MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episode 21 – 30

?Married To
Mr Popular?

(Rude and grumpy)

Episode 23

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
“You?” Ryan called with a scoff.

Okay; what’s going on?
Does Ryan and Jackson know each other?

I looked at both of them as they stared at themselves with detest.

“Surprised seeing me?” Jackson asked.

“Sir Ryan” one of the women we’ve been following walked upto us and called.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but you need to come fill in your name. The class has started already and you’re not supposed to be late” the woman said, trying not to sound offensive.

Ryan gave Jackson a hard glare and walked away with the woman.

“Jackson?” I called immediately he left.
“You…where do you know Ryan from?”

He didn’t look at me but just kept his gaze on Ryan who had gone to the reception to fill in his details.

“Jackson” I called again.

“I’m sorry Bethel; I need to go. We’ll talk later” he said and left immediately, not giving me a chance to say any other thing.

I scoffed and stared at him as he walked away.
What the hell’s going on? Where does Jackson know Ryan from?

But during my time with him, he never told me about it. No wonder he acted cranky when I had brought up Ryan’s concert the other time.

I continued staring at him until he took a corner and couldn’t be seen anymore.

Then I turned back to look at Ryan and discovered he was already done with his details.

The woman with him prodded me to come closer and I did and she finally took us to class.

Hm. At last.

I paused at the entrance and took a look into the so called *class*.
It didn’t look like a normal classroom like I was expecting. It was somewhat like an office, just that, it was big and had so many seats arranged in it.

A lot of people were already seated there – young good looking boys and girls and I guess they were couples as well. Of course.

I walked in with Ryan and the woman and we were asked to take a seat.

“Its Ryan!” I heard someone gasp from the front seat and I rolled my eyes.
If they like, they should forget they’re all engaged

Ryan and I took a seat next to each other at the back and he huffed as he sat. I just shook my head and folded my hands.

The woman we had come in with walked up to the counselor in front of the class and spoke silently to her.

Afterwards, she left.

“Um…class,” the counselor called with a smile.

“I’m honored to introduce some very important personnel in our midst today. Please, let’s give a warm welcome to Mr Ryan and his wife – ma’am Bethel” she said and that was the opportunity everybody used in taking a proper look at us.

They all turned and stared at us while clapping their hands.

I managed a smile, but Ryan – he didn’t even flinch or act like his name was being called.

“We’re so honored to have you here in our midst and I hope you enjoy your time here with us. I’m miss Katherine and will be the one handling most of the classes…”

“Did you just say *miss*?” Ryan suddenly asked, cutting her off.

Expectedly, all eyes turned on him.

“Uh…yes” she replied, probably wondering why he asked.

“So, you mean you’re not married? Yet, you wanna take us on marriage classes? How can you lecture us on building a strong home when you’ve never built one yourself?” Ryan taunted and few of the people in the class started mumbling.

What the heck?

“Um…” The lady started and chuckled – nervously.

“Actually sir, I don’t really need to have a home before teaching you how to have one. It’s part of my course.” She replied and Ryan didn’t say any other thing.

I turned and shot him a glare and even if he knew I was staring at me, he didn’t make any attempt to return the stare.

I finally rolled my eyes and tried to focus on the class.

What a jerk.

“So today,” she started.
“We’ll be discussing the elements of submission..”

After what seemed like forever, the class finally came to an end and Ryan was the first person to walk out.

I stood up and went ahead to meet the counsellor. I needed to apologize to her.

“Um…ma’am” I called her attention and she turned to look at me.

“Oh! Hi Bethel” she beamed, but I could tell she still felt bittered.

Ryan almost embarrassed her in front of an entire class.

“I…uh..want to apologize for what happened earlier. I mean – Ryan – I’m sorry for what he said to you” I said remorsefuly and she laughed.

“Oh please; it’s nothing. I understand.

“By the way, I must say I’m impressed you came to apologize on your husband’s behalf. It seems you’re catching up pretty fast.” She said and at that moment, it sounded ridiculous to me.

Husband indeed.

“Anyway, you don’t need to worry about a thing. I didn’t take it to heart” she added and I smiled and walked away.

Thank goodness.

I got to where the elevator was and landing on the first floor, I hurried out to look for Ryan. I just hope he hasn’t left without me yet.

Luckily, I found him waiting in the jeep and I went in immediately.

I sat beside him and the driver took off immediately with the extra car following us behind.

I thought of scolding him for his grumpy attitude earlier in class but decided to let it go.
Besides, I know it wouldn’t have any effect on him.

“How do you know Jackson?” He asked while going through his phone.

About that…I’ve also been curious.

“Um…He’s my…he’s my friend” I replied, deciding not to tell him he’s my ex.

“Just one piece of advice miss, stay away from him” he said coldly, not looking at him.

Hold on; did he just refer to me as miss?

And…why does he want me to stay away from Ryan?

“Do you know him before?” I asked but he connected his head phones and leaned his head on the car seat, probably listening to music from his phone.

What the…
How can he snub me like that?

I glared at him as he closed his eyes and remained silent.
Such a jerk; I thought angrily and looked away.

When we got home, we ate dinner – separately.

He ate alone in the room while I ate alone in the dining as well.
The rest of the family had already eaten before we arrived. So, that was how it turned out for me.

When I was done eating, I returned to the room so I could study for the competition the next day.

Bad news – I met Ryan watching TV in the room.

And guess what?
He was smoking!!!


I halted at the door and gawped at him, surprised.
What the hell?

First of all, the smoke.
And secondly, how can I study with the movie on?

He was sitting comfortably on the three seaters couch in the room – deriving pleasure from what he was doing.

I scoffed and went ahead to take my books from my bag and then, I sat on the bed.

I was thinking he’d turn off the movie seeing me with a book. But he acted like I was actually invisible.

“If you wouldn’t mind, mister, I’m tryna read here” I said, looking at him, but he still kept his eyes fixed on the tele and didn’t say a word.
It was some stupid Hollywood movie.

“Hey, I’m talking to you” I snapped and he sighed and emptied the ashes of his cigarette into a plate.

“I’m sure you can identify a library when you see one” he stated icily and I gasped.

What insolence!

I opened my mouth and tried talking back at him but couldn’t find anymore word to say.

Then I folded my hands and leaned on the edge of the bed.
I wish there was a way I could punch him in the face.

I opened my book and tried concentrating, but it seemed almost impossible as the noise and gun shots from the movie continued distracting me.

Gosh! It seems I’ll have to leave the room.

Suddenly, he stood up and I took in a deep breath.
Please tell me he’s leaving already.

He walked over to his wardrobe and took out his towel.
And guess what? He took the TV remote with him to the bathroom.

Hold on; like seriously?

I scoffed as I was left all alone in that noise.
This guy’s such a jerk.

I stood up with my books and was about leaving the room when a thought suddenly hit at me.


His park of cigarette was on the couch where he was lying and I smiled as I stared at it.

Without reluctance, I went over to it and took the complete pack and quickly hid it in my bag.


Then I returned to sitting on the bed and opened my books like I was so interested in them.

Now; let’s see what Mr grumpy is going to do.
It’s pay back time.

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