“Councillor, she insisted on talking to you,” A detective said

A detective walking into Mrs. Brown’s office with a girl about 19 years old or more

“Why are you doing this to me?” The girl asked almost immediately

“I don’t understand sweetie, what did I do wrong?” She asked in a calm voice

“He rapped me… I told you that he rapped me and yet you allow him to walk away, did you know how it feels!” The girl said with tears eyes

“Sweetie am sorry about the rape but I can’t help you if you can’t me too,” Mrs. Brown said calmly

“What did you want? Money! Did you want…

“No,” she cut in

“Then what? Huh! Is this how good you’re? Was told that you will get justice for me but you’re sitting there as if nothing happened,” the girls said angrily

“Sweetie listen…

“Shout up…just shout up okay?…… Tell me did you have a kid?” The girl asked looking around

“Yeah, two girls one boy,” she replied

“What if one of them was in my position will you let the rappist get away with it?” The girl asked

“Sweetie am…..

“Just answer the question, it’s a YES or NO,” the girl cut in

“No,” she replied

“I thought as much, so you let him walk cos am not your kid huh?” The girl said

“No,” she replied

“Then why are you doing this to me? Tell me why… Just why?” The girl said sobbing

“Am sorry,” Mrs. Brown said with a guilty look

“You’re sorry! Is that all you know how to say?” The girl asked

“Sweetie I can’t help you if you can’t help me, I need to know what happened that’s all,” Mrs. Brown said trying to touch her but she shifted back

“I already told you, he rapped me,” the girl said

“Tell me how it happened, explain in detail,” she said

“I can’t,” the girl replied

“Detective I think you should talk to her,” Mrs. Brown said and sat back in her chair

“Is there anything else we can do to help counsillor?” The detective asked

“I can’t build a case without a hint, I need something to cause confusion between the judges and the grand jury. I need something to create doubt in their minds. I need something to pin him down and she’s not helping, what exactly are you hiding?” She turned to the girl

“I have no case if you can’t talk,” she said, her hand on her face

“He rapped me,” the girl said calmly this time

“I know, you’ve said that like a million times now and all I need to know is how it happened, just a story…..your story, the rappe details everything that happened that’s all,” Mrs. Brown replied

“I don’t know how to say it,” the girl replied

“Detective, can you talk to her, please? Get back to me when she’s ready to talk,” Mrs. Brown said

“Alright councilor, c’mon let’s go,” the detective replied and left



Olivia and River went to the tent after waiting for like an hour to see Karan still unconscious

“Is she d.ead?”Olivia asked

“How am I supposed to know,” He replied and shake her leg

“Wake up…wake up,” River replied tapping her leg

She turned around and slowly open her eyes, all thanks to Elliott who helped put on her clothes back

“What happened?” She asked staring at them

“You don’t remember?” River asked surprised

“Remember what exactly,” she asked

“Thank God, that was close,” Olivia mumbled, and on her chest

“Thank God for what? Why am I sleeping here when I should be in class. I have music practice and… I need to go see Mom,” she said and stood up immediately

Olivia and River exchange glance as she walked past them

“And where the h’ll is Adam?” River asked

“Maybe he already left, let’s go,” Olivia replied and they left

Just immediately after they left, the witch appears, she looked around but didn’t see anyone, she tried tracing Karan but fail cos the power was no longer with her

She turned around only to see three messengers surrounding her

“It’s over wtch,” one of them said

She started chanting some words but a fire bail hits her immediately making her fall and the messenger capture her.




Adam slowly opened her eyes only to see a beautiful palace, he looked around the place

“How strange, where are my?” He asked no one in particular

“You’re in the Moon that’s what humans call it,” he heard someone said

Her voice was tiny and sweet at the same time, turning in the direction of the voice he saw a very beautiful lady backing him, even without seeing her face, he knew she was beautiful

Her back view alone shows that she was beautiful

“Who are you and what am I doing here? Where is Elliott?” He asked looking around

The person turned to face him and he falls back

“What are you?” He asked And she smiled

“Welcome home, son!” She said with a wide smile

“Son? What son?….. wait, you’re the woman I saw back in the village? The person that was covered with light,” he said all in one word

“Yes,” she replied

“How come you’re this beautiful? Are you real cos you’re too beautiful to be real,” he said staring at her

She smiled lightly, even her smile alone is charming

“Am real it’s just that am not human,” she replied

“Then what are you?” He asked curiously

“A goddess,” she replied

She’s still standing in front of him

“Wow, you’re too beautiful,” he said stunned

“Even more than her?” She asked cheerfully

“Who?” He asked puzzled

“The girl you’re thinking about? The one you slept with,” she added

“How did you know about that? Elliott will never stop talking,” He said shyly making her laugh

“He didn’t, I saw it,” she replied grinning

“This is embarrassing, he told you I know it,” He covered his face with his hands

“I look through your heart and saw it,” she replied with a smile

“Can you also look through her mind? Is she angry? Did she hate me now?” He asked with a pale face

“She no longer has the memory of what happened and she won’t remember no matter how she tries,” she replied

“No restore it, I want her to remember it,” he said more like a command

“Done,” she replied still smiling

“Did you smile all day? Gosh, you’re so beautiful how come am not as beautiful as you are?” He asked

“You’re human but am not, am the goddess of beauty and love,” she replied

“Can I get a hug?” He asked

“I was wondering if you weren’t going to ask, come here,” she said with her hands spread apart

He went over and hugged her tightly

“Mother,” he called more like a whisper


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