HIS DAUGHTER: Episode 1 – The End

??His Daughter??

{The Young Ceo?}

Written by Jenny


She’s fierce
she’s rude
she’s strong
she’s hot headed
she’s young
she brilliant
she’s just ten

Yes you heard me right she’s just ten years old and running her father’s multibillion company all by herself.

Extract from the story

“Where are those bunch of lazy assistant, those nitwit my father hired “Kulture yelled loudly with her tiny voice

“oh sorry miss”a lady of about 25 years said to her walking into Kulture’s office

“why is there so much make up plastered on your face and why is your dress so tight

“are you here to s*educe my father or what” Kulture yelled again

“am sorry miss”the lady apologized sadly

“sorry for yourself, now get me the files from our last transaction asap” Kulture ordered and sat comfortably on her office chair

My name is Kulture Styles, the only daughter of Dave styles, the city’s multi billionaire

I’m just ten years old but my brain is way higher than that

I run my father company alone and perfectly,ever since the death of my mother it’s just been my dad and I ,no third party

Trust me am going to make sure it stays that way “NO THIRD PARTY”

Author Jenny ?


??His Daughter??

{The Young Ceo?}

Written by Jenny??

Chapter 1

?Benita Pov?

I jumped out of the bed and checked the time,,I was almost late for my new job.

I rushed into the bathroom did my business and came out

I brushed my hair down and wore a simple gown that passed my knee

I sprayed my perfume and starred at the mirror feeling satisfied

I slide into my heels and carried all the necessary documents I needed

You don’t need to ask about makeup because am not a fan

I raised my half broken door and slammed it shut

I hailed a cab and drove to D.K Enterprise

I rushed into the building and ran to the elevator ,I pressed the button rapidly and entered

I was so nervous that my sweaty palm were turning my files into a different colour

there were beads of sweat gathered arround my forehead and I used my palm to wipe them off

I reached the15th floor and stepped out when I heard something cracked under my feet

“H0ly Moly”

“please not today”

I looked down and saw my heels just broke

ohh noo,,I felt like crying that moment,,i have been using this heels for more than five years and of all days it has to break, it’s today

I pulled the other leg turning the shoe into flats,,not like I have another option

I knocked on the door before I heard someone asking me to come in

“Good….day”I shuttered because I wasn’t seeing anyone

the twirl chair turned around and I saw a little girl of about 11 or so starring at me with a serious face

“your soo cute”I muttered smiling

“snap out of it lady”the girl replied strictly

“woah,,,errrm am here to see your father for the job offer” I said

“I’m the boss here, now hand me your files”she said while I starred at her in awe before handing her the files

“omg did you empty the whole perfume on your body”she said arrogantly

“what”I replied still in shock

“omg and your perfume smells cheap it makes me wanna puke”she added making a irritating face

“you don’t even look qualified for the job”she said

“please I need it” I replied

she gave me a deadly look from head to toe before starring back at my files

“I’m only hiring you because you did not dress like all those girls coming here to se*duce my father even though your dress looks so cheap”

at this moment my mouth was agape

she tapped the landline and a voice answered

“miss” a lady of about my age said as she walked inside

“this is my new assistant Benita, fill her in on the necessary and her office”

“yes miss”the lady replied

“one more thing miss Benita if you don’t impress me am firing you in a heartbeat just like the last one ”

“you may leave”

I followed the lady and walked out of the office

“You can now close your mouth Benita “the lady said

“I’m Clara”she said smiling

“who is she”I asked

“she’s the boss daughter and the one managing this whole company by herself”Clara replied

“wow” I replied surprised

“yes and trust me she’s in a good mood today “Clara said

“so she acts this way to everyone “I asked and Clara nodded

“and if you like yourself never go near her Father”the Clara added

Before I go further let me tell you about myself

My name is Benita Williams, my parents died in an accident two years ago and ever since then it’s been me and my baby brother

He’s just twelve

I have been from one job to another just to make sure I provide for my brother and I

we live in a single apartment with a broken door and leaking roof

yeah your right we are really broke and today I went for an job in D.K enterprise

where I met the shock of my life a small girl of my brother’s age running a company with so much pride and aura

And she gave me a warning “DON’T GO NEAR MY FATHER”.

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