When I watched and read the court verdict to Maryam Sanda. I was shocked. Watching her cry for mercy really got me emotional. I was angry that the judge was not lenient and was probably influenced by the politically powerful father of the late husband, Bilyamin Bello. However, I decided not to write anything or talk much about this ugly incident. I took my time to make my findings and I was able to find out…

The man was actually married to a woman named Amina Shagari. They were so good together and everything was going on well, until Maryam Sanda came into the picture as the second wife. According to the first wife, she had to quit cos of the high level of Maryam jealousy, it was hot and very toxic.

Maryam was pregnant with Bilyamin child when the incident happened. She gave birth to the child in the prison. That means they had two children together.

The marriage was two years old and it was a rocky one. That night was not the first time they would be having issues.

This ugly incident happened cos the wife went through her husband phone and saw a nude and some incriminating chats and also saw the man desire to get another wife.

She was so angry that night and she said she was done with the marriage. She demanded for divorce papers and threatened to kill the husband or cut off the genitals if he refused to grant her request. The husband’s friend was there for eight hours, trying to make peace but this lady just went berserk. She first broke a groundnut bottle in an attempt to stab the guy but they collected it from her. She went on to break the perfume bottle, but the husband collected it. Knives were collected from her several times. The friend that was there with them even got injured in the process. The only child in the house was crying but this lady was just too angry to listen. When the guys friend got tired, he left the house and called on another of their friends to come over. He came back the following day to meet the death of the guy. He had bite marks, stab wounds in the chest, close to the heart and in the genitals

Maryam Sanda called on her mother and brother and the maid to tamper with the evidences. They were all charged but it was later dropped.

At a point, Maryam was released on bail cos of health issues but unconfirmed reports have it that she went home and threw a birthday party for the child. It was the talk of the town.

With all these findings, I am sorry to say that I don’t feel sorry for her. I am just sad because of the stain this has brought upon her family and on the two children.

This is a lesson for us to stop forcing our partners to be faithful. You can only try, you can’t achieve anything with force. No man, no woman is worth dying for. There are so many ways you can treat his fuck up without getting violent with him.

Check yourself, be his peace and give yourself peace of mind.

I am not in support of the guy’s infidelity but killing him was not the answer. What was she thinking? Getting angry for hours and running wild all over the place.

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Jealousy is demon in action