MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episode 21 – 30

?Married To
Mr Popular?

(Rude and grumpy)

Episode 29

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
I scoffed in disbelieve.
Hold on; did I just hear her correctly?
She wants me to…

“Do I have to repeat myself, Bethel?” She asked and I sprang on my feet.

“And what do you want to do?” I asked.
“I mean, do you really think I’m lying to you?”

“I never said you were, Bethel, I just wanna make sure”.

“Well, I’m sorry but I can’t let you do that. First, you forced me into getting married. Yet, after everything, you still doubt me? I’m sorry mum, but I can’t let you do that to me. I’m telling you the truth” I said indelicately and slowly, she stood up as well.

“So, you wanna play stubborn with me, huh?” She asked with a hard stare but I kept mute.

“Well,” she said calmly and dropped her glass of wine on the table.

“I don’t really have time to play around with kids. So, for your sake, I hope you’re telling the truth. Because if I find out you lied to me, Bethel, trust me, you wouldn’t like my reaction.

“Now, unless you’re infertile – which I’m sure you’re not” she paused and reached for her bag.

“I should be expecting to see results in a few weeks” she added with a smile.

“So, I’m off to work. See you later” she added and walked out the door.

I watched in bemusement as she shut the door behind her.

This woman is incredible. What does she mean by – expecting to see results in a few weeks? What results?

Hold on; don’t tell me she’s expecting me to get pregnant.


I sank myself on the couch and buried my face in my palm. This woman is just unbelievable. I can’t believe she.wants me to get pregnant at this age.

So, in a few weeks, she’d be expecting the pregnancy results?

Hm. How pathetic.

I checked the time and remembered I was running late for the marriage classes.

So immediately, I took my bag and left the house.

I arrived home in the mansion and surprisingly, Ryan was already waiting for me.

Well, it was surprising because the first time, he had to be forced like a baby.

“What took you so long?” He asked as I entered the sitting room.
His eyes were buried in his phone.

“Um..I had gone to see mum” I replied and paused.
Hold on; is he really asking me that?

Since when did he start caring?

He didn’t say any other thing and I hurried upstairs to the room so I could get changed.

In less than 15 minutes, I was done with everything and rushed back to the sitting room, but I couldn’t find him there anymore.


Then I hurried outside to the parking lot and there I found him comfortably sitting in one of his range rovers.
The door was kept open and I sighed and walked in.

The drive was kind of silent as he just kept operating his phone with keen interest.
As a result, I was forced to think and think.

I thought about mum – how was I going to face her? What if she monitors me closely and gets to know I lied to her?

And what if in a few weeks, I don’t get pregnant as she expects? What then will happen?

Geez! That woman is really unbelievable. I still find it hard to believe she wants me to get pregnant at this age.
What exactly are her plans? Why do I keep smelling something fishy about all this?

After a while, we got to the venue and alighted from the car.

With two guards behind us, Ryan and I started walking into the building and as we did, of course, all eyes were on us.
I even caught a lady taking pictures of us with her phone.

We got into the elevator and landed on the third floor and there we headed straight for our classroom.

I think we’re late because the classes seem to have already started.

Everyone in the class turned to look at us as we walk in and sat next to each other.

The counselor who was talking paused to look at us.

“Um…Ryan And Bethel, although you are a bit late, but welcome anyway” she said and I smiled with a nod while Ryan remained…well, you should know.

“So,” she continued.

“We were talking about the ingredients of a sweet relationship and for the sake of our special late comers, I’ll just brush through the three previous points I’ve mentioned.” She paused and looked into the opened book on her lap.

“First point – be submissive.

“Second point – be true to yourselves.

“Third point – show affection.

“And now, we’re on the fourth point which states – make yourselves feel unique”.

She paused and looked up at the class.

“Now, what do we mean by that? Making yourselves feel unique can be seen in different perspectives. But over here, I’ll be letting us see it in such a way that you make yourselves feel special. And we can look at instances such as – calling yourselves romantic names rather than your real names”.

I scoffed and almost laughed and Ryan noticed.

Romantic names indeed.

“Yes – it’s one of the spices of a relationship. You shouldn’t just go ahead calling each other by your names. You can make use of something like baby, sugar, sweetheart, love, and all that…”

“Ma’am” I suddenly cut in and raised my hand.
Oh, God! I didn’t even realize when I did that.

“Yes ma’am Bethel? Do you have something to say?” The counselor asked and I slowly stood up.

“Um…” I paused and looked at Ryan and he was giving me a cranky stare.

“Well, I just wanted to ask – what will you do when your spouse still calls you *miss*?” I asked with my hands folded and the counselor chuckled.

Then I returned to my seat.

“Well, ma’am Bethel” she said.
I didn’t even want to look at Ryan.

“I must say thats a really bad logic. I mean, such names shouldn’t be used between couples. But, not to worry; I’m sure in a short time, the couples will adjust” she concluded with a smile and nod.

Bethel; I hope I don’t get myself into trouble with Ryan. Well, it isn’t my fault.

“So, we’ll be moving to the next point and that includes respect…”

The class continued for a long while and after some hours,, its came an end.

Finally, I could hardly wait.

I was about standing up when a call came into Ryan’s phone and I had a peep and discovered it was lady K.



He stood up immediately and received the call as he walked ahead of me.
It seems he didn’t want me to listen to their conversation.


I followed behind till we got to the elevator and that was when he ended the call.

That lady k; why the hell is she calling my husband?

I rolled my eyes and folded my hands angrily as I stood beside him in the elevator. Sometimes, I’m forced to wonder if he’s still having extra marital affairs.

The elevator landed on the first floor and slided open and Ryan and I came out of it and headed straight for our ride.

“Did you really have to be so clumsy in there?’ Ryan asked as we sat next to each other in the car.

“Tsh. What did I do wrong? I was just asking a question” I replied with a pout.

“Well, next time, be sure not to involve me in your childish questions” he stated and I scoffed

“And what was childish about it? Besides, I don’t remember calling your name” I replied and he exhaled heavily and looked away.

I also huffed and looked away and the driver took off immediately.

I wonder who’s being childish.

After a long silent drive, we finally got home, but surprisingly, Ryan didn’t make any attempt to come out of the car.

“I have somewhere else to go” he said, probably realizing the puzzled look on my face.

Huh? Where could he possibly want to go to?

I stared at him, as if waiting for some more answers.
But he didn’t even look at me again and I sluggishly came out of the car.

I stood and watched as they drove out of the mansion. I suddenly felt bittered.
Who knows if he’s going to meet Lady K?1

I huffed angrily and started walking into the house. But when I got to the balcony, my phone started ringing and I checked and discovered it was Jackson.

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