MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episode 21 – 30

?Married To
Mr Popular?

(Rude and grumpy)

Episode 26

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
I stood, gobsmacked and stared at him as he walked in with his guards and the school teachers hovering all around him.

The students were still screaming and taking pictures of him and if not for the presence of the armed guards around him, they’d have succeeded in jumping on him.

“Its Ryan” Blair said lowly, placing her hand on her chest.

“For real” Alma added with a gasp.

“He really did come for her after all” one of the students around also said.

I listened to them and at that moment, I smiled.

He finally got to where I was and one of the students beside me passed out.


I turned to look at her on the floor as two teachers attended to it.

And by the time I turned back to look at Ryan again, he was already standing very close to me.

Oh, my!

His sparkling eyes stared into mine, almost leaving me speechless.

“Ryan!” I heard Blair squeak, but she couldn’t touch him.

He didn’t even mind the ovation he was pulling, but just concentrated in staring at my face.

“You…You came” I finally found my words.

“Bethel Winthrop” I heard my name from the stage and turned to see the principal standing there with Kyle and some other teachers beside her.

“Please, come forward immediately. We’re about to commence the program” she spoke into the mic and I turned to look at Ryan again.

He didn’t say anything and gulping really hard, I ran off to the stage.

The students cheered happily as I did and I wondered if they were actually cheering for me or for Ryan who was being ushered to a special seat at the front row.

I took in a deep breath as I stood beside the principal who was standing in between Kyle and I.

Oh my God!
I can’t believe Ryan came for me.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen; fervent teachers and our adorable students” she started without faltering.

“First, I want to appreciate you all for taking out time to honor this glorious day of ours. Thank you for making us feel special. I want you to know we’re really grateful.

“And most importantly, before we proceed, I’d want us all to recognize the presence of our World Famous superstar – the country’s pride.

“Please, make welcome to Ryan Winthrop” she said and it litted the hall on fire as what seemed like an unlimited ovation began.

“Ryan!!!” All the students screamed and clapped.
The teachers were also smiling and clapping.

I looked around and couldn’t believe that was actually my husband – pulling such crowd.

He – come to think of it – we were married.

“I love you Ryan!” The ovation continued even after the principal signalled them to keep calm.

It took her a lot of time Before she was finally able to put out the noise.

Ryan didn’t even make a move or act like he was the one being referred to.
He just kept touching the lower part of his lips with his thumb and index finger.

“So,” the principal continued.

“Once again, welcome to our institute – Mr Ryan. It’s really an honor”
She paused and let out a small smile.

“And now,” she continued.
“Without dallying any longer, we’ll be going straight to the order of the program.

“As you all know, we’ve emerged victorious in the recent Inter School Mathematical competition and of course, it is a thing of joy because, it has just increased our standard in the state.

“And for that, we’ve deemed it fit to award our lovely students who represented us in this great task”.

She paused and looked at one of the teachers beside her and he went to her, holding a decorated box.

The principal opened the box and brought out a pretty medal.

“Kyle Donovan, please step forward” she called and Kyle got to where she was.

“Is there anyone to take photos with you?” She asked and his mum rushed out of the crowd.

“I’m right here!” she said happily as she climbed the stage.

The principal nodded and wore the medal on him and giving him a handshake with his mom standing beside him, they took a shot while the students cheered and applauded.

“Congratulations” she told him and also gave his a mum a Handshake and they got off the stage afterwards.
I noticed he kind of looked broody.

The principal dipped her hand into the box again and brought out another pretty medal.

“Bethel Winthrop, please step forward” she called and I took in a deep breath and walked to where she was.

Hold on; they just addressed me as a Winthrop. That was when I actually realized.

“Is there anyone to take pictures with you?” She asked and I bit my lips.

Oh God!

The only person I had here was Ryan. But will he…

I saw the principal’s eyes beam and I turned to see Ryan on his feet.


He ambled to the stage and stood beside me and as he did, the students couldn’t stop screaming.

I swear, this was the biggest shocker of the year.

He stood very close to me and tried wrapping his hands around my shoulders. But just as I he changed his mind, he took them to my waist instead.

Oh, goodness!

Ryan’s holding my…waist!

I felt my systems shiver and I turned to shoot him a stare in the face. But he wasn’t looking at me.

The principal wore the medal on me and giving me a handshake, we took a shot.

“Congratulations Bethel” she smiled.

“Thank you ma’am”.

