A Story By Christabel Nwoko

Episode 1

Beatrice was a very beautiful girl from Asaba, She met Keith in thier first year in the University of Benin, Thier relationship was beautiful and enviable, They were voted ‘cutest couple’ at thier final year in the University, After graduation, Beatrice was posted to Abuja for her Youth Service while Keith was posted to Lagos even with distance as a barrier, they were determined to focus on thier Relationship and take it to the next level- Marriage

Beatrice had never been a serial dater, and she wasn’t going to change because Keith was far away. She was a hardworking, outgoing, go get ’em kind of girl. Her focus was on getting ahead in life and to make her mother happy and proud.
Beatrice was raised single handedly by her mother, her father had abandoned them when she was just Ten years old and since then he never returned.
Being a single parent is like having twice the work, with only half the help.
Beatrice’s mother suffered greatly for her to get to that level in life and she love her mother so much for that.

Prior to departing for thier Youth Service, Beatrice met with Keith,
“Please Beatrice, Don’t forget our plans and dreams, After a year when we are done with our service, We will get married and start a family together, no need to look for Job opportunities in Abuja or something, Just come back and let’s prepare for our wedding, Please PROMISE ME you will be Faithful to me” Keith said and then Beatrice promised to be true to their relationship and to be faithful. “You know i have eyes for only you and no one can take me away from you because my heart beat just for you, out of sight, is not out of my mind, you are always on my mind, I’m missing you already” Beatrice told him, while Keith smiled softly “My love, I will miss you more, I will always have you on my mind as well, Always take care of your self, you know i love you and I will call you everyday, I will keep in touch with you ” Keith said calmly and they both hugged each other dearly.

The next day, Beatrice bought a bus ticket to Abuja, kissed her mother goodbye with love for Keith in her heart and she took off on her new journey, to serve her father’s land in Abuja. She had no earthly idea what God had in store for her.

Few Months Later, At Abuja, Beatrice had made some friends and the person she most clicked with, Once arriving to Abuja, was the one girl she had thought was snobby, Rachael was her name, But when she got to Know Rachael better, She discovered she was amazing. She became friends with this awesome girl immediately, Their friendship was strong and real. Beatrice and Rachael were inseparable and they were always found together, they even became room mates. Beatrice’s Service at Abuja was off to a great start! Everything was looking up…
and then, Few months later, Rachael mentioned she had an older brother named Jared that travelled to Canada to further his studies but was returning very soon

Rachael had shown Beatrice her brother’s pictures on Facebook. Sure enough, Jared’s Facebook pictures confirmed he was extremely handsome, Rachael had also told her brother a lot about her new best friend, Beatrice. “Jared, I have never met someone as kind, caring and hardworking like my new friend Beatrice, she has a good heart, she is such an amazing person” Rachael told her brother over the phone
“Really? I can’t wait to meet her”Jared said at the other end of the phone.

Two Months later, Rachael was so excited when her brother told her that he would be returning back home that weekend, She shared the good news with her friend Beatrice.
“Babe, guess what?” Rachael threw in one afternoon
“babe, what’s up? I’m not good at guessing”Beatrice said calmly
“My brother, Jared is coming back from Canada this weekend!” Rachael announced
“Wow, that’s good to know. That’s great! That means you will be going home this weekend” Beatrice said smiling to Her friend
“Sure, I miss my brother so much, I can’t wait to see him” Rachael said in excitement
Beatrice could see the love Rachael has for his brother Jared in her eyes, the bond between them was strong.
Rachael asked Beatrice if she wanted to come along with her to met with his brother but Beatrice declined “Babe, sorry I can’t come along with you, Keith will visit me this weekend” She said
“Which Keith? Is it the same Keith that has not been taking your calls or the Keith that has not been calling you for the past five months? Babe, this is not the first time, he had promised to visit you but never turned up” Rachael entered jokingly

“Come on, Rachael, Keith has been so busy lately and I’m sure he would visit me this time, He sent me a text message three days ago and he promised to visit me this weekend” Beatrice replied with sparks in her eyes
“OK oh, if you say so”Rachael said

That weekend, Rachael travelled home, Leaving Beatrice behind. They both missed each other but Beatrice consoled herself with the fact that Keith would visit her but Keith never came and the worst was that his phone was unreachable all weekend.

A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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