MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episode 21 – 30

?Married To
Mr Popular?

(Rude and grumpy)

Episode 22

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
I sat in the principal’s office and helplessly watched as she wrote in her book and made and received numerous calls.

I was so bored; but what do I do? I had no option.

I had been instructed to come straight to the principal’s office once the school was dismissed. So, here I was. It was all in preparation for the forth coming competition.

Where the heck was Kyle?
I guess he was the one delaying us.

Shortly, the door opened and I turned to see him coming in.

Oops. At last.

“Good day ma’am” he said to the principal as he took his seat which was close to mine.

“Sorry I’m late” he added.

Our eyes ran into each other’s and I waved at him while he did same.

“So,” the principal Finally said as she halted what she was doing and looked at us.

“I’m glad you both could make it. Like you know already, the competition is tomorrow. And Bethel, we’re sorry you had to be selected at the dying minute. We just had no idea that Samantha’s condition would get that critical. I hope you can bear with us?” She asked, joining her two plams together.

Her voice was always so strict.

“Yes ma’am” I replied and she nods.

“Okay then. I’ll leave you two to the rest of it. All you have to do is study. The competition will be held by 10 am and as soon as it’s time, we’re all gonna leave together. Are there any questions?” She concluded and adjusted her glasses.

I looked at Kyle who also stared back at me.

“No” I replied but kyle didn’t say a word.

“Okay then. You’re free to go” she said and I stood up with my bag.
Thank goodness.

Kyle stood up as well and we walked out of the office together.

“Hey” he called as soon as we were outside and I stopped to look at him.

“So…I was thinking it’d be best if we just stayed behind and studied for a short time” he said genially and I muttered an oh and checked the time.

“I’m…so sorry, but I can’t make it. I have something pretty important to do at home” I replied, remembering Ryan’s mom had said something about marriage classes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just study alone when I’m done” I added.

“Okay. Then be sure to come early tomorrow so we could practice together before it’s time for the competition” he stated.

“Of course; sure. I will”.

“Alright then. Bye”

“Bye” I replied and walked away.

That was so…I don’t know.

I still couldn’t believe Kyle was speaking so freely with me.

Nicole had already gone home. But luckily, my driver was already waiting for me when I got outside.

I entered into the van and we drove home immediately.

I returned home only to find Ryan and his mum having a serious argument in the sitting room.

Okay; what was going on?

Well, it wasn’t really an argument because his mum was the one doing most of the talking.

“And I’ve told you, Ryan. You’re going to the marriage classes and that’s final!” She snapped.

Was it about the marriage class?

Hold on; don’t tell me he still doesn’t want to attend.

She stopped talking the moment she saw me.

“Bethel” she called with a sigh.

“Um good evening ma’am” I greeted, taking a look at Ryan.

He looked peeved and inserted his hands into his trouser pockets as he stared away.

“Good evening Bethel. And welcome. I’ve been waiting for you. Hurry up and wear something nice. We’re running late already for the marriage classes” she said hastily and I hesistated a little.

I thought Ryan wasn’t gonna attend?

“Come on Bethel” she said again and I took the stairs.

I went into the bedroom and sat on the bed for a short time. I felt a heavy burden on my shoulders.

I couldn’t believe someone was being forced to attend marriage classes with me.

I stood and found something nice to wear since Ryan’s mum said we were already running late for the party.

After dressing up, I returned to the sitting room and met her sitting all alone.

“Bethel!” She sprang on her feet and called immediately she saw me.

“You’re done. Come on now” she said and started walking out of the house and I followed behind.

But where was Ryan? Or would I be the only one attending the marriage classes?

I followed Mrs Winthrop and got to the parking lot and surprisingly, there I found Ryan sitting in a black jeep, operating his phone.


“Come on Bethel; go in. I’ve spoken to the manager already and they’re all expecting you. The driver knows where to take you. Bye” Mrs Winthrop explained and prodded me to go into the jeep.

So…I’ll be going alone with Ryan?

“Bye” I gave her a perfunctory reply and went in, sitting next to Ryan who didn’t even turn to look at me.

Oh geez! Sitting next to Mr Popular.

The door was closed and the driver took off immediately. I noticed one extra car followed us behind.

I folded my hands and thought about the grumpy guy seated next to me.
I wonder why he isn’t saying anything.

Well, what does he have to say?

But I hope he’s aware I’m not the reason he was forced on this trip.
So, he should stop being grumpy.

He kept his legs crossed and continued playing with his phone. I tried to have a peep into it, but couldn’t.

Then, I just sighed and stared out the window instead.

After a long ride, we finally got to our destination as the driver pulled over in front of a tall dazzling building.

Guards came out from the second car and ran to ours, opening the door for us.

Ryan and I stepped out from our own side of the door and I gazed around when I was standing on the german – floored ground.

The building was beautiful indeed.

Immediately, two women who were standing at the facade of the building walked up to us, both beaming with smiles.

“Good evening sir Ryan.
“Good evening ma’am Bethel” they greeted simultaneously and I wondered if they were actually referring to me as *ma’am*.

“Good evening” I replied, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“We’re so happy to have you here. Your mother has…”

“Go straight to the point. Where’s the class taking place?” Ryan cut her off, sounding so rude.

The women were a bit stunned, but tried to dissemble it.

“Um..please come with us” they said and took the lead, walking into the building while Ryan and I followed behind.

I turned and shot him a stare as we walked in.

He was so annoying.

We entered into the building and the first floor was more like a supermarket.

There were lots of goods and people in it, shopping.


We got into the elevator and it took us straight to the third floor.

We Came out of it and followed the women to the reception.

The third floor was classic.

We got to the reception where we were asked to fill in our names and just then, Ryan’s phone started ringing and he walked away to receive it.

Yeah perfect.

I filled in my name and details and awaited Ryan to return and do his.

I leaned on the counter as I waited and looked around.

What a nice place.
I wonder where the classes were taking place and what it would look like.

Suddenly, I saw someone familiar.



He was coming with a closed carton and my eyes beamed at the sight of him.

What’s he doing here?

“Jackson?” I called and ran to meet him.

He stopped when he saw me and looked surprised.

“Bethel?” He reciprocated and chuckled.

“Hi” he added.

“What are you doing here?” I asked and took a look at the cartoon he was holding.

“I um…” He paused and looked at the caton as well.

“I just came to…”

“Jackson?” Someone else called and I turned to see Ryan standing and staring at him, abacked.

Jackson also turned and his jaws dropped the moment he saw it was Ryan.

Ryan scoffed.

“You?” He called with a crumpled look.

What’s going on?

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