The students were still clapping and cheering – unlimited.

I turned and faced Ryan and immediately, I heard his phone beep.

He left the stage immediately and signalled his guards and they started following him out of the hall.

Oh, my!
He was leaving.

I slowly got off the stage and Nicole was the first to run up to me and embraced me.

“Oh! Girlfriend, you were amazing” she said ecstatically while holding me.

“Thanks” I smiled back at her.

As expected, all eyes were on me.

I suddenly thought of Ryan.

Immediately, I left Nicole and hurried out of the hall.

I jostled my way through the students and finally got outside, but unfortunately, I arrived a bit late as Ryan was already driving out in his black limo.


I stood and watched as they drove out the gate and a smile hovered on my lips.

And I wasn’t just the only one staring. Other female students ran out as well and watched him leave.

“Is he gone?” I heard Nicole ask and turned to see her standing beside me.

“Yeah” I sighed.

“Oh, my! Bethel, you’re so lucky. How did you get Ryan to come to school? Didn’t you say…”

“I don’t know, Nicole. He told me he wasn’t coming” I replied, still staring at the blank gate.

“Hmm well, I guess he isn’t such a fun killer after all. And I also guess you have a lot to thank him for because he just saved your a$s” she said and smiled.

Then we turned around to go into the hall and surprisingly, we found the ABC girls standing in front of us, looking like ghosts.

I smirked and folded my hands.

“Hmm. And the cats are here” I taunted.
“What were you saying a while ago? Hope you had enough time to drool on my husband? Too bad, I’m the only one who gets to touch him. You know, if I were you, I’d dig up a pit and bury myself”.

Nicole beside me had to chuckle – together with few students around.

The ABC girls remained speechless.
“Hm. Since you’ve lost your tongues, I’ll just let you look for them” I added derogatorily and left With Nicole.

As I sat in the car heading home, I thought of Ryan. What will I say to him when I get home?
I guess I’m just gonna have to thank him then. I still couldn’t believe he honored my invitation.

I felt so happy and relaxed. I wondered what would have happened if he had failed to come. The ABC girls would have turned me into a laughing stock in school.


We finally got home and I came out of the van immediately.

I took in a deep breath and approached the house.

Surprisingly, when I got closer to the sitting room, I heard some starting noise.

What’s going on?

I quickly barged in and saw the house in a complete mess – in a chaos.

Ryan and Royce were fighting!

“That’s enough. Stop him!” Mr Winthrop said to Royce’s mum who was trying to hold him.

What the heck?

“Ryan, please. Stop it” Ryan’s mum cried, also trying to hold him.

My eyes were bulging out in shock.

There were broken glasses on floor and chairs and tables were turned over.

Royce already had a cut on his head and was bleeding.

“You’re nothing but a worthless brother!” He said raucously, trying to free himself from his mother’s grasp.

“And you’re not even my brother!” Ryan retorted and tried getting at him again, but his mom stopped him.

He looked so angry and violent. And obviously, he was the cut on Royce’s head. Blood was gushing out from it.

Oh my! Was this how he gets when he’s angry?

Royce’s mum and sister were able to get him away from the sitting room and immediately Ryan fred himself from his mum, he headed for the door.

There was so much rancour in his eyes as he got to where I was and without even looking at me, he stormed out of the house.

I walked into the bedroom and sat quietly on the bed.
The fight between Ryan and Royce really struck me to the guts and left me speechless.
What could’ve been the cause anyway?

That Royce is so annoying.
I overheard the maids saying Ryan wouldn’t be coming home tonight.

It was stated that each time he got that angry, he leaves the house for days and stays in one of his mansions. But hopefully, he might return the following day.

I sighed and laid flat on the bed.


That was a terrible state. I never knew the Ryan who talked and acted so calmly could be that vi0lent. No wonder Hannah had advised me not to get on his bad side.

I spent a long time alone in the room, thinking about the whole thing.
We were supposed to go for marriage classes today, but with the look of things, I don’t think it’s gonna be possible.

What a good way of spoiling my plans. I had really wanted to thank him.

I continued staring at the ceiling and didn’t realize when I dozed off.

I clumped down the stairs, fully dressed for school.
I got to the dining and met the Winthrop family already having breakfast – except for Ryan of course. And Royce wasn’t there either.

“Bethel” Ryan’s mum called as usual when she saw me.

“Good morning ma’am.
Good morning sir” I greeted she and her husband before taking a seat.

