(Cr@zily in love ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??

SEASON 2 Episode 31

We headed home in the car, Harry looked so sad, but inside of me I couldn’t measure my joy.

I smiled looking at him and he turned to look at him in disgust.

“Harry you can’t keep hating me. I am now the mother of your child.” I said touching his thighs but he tossed my hands off.

“I don’t care about what you carry. I will never love you, Sarah is the only one my heart beats for.” He said boldly.

“So what about me? Harry this is our baby.” I smacked

“F**k you and the baby. It isn’t my wish, you forced the baby to this world but acting so wicked and desperate.”

“I can never imagine having a child from you. She will be as evil as you are and I don’t want more ev!l people around.” He said and tears heat my eyes.

“Harry.” I called.

“Shut the f**k up! You won’t say a word till we get home and we sort this out.” He said and I swallowed hard.



We got home without uttering a word to each other, he parked the car and jumped down walking inside the house in anger.

I sighed and walked out of the car heading to the house too. Though I felt happy I am finally gaining ground, I hated the fact that he sees me as ev!l.

Even though it is true I am evil. He doesn’t have the right to tell it to my face all because I love him.

I got in and I saw Sarah in his arms looking so sad. I summoned courage and kept a smiling face walking to them.

“Elizabeth.” Piper called running to me.

“Hey kiddo.” I said hugging her and then I saw a boy came behind her.

“He is Bryan.” Piper said when she saw I was looking at him.

“Hey Bryan.” I said smiling
“Hi.” He replied grinning.

“You look so handsome.” I said pulling his cheeks making him giggle. Then I saw Piper pull him to herself smiling.

“Are you still leaving?” Piper asked making me look at Harry and Sarah who were staring at us.

“No Piper I am not. I will be staying here forever, because I am carrying Harry’s baby.” I said happily.

“Wow this is great!” Piper said hugging me again.

“Yes Piper.” I said nodding and looking at Sarah who looked so so pissed.

I actually loved the way she was in pain. I told her to back off but she wouldn’t listen.

“Let’s go to your room.” Piper said and Bryan nodded in agreement.

“Okay.” I said standing up and walking to the room with them holding my hands.

I looked back and smiled wickedly at Sarah before I was out of sight.

This is destiny. Even the children loves me than they love her.

She is a w!tch.


I felt so sad as Henry and I walked to the room.

“Sarah I am so sorry.” He said going on his kneels in front of me.

“No, it’s fine.” I said smiling helping him get up.

“I caused it.” He said in regret.

“You didn’t Harry, she planned it, it was a set up. Its not your fault.” I said kssing his l!ps.

“I have given Max the information.” He said as we both walked to the bed.

“Are you report it to the police now?” She asked but I shock my head.

“Not yet, I need more crime against her. If I can lay my hands on that sedative then that should do something too, from Max’s side.” He said and I nodded.

“I am just wondering what does children are up to.” He said sitting on the bed.
“They told me today.” I said smiling.

“What?” He asked eagerly.

“They want to get close to her, gather more information to implicate her and then finally help her terminate her own baby.” I said making him furrow his brows.

“How will they do that? She would never take in anything they give her.” He said.

“You can’t question Piper’s plan. She is the best, who knows she may dance to their tune.” I said and he nodded.

“That is true,Piper is so so smart. Same as Bryan.” He said making me smile.

“You know if not for them, We won’t be together today.” I said making me smile.

“That is true. They are God sent to us.” He said and I was about talking when I felt another huge urge to puke.

I held my mouth and ran to the toilet to let it all out.

“Sarah you are scaring me, what is wrong with you?” He asked looking so scared.
“I am fine Harry.” I replied trying to smile.

“You are not. We are going to the doctor tomorrow.” He said but I shook my head.
“No need Harry, I am totally okay.” I said smiling.

“Sarah do you love me at all?” He asked.

“Harry come on, you know I do. I love you so much.” I said holding his face in my hand.

“Then listen to me, we are going to the doctor tomorrow.” He said making me smile.

“You know how to get me, this shouldn’t have gone so far.” I said giggling.

“You can be so stubborn, i had to use that.” He said sweeping me off my feet.
“Put me down!” I yelled laughing hard.

“I am not, you are weak already. I can’t let you walk.” He said kssing my face all over.

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