By: Mister Allen

Episode 33
“Sleeping with Mr Balogun’s wife?” the DPO exclaimed in shock, “what kind of crazy people are we dealing with?” he said looking back and forth at both his colleagues, “I thought I’d heard it all when the sister-in-law confessed to sleeping with her sister’s husband and now you’re telling me you’ve been sleeping with your own friend’s wife too?” he asked in disbelief turning to face Franklin, “how long has this been going on for?”“You’re getting it all wrong” Franklin replied, “it’s not as bad as it sounds”“What do you mean it’s not as bad as it sounds, how much worse can it get?” the DPO asked looking confused and visibly furious at the same time, “I can explain” Franklin replied, “what is there to explain?” one of the the inspectors shouted, “let him talk” the DPO interrupted signaling to the inspector to be silent. “Start talking, we’re listening” he said to Franklin, “thank you sir” Franklin responded, “it all started many years ago, back when we were in university, I met Lara when she was a fresher at the university, even before I met Jeff, we were in the same faculty although I was 2 years above her; she was new around the campus and didn’t know her way around, so I helped her out on that first day and we became acquaintances, exchanging pleasantries whenever we saw each other; for some funny reason, every time I saw her, I couldn’t get her off my mind, I kept thinking about her every time.

I couldn’t shut my eyes without seeing her pretty face staring back at me, I kept thinking about what it would be like to kiss her rose pink lips or gently fondle her full hips. Something about her kept me wanting to be around her always, I don’t know if it was her timidity or her seeming innocence,I didn’t know if it was love, lust or infatuation, all I knew was that I had to make her mine.”“Mr man, this sermon of yours is getting too long, please go straight to the point” the inspector interrupted, “abi you don forget say na pesin wife you dey discuss so?” he asked sarcastically, “abi you think say na Mona Lisa painting you dey describe?”“Inspector Kole, you really need to get a grip on yourself, or else I might have to ask you to leave” the DPO warned,“Mr Franklin please make it snappy, we don’t have all day” he said looking down at his wristwatch, “I’ll try my best” Franklin promised, “Like I said earlier, Lara was timid and naïve, she seemed to be putting me in the friend zone after a while and I didn’t like the sound of that, so I made my intentions known to her immediately; I asked her to date me even though I knew being blunt about my feelings could scare her away; it was a risk I was willing to take.” Franklin explained,“Just as expected, she was surprised, she actually began avoiding me for days until I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to put an end to the hide and seek games.

I went to her apartment and waited there at the entrance for her to return from lectures so I could redeem myself.” He continued to explain, “she was going to walk away when she noticed me sitting at the corner when she arrived but I immediately ran after her holding her hands tight so she wouldn’t get the chance to run away , “please talk to me” I begged her, “why have you been avoiding me? Did I do anything wrong by falling for you?” I asked but she remained silent and didn’t say a word, “If I did I’m truly sorry” Isaid getting down on both knees, “I was just expressing my feelings, I didn’t mean to upset you”, I had prepared for a slap or maybe a punch but surprisingly, she pulled me up to my feet and gave me a kiss on the lips; I was confused, I didn’t understand what was going on, one minute she was avoiding me and the next she was kissing me, it didn’t make any sense to me at all.“I’m a bit confused” I found myself saying,“you don’t have to be” she replied, “I’ve been fighting my feelings for you for a while, suppressing it was easy until you confessed your feelings for me, I only started avoiding you because I was afraid of getting hurt” she responded, “how do you mean?” I asked her, “the last man I dated before now really hurt me” she replied, “I gave him my everything but he left me without an explanation, so I promised myself never to fall in love again” she said, “but I’m not like those guys Lara” I quickly assured her, “I’ll neverhurt you like that, I promise.”, “I know you’re not” she said to me, “and that’s whyI’m letting my feelings show, I’m tired of running away from the truth.” she replied pulling me up, one thing led to another and we were making love in her room. “I never even saw it coming, I had gotten more than I bargained for.


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