssed her, is that what friends do?” Lewis asked and pushed him roughly making him fall

Ben and his friends also came to the rooftop in search of Adam but were surprised to see him on the floor

Adam stood up and dusted his clothes

“River, I think you should calm down,” he said gently

“Calm down? How about this?” Lewis said and pvnched him hard in the face making him fall and bI.eed

“Why can’t you fight back? Huh!” Lewis yelled and pvnched him again

He staggered back this time and stood his ground, folding his fist tightly the memory of how River give up his life for him came running into his head making him weak

“Fight back you piece of sht,” Lewis yelled and pvnched his stomach

“Arhhhhh,” he s¢reamed with his hand on his stomach

“You lied to me, I hate you,” Lewis yelled and ki¢ked his stomach

“Argh!!!” He s¢reamed out in pain and spat out bI.ood from his mouth

“If you desperately want her why not tell her? Huh!” He yelled

“You know nothing, I want you to fight me, c’mon fight back,” Lewis yelled angrily

“The only reason why I haven’t be.aten you to stupor is cos you’re my brother, the only person that looks out for me,” Adam said walking away

Lewis went over and pulled him back pinning him on the small wall on the rooftop, Adam looked down and was terrified

“River, stop this madness, let’s talk instead,” he said with a shaky voice

“I never wanted to do this but you’re making me to,” Lewis said as anger took over him

“River, you’re my brother,” Adam said breathing hard

He wanted to fight back but the position he was into is very tough, he will fall at any move he made

“Say goodbye,” Lewis said

“No, River….no,” he panicked shaking his head negatively

Lewis pvshed him and he went falling from the rooftop

“River!!!!” He yelled loudly as he keep going down, his guardian made to help but seeing the number of students around he stayed back

Lewis was still watching him when suddenly the memory of what happened back in the village came rushing into his head, it was like a flash and he couldn’t control it

“Adam!” he called getting back to his senses, he rushed down to see many students gathered around Adam

“Adam!!!” He screamed, leaning over the body and crying his eyes out

“Move away from the body, an ambulance is coming,” the principal said

“No, I klled him, I klled my brother, Adam!!!!” he s¢reamed crying on his lifeless body

“I failed,” Elliott mumbled as he watched them carry him away.


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