MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episodes 1 – 10

MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episodes 1 – 10

Episode 1

By Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
My sound sleep was disrupted by the sound of my phone ringing, not even my alarm. What the he¢k?

Ignored it and let it ring to an end, but it began ringing again and I groaned out of sleep and reached for the phone which was on the head of the bed.
I opened my bleary eyes to check out the caller and noticed it was Nicole. Huh? Why the hell’s she calling me this early? Or is she tryna tell me to get ready for school?

I sat up tiredly on the bed and picked the call.

“Bethel!” She screamed immediately and I flinched.
What the heck is wrong with her?

MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episodes 1 – 10.

“Oh, my gee! Don’t tell me you’re still asleep. Are you for real?” She beamed and I buried my fingers into my hair.
I still couldn’t get her point.

“What’re you…”

“You’re missing out, Bethel Oh my gee! Ryan’s back! My greatest superstar is back! Turn on the TV, Bethel. Hurry up. They’re showing his arrival at the airport!” She spoke with so much enthusiasm and I scoffed.

“Nicole…was this really the reason you woke me up?” I asked.

“Well, of course, Bethel. Everyone’s watching it. Oh, my! He’s so cute. I can’t wait to go for his concert tonight. The entire city will be there” she enthused.
I rubbed my eyes and sighed.

“You’re crazy, Nic” I told her and dropped the call.
Gosh! I can’t believe this lady woke me this early just to inform me of Ryan’s return.
If not for the fact she was my best friend and we’ve been friends for eight years now, I’d have gotten mad at her.

I reached for the TV remote and turned on the flat screen TV in my room and indeed, they were showing a live video of Ryan returning at the airport. Wow!
Oh! And Lady K was with him.

Ryan was the most popular, young and wealthiest pop up musician, not just in the country, but in the continent as well.
The whole country worshipped him like a god as he was admired by many.

I heard people don’t get to touch him except for his family and he was also the heir to the Winthrop Enterprise, although he had step siblings.

He’s dreamy and his mere presence around ladies makes them collapse at times.

As young as he was, he’s won over ten awards and the country gave him a name – The country’s Pride.
He’s the only American musician that’s brought such honor and pride to his country. As a matter of fact, he has a special day in the country and that’s 12th April.

On every 12th April, there’s to be a public holiday and it’d be used just to celebrate his name.
He’s really become a king.

He’s the richest idol in the continent – wears the most expensive dresses, the more valuable jewelries, drives the latest cars and I heard he doesn’t wear a cloth more than once. But I also heard he’s rude and hot tempered and finds it hard to forgive; although it doesn’t do a thing to his fame. People still adore him.

MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episodes 1 – 10

For four years now, he’s been staying in Georgia city, but he’s just returned here in Dallas and it’s been the talk of the whole city.

I heard he owns two mansions in Georgia – where one is among the top three most expensive buildings in the country.
He owns one in Kentokie and two here in Dallas.

As young as he was, he was a bastard billionaire.
But, I also heard one annoying thing about him – he was a flirt.

Hm. I guess you might be wondering how I got to know all these about him.
Well, like I said, he’s more of a god over here and everybody loves him.

Although, he’s dreamy and all that, but…I can’t fangirl over him like the other ladies do and that’s because I already have a boyfriend.
Yup! I do.

I stood up from the bed and decided to get ready for school since Nicole already acted as my alarm today.
Ryan’s arrival at the airport was still being shown at the airport, but I left it and walked out of the room.

I climbed down the stairs into the sitting room and met one of the maids – lana – doing some clean up.

“Good morning, ma’am Bethel” she greeted in obeisance as I entered the sitting room.

“Good morning, Lana” I replied and walked over to the dining which was behind the sitting room.
A refrigerator was behind it and I opened it and brought out an apple, taking a bite.

“Lana” I called as I sat on one of the chairs in the dining.
Lana turned from the sitting room and looked at me.

“Did mummy come home last night?” I asked.

“Yes, ma’am. She did. But she left very early this morning, saying she had something important to attend to” she replied and I rolled my eyes.

She always have more important things to do – things that are more important than me.

Well, I guess I should do a little introduction myself.

I’m Bethel Cyrus 19 years old and the only child to my single mother.
I attend one of the best High School in the country and I’m already in my final year.

I have no idea who my father is; mum never talked about him.
And my mum…sometimes, I forget I even have a mum.
Although, she’s filthy rich and provides everything I need – makes sure I get the best of life and all that – but she doesn’t have time for me. She’s always busy.

She returns home late at night when I’m already asleep and leaves very early the next morning even before I’m awake.
Sometimes, I only get to see her once in three days.
As a result, I’m usually lonely; but thanks to Nicole who tries keep me company at times.

After consuming half of the apple, I kept the remnant on the table and left for my room so I could take my bath.

I got into my room, changed into a towel and went into the bathroom, laying in the bath tub afterwards.
I enjoyed the warm soapy water in It and when I was done, I came out and returned to the room.

The TV was no longer showing Ryan at the airport.

Oops! My phone was ringing on the bed.
I hurried to it and discovered it was Jackson calling.
Awwn! I blushed in a smile.

Well, Jackson was my…you know? Boyfriend.

“Hey” I said breezily on the phone as I sat on the bed.

“Hey; bae. Wata up?” He asked in that cute romantic tone of his.
I love it when he calls me bae.

“I’m fine and you? ” I replied.

“I’m cool. So, you getting ready fro school?” He asked.
He was already in college.

“Yeah.” I replied, still smiling.

“Okay. Um…I was wondering. Will you be changed to come over to my place when you’re done from school? It’s important” he asked and I itched my head.
Well, what will I be doing at home?

“Sure. I’ll be there” I replied and felt him smile.

“Okay; bye. Love you” he said and ended the call before I’d reply with an I love you too.

I smiled and stared at the screen for a while. Then, I dropped it on the bed and went to the wardrobe to get my school uniform.

But, I kind of wonder why Jackson wants me to see him at home.

After putting on the dashing school uniform which was a short high waist skirt and purple long sleeve, I went for my purple stockings and black sneakers and brushed my dark hair in front of the mirror.
I let the hair fall freely on my shoulders and applied a light brown lipstick on my lips.

Wow! I admired myself in front of the mirror. I was looking as pretty as ever.
Well, it’s not like I’m being boastful or something; it’s just that everybody says I’m uniquely beautiful.

I had white sparkling eyes and a kind of small face – which fitted me though.
But the main thing that drives people crazy is my shape.
Yeah, even my mum tells me I’ve got the best shape.

My bum was very big and my chest – big and firm.
My waist was slim and narrowed down to my big bum, giving it a perfect figure 8 – like they call it.

Our uniform which was a short high waist skirt wasn’t helping matters either as the high waist made my butts more attractive.

Over half of the ladies in school envied me because I was the only girl who drew that much attention to herself. All the boys have been crazy over me and even if I keep singing it to them that I’m in a relationship already, it still doesn’t stop them from running after me.

Well, it isn’t my fault, is it? I didn’t create myself.

After primping myself up and making doubly sure I was ready to go, I took my pink designers school bag and sauntered out of the room.

MARRIED TO MR POPULAR : Episodes 1 – 10

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