“Good morning dear” Mr Winthrop replied, taking a plantain into his mouth.

“How was your night, Bethel?” Ryan’s mum asked.

“It was fine. Thanks”.

The maids served me my meal and I started eating.

“By the way, Bethel” Ryan’s mum said again.
“I really want to apologize for what happened yesterday. I understand you had to be lonely. That’s what happens when you’re living with animals rather than humans. But not to worry, my son will be back before evening. I’ll make sure of that”.

“And who exactly are the animals?” The third wife – Royce’s mum asked.

“I’m sure they can identify themselves. I don’t need to point them out” she replied and sipped from her glass of wine.

No wonder Ryan is so rude. He completely takes after his mum.

“That’s enough” Mr Winthrop interfered before it’d turn into something else.

“I don’t want a single more word to be said on this table. Have I made myself clear?” He said and Ryan’s mum rolled her eyes while the third wife didn’t say anything.


After eating, I took my bag and left the dining, walking out the door.

Approaching my phone started ringing and I checked and discovered it was mum.



I scoffed and picked the call as I entered into the van.

“Mum?” I called on the phone.
I felt surprised she was calling me.

“Hi Bethel”,she said breezily.

“Um…good morning”.I greeted.
I was kind of surprised she was calling me.

“How are you doing?” She asked.

“Um…I’m fine – of course”.

“Okay. You’re on your way to school, Right?”


“Okay good. When you’re done from school, I want you to come over to the house immediately”.

I pulled a confused face.
My driver was already driving.

“Why?” I asked.

“What do you mean why? I want to see you”.

I paused and tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Okay. I’ll…I’ll be there” I replied, still feeling dazed.

“Good. Bye”, she said and ended the call.

I huffed and shook my head. Why does mum want to see me? What is she upto this time around?

School had been kinda boring as all we did was receive lectures.
The ABC girls didn’t even show up and it was more of a relief since I didn’t have to tackle them.

“So, Ryan didn’t come home last night?” Nicole asked as she accompanied me to where my driver was.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Aw. That’s so bad. That family’s really one of a kind. Don’t you think it’d be best if Ryan just takes you to one of his mansions so you two can live alone?” She asked and I gawped at her.

“What? Are you crazy, Nic? Of course that’s not happening. How can I live alone with Ryan?” I asked with a crumpled face.

“And what are you talking about? Besides, you’re married.” She replied and I just shrugged it off.

We finally got to where my driver was and surprisingly – like really surprisingly – I found mum there.


“Isn’t that your mum?”, Nicole asked, surprised.

What’s she doing here?

“Mum?” I called, abacked.

“Yes, dear. I came to surprise you. I wanna give you a ride home” she said with a smile.

“But…you asked me to come over to the house, right?” I asked.

“Yeah – I changed my mind. Come on” she replied and went for her car.

She was putting on a white trouser suit – looking so…

“Hm. Good luck with your mum,B. Bye” Nicole said and left and after a little hesitance, I joined mum in the car.

“So, how’s the Winthrop family?” She asked as we set out on the road.

“They’re amazingly great” I scoffed and replied, recalling everything that’s happened.

“And how’s Ryan?” She asked and I lowered my gaze to my legs.

“He’s fine” I muttered a reply.

“You’ve started marriage classes with him, right?”,


She didn’t say any other thing for a while.

“Bethel” she finally called after a long silence.

“There’s something I need to ask.” She said and paused.

“You and Ryan…have you guys been intimate?” She asked but I didn’t get a zilch of what she meant.

“Intimate?” I repeated, confused.

“Have you had s3x?” She spelt it out and I released a light gasp.

What the hell?

“What? No! Of course, not” I replied and immediately, she stopped the car.


“What do you mean no?” She snapped.
“Are you trying to say since you got married to Ryan, nothing has happened between you two?”

Okay; what is this woman driving out?

“Well…he hasn’t made a move yet…”

“Then you make one” she cut me off and I flinched in shock.

“Listen to me, Bethel; this is the more important part of the deal. You and Ryan needs to be intimate” she said.

What deal is she talking about?

“But mum…”

“There’s no way Ryan can reject s3x. Who knows if you’re actually the one giving him a hard time?” She cut me off again and I scoffed.

“Of course, I’m not. We…” I paused and sighed, running out of words.

The whole thing sounded absurd.

“Listen to me, Bethel” she said sternly.
“No matter what, I want it done tonight”.


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