(Cr@zily in love ?)
Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ???
SEASON 2 Episode 1


“I swear she f**king kissed me dude.” I said to Tom happily.

“All the best for you, all I know is I just don’t like her for you.” He replied punching his keyboard.

“Don’t be like that Tom, she is the best.” I said happily.

“A married woman? The best? What even makes you think she isn’t deceiving you.” He said looking at me.

“Deceive me? What does she stand to gain?” I asked.

“Oh really, you haven’t thought about that yet.” He replied shaking his head.

“Tom because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you should say trash about her.
Sarah is not and never who you assume she is.” I said walking to the bar.
“Fine, If you insist. So what do you plan on doing next?” He asked.

“Ask her hand in marriage.” I replied almost immediately.

“What!! Hand in marriage? Of someone who is already married? Are you even thinking at all?” He exclaimed.

“Of course I am thinking and that was the decision I came up with.” I replied walking back to the couch with some alcohol in my cup.

“Did she tell you she isn’t interested in her marriage? Did she say she loves you?” He asked again.

“No. I noticed when I brought up Harry’s issue, she didn’t want to talk about it.” I said boastfully.

“So because of that, you feel she will divorce him and get married to you? Kuc wake up! Dude!” He yelled while I just sipped my drink.

“Tom that’s enough. I know exactly what I am doing.” I said sighing.
“Okay, you are insane.” He said shaking his head.

“Insane for love.” I replied smiling while he just stared at me in disgust.
“I will remind you this day.” He said making me scoff.

She opened up for me and slide her tongue into my mouth perfectly, I moved my hand to underneath her hair tasting more of her.

God this is just too wonderful.

I felt her move her hand to my face holding it to her. Mr Bruce kept taking pictures and the shutter sound kept disturbing but I ignored it all.

Sarah’s mouth tasted like heaven. I felt peace and happiness as I kissed her.
Our tongues touched and I felt her shiver under my touch.

“That is enough couples.” Mr Bruce said as the shuttering sounds stopped.

I withdrew from the kiss slowly opening my eyes to look at Sarah. Her eyes were closed for some minutes before she opened it.

I couldn’t take my gaze off her face. She looked more beautiful as stared at her.

“Okay Guys. I guess another sex is going to happen now. I will be on my way.” He said walking out of the house.

I noticed Sarah’s eyes water and I knew tears would drop soon.

“I am not doing this anymore. I am leaving.” She said standing up and walking to the room.

“Sarah.” I called following her to the room.

“You can’t talk me out of this Harry.” She said removing her clothes from her closet.

“Why are you doing this Sarah?” I asked.

“You want to know?” She asked in tears turning to face me.

“Yes tell me.” I replied.

“Because you play with my feelings, you just told me you loved me now when it is very obvious there is another b**ch out there to f**k or draw.”

“You kssed me so sweetly and made me feel like you actually loved me, but all is fake! All is fake!” She yelled as tears rushed down her eyes profusely.

“Sarah don’t talk like this, how sure are you that all you are saying is true?” I asked blocking her way.

“How sure am I? Okay. Did you just kss me out of love? Or it was just a show off.” She asked staring into my face.

“Sarah.” I called trying to hold her but she moved away.

“Tell me!” She yelled.

“I love you Sarah, I really do love you. I am just getting to understand this is love. I was confused, proud, not understanding, the bad guy. I know all that.”

“And I am saying i am sorry.” I said staring at her.

She stared at me weakly as tears kept flowing down her cheeks.

“You should have told me this before! I already gave hope to someone I don’t love at all.” She said hitting my chest weakly.

“Sarah we will fix this.” I said holding her hand and staring at her.

“I love you Harry, only you. I tried deceiving myself but I couldn’t take it anymore.” She said in tears.

“I am sorry Sarah.” I said brushing her hair with my hand.

“Kss me again Harry, just like you did earlier I need it.” She said staring at my lips.

I moved my hand to wrap her waist while she wrapped her hands around my neck. I reached for her mouth and placed my on it kssing her slowly.

She opened up almost immediately letting me gain more access to her mouth. I kssed her with love and care and all emotions in me.

I then disengaged placing my forehead on hers.

“Don’t ever think of leaving.” I said kssing her forehead.

“I won’t.” She replied.

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