By: Mister Allen

Episode 39

“I knew it” inspector Jaja shouted, “my instincts have been telling me that she was the murderer, she’s just been misleading us all this while” “You know the person?” the coroner asked looking surprised, “of course! She is the deceased’s sister-in-law” inspector Jaja replied, “I’m not surprised that it was her name on the necklace” “Hmm! We live in a wicked world indeed” the coroner said shaking his head, “I had no idea you had even come face to face with the owner of the necklace” “We definitely have” the DPO replied, “trust us to be on top of our game, she’s on her way here with one of my inspectors as we speak” “I see! I guess I should take my leave now, I have to be somewhere else” the coroner said getting up to leave.

About half an hour later, inspector Bankole arrived with a frightened Lola, “I didn’t do anything, please! You have to believe me” she cried immediately after she entered the inspector’s office, “I don’t understand why he’s saying I’m a suspect” she said pointing to inspector Bankole, “if you’re not, then how do you explain your necklace being found entangled with the deceased’s sleeves?” Inspector Jaja asked,“my necklace?” Lola asked looking confused, “yes your necklace, it had your name engraved on it” the inspector general added, “I could have sworn you could never hurt a fly the first day you walked in to give your statement but clearly I was wrong” the inspector said, “there must be a mix up somewhere, that necklace was given to me by my late mum but I haven’t worn it in the last 4 weeks” Lola replied looking baffled, “then why was it entangled on the shirt sleeves of the deceased? Remember it wasn’t found in his pocket, it was entangled. The coroner said it was also broken and he believes there was a struggle that led to that” the DPO said, “sir, you have to believe me, I’m innocent!” Lola pleaded, “you will have to prove that to the jury in court and not me” the DPO replied.

“Take her away” he shouted as inspector Bankole dragged Lola out of the office to put her behind bars, “you can go ahead and release Mr. Franklin” he shouted, “there’s no point investigating any further when we know who the murderer is.”

***“Why would you accuse Lola of killing Jeff?” Aunty Fanny confronted Lara after inspector Bankole had taken Lola away, “because she did it” Lara retorted, “no one else could have done it.


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She has always wanted my husband. I overheard her threaten to kill him once” Lara replied, “that’s not true!” Aunty Fanny argued, “Lola would never do such a thing”,“well if she could sleep with her sister’s own husband then there’s no limits to what she can do” Lara replied adamantly, “Jojo and I will be going home today” she added, “home?” Aunty Fanny repeated, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, do you think it’s safe to go now?”“Of course it is” Lara replied, “the murderer has been found, “what’s there to be scared of?” “I still believe you should stay here where it’s safe for now, something tells me Jeff’s murderer is still out there and may just be coming for you too” Aunty Fanny said,“I want to go home now!” Lara insisted, “I need to be alone” “If you insist, then suit yourself” Aunty Fanny replied, “but you’re not taking my niece with you.” “That’s fine by me” Lara replied zipping up her boxes, “I’ll be back to take her soon.” About a week from now, Lara was on her way back home from work when suddenly her phone rang, it was an unidentified number calling, “who could this be?” She pondered staring at the number, till the phone stopped ringing, she was still trying to figure out whose number it was when her phone rang again, she hated answering calls from unknown numbers so she didn’t pick till it stopped ringing.

The caller called back again, it seemed whoever it was that was calling wanted to speak to her desperately; reluctantly, she answered the call. “hello, who am I speaking with?” She asked, “I am omnipresent” the caller responded, “what do you mean by that?” Lara asked, “you’ll find out when the time is right” the caller replied, “I don’t understand” Lara responded sounding confused, “who are you?”,“Like I said before, I’m omnipresent and you know what that means?” the caller asked, “what does that mean? Lara asked, “if you have nothing better to say, let me know so I could get off the phone, I’m not in the mood for games right now.” “Games?” the caller repeated, “this is no game, it is very real” “What do you want?” Lara asked “and how did you get my number?”, “that’s not important” the caller responded “I didn’t call to introduce myself, I only called to let you know, I saw everything” “What do you mean?” Lara stammered, “don’t play dumb with me, remember I’m omnipresent? I’m everywhere” the caller said with an evil laugh. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Lola stammered, “I don’t expect you to know” the caller replied, “in due time you will understand” the caller said hanging up the call without waiting for a response…


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