LOVE ME ONCE Episode 1 – The End




SUBTITLE: I Wish He Can Be Mine
THEME: Searching for her


I feel like killing Clara for what she did, she put me in this mess. She kept staring at me.

“Continue staring at me, if my mum comes here and meet you, sorry will be your name”, I said and walked out of the living room.

I got to my car and I’m about to enter when she came out dragging her luggages.

“Where am I going from here?”, She asked as she approached me

“Are you asking me?”, I asked too.

“Who am I supposed to ask? Were you not the one that brought me here?”, She asked.

“So? Was I the one that told you to bring a man to my mum’s house? Slvt!”, I said entering my car.

“Are you leaving me here?”, She asked.

“No, am coming with you idiot!”, I said and with that I drove out.

Let her find her way or better still go and meet the dude that was fuvking her some minutes ago.

Am even driving, where am I going? I don’t know where Amelia is. What kind of trouble is this? If am able to see Amelia again I swear I won’t maltreat her again.

I drive around the whole city yet I’d not find Amelia and I can’t go back home else my mum will disown me I know what she can do.

I went to my old friend’s house named John.

John and I were close friend and classmates in highschool, we remain friends after our highschool till date.

I press his doorbell and wait for some seconds before he comes out, he’s surprised to see me because I haven’t visit him for ages.

“George g!”, He called as he hugged me happily.

That’s how he has been calling me since we became friends.

“Sup bro?”, I asked as we disengaged.

“Am cool, come in”, he said happily.

We went inside his house and sit on the couch in his living room.

Did I tell you he is living alone with his girlfriend? A very beautiful America girl not like the European slut I brought home all the name of girlfriend that put me into this trouble that I’m now.

John went to his bar and came back with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“Dude, let’s drink it’s been long we see each other”, he said sitting next to me.

He is a web designer like me, the only different between us is that I don’t often go to work like he does.

“No John, am not in the mood for drink infact that’s not why am here”, I said.

“Hope there’s no problem? Anyway, why are you here?”, He asked

“Am looking for one girl like that, she’s dark in complexion, average in height and slim”, I said

“Hmmm, there are many girls like that, what’s her name?”, He asked

“Her name is Amelia, she used to work with my mum at her restaurant”, I said

“I think I’ve seen her once or twice with your mum, the day I went to eat at your mum’s restaurant I saw them going out but why are you looking for her?”, He asked.

I breath down heavily and explained everything that happened to him.

George G! You didn’t do well, why will you sent a girl your mum employed out without your mum’s consent? What were you thinking?”, He asked.

“It was Clara’s fault, the girl I brought home from Europe when I went to visit my dad” I said.

“So because of a girl you barely know, a girl you met in Europe and brought her to America you beat another girl and sent her away. That’s trash, I mean that’s rubbish! You shouldn’t have done that, a man does not hit a woman not to talk of hitting another girl for his girlfriend, is only lazy dudes that does that and you know it”, he said.

“I know I made a mistake but you don’t have to insult me”, I said

“Am sorry if what I said seems like an insult to you but is the truth anyway where is the Clara now?”, He asked

“Hmmm, I caught her red handed having s*x with another guy”, I said

“In your mum’s house?”,

“Right on my bed!”,

“Damn! That’s the highest of it, how can she do a thing like that? Did she knows you are in this trouble because of her?”,

“Very much aware infact she was the one that told my mum that I sent Amelia away after beating her”,

“Gosh! Some girls are b!tches, hope you had sent the slut away?”,

“Sure, my mum sent her away”, I said

“That’s good, let her go back to where she comes from. So now what are you gonna do?”,

“John, I don’t know I can’t go back home without Amelia else my mum will disown me, you know my mum very well and what she is capable of doing”,

“It’s ok, just chill ok? Cheer up, tomorrow we will look for her together, let’s drink ok?”, He said tapping my shoulder gently.

“Thanks bro”,

“What are friends for”, he said.

We drink, play video game together then eat. He showed me a room where I’d sleep and gave me some clothes because I didn’t go with any of my clothes.

The next day, at sun raise we went out to look for Amelia, we search the whole city yet no trace of Amelia.

We asked a lot of people, we went to different shops and houses yet we didn’t find her. We went back home tired and disappointed.


We have been searching for Amelia everywhere and we are yet to find her. I don’t know where to find her and am so fuvking tired of everything, John has being the one encouraging and giving me hope.

“Dude, am so tired like I can’t do this anymore”, I said

“You don’t have to be tired, we need to find this girl so that your mum won’t disown you”, he said

“We don’t know where she is now whether she is dead or alive we don’t know. We have been searching for her for good three days yet no trace of her, I’m sick and tired of everything”, I said.

“This girl in question might mean a lot to your mum, she might be helpful to your mum and am sure that’s why she insists you must fine her. Even if it takes you one year to see her you have to do this. Remember the woman that gave birth to you is a no nonsense woman, I do not want to remind you of what she will do to you if you fail to find Amelia so why giving up?”, He said.

He is right, my mum does not talorate nonsense from anybody not even from me her own son.

“Alright but am very hungry”, I said.

“Ok, let’s cross to that restaurant over there and grab some lunch”, he said pointing at the restaurant opposite us.

I nod in agreement and we went there.

We make our order, we waited for almost 45 minutes before our orders were brought to us.

We are eating when John suddenly tapped me.

“George, look the wait…..”, He couldn’t complete his sentence.

I raised my head up to know what he saw that makes him suddenly becomes dumped. My folk fell from my hand.

“This can be true”, I murmured faintedly.

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