By Terri Savage


Cassie walked inside with her bag perfectly grip in her hand.

Her smile grew wider when she saw a guy sitting on the chair with his back on her side, she guessed to be him.

She walked to the table and drop her bag.

The sound of her bag on the table made Brandon to looked up.

Their eyes widened when they saw each other, the smile on Cassie fell and turned into a frown.


“You?” She said.

“You?” Brandon said.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“I didn’t see your name written anywhere that you owned this restaurant” He said.

“Whatever, I’m not here for you” She said and sat at the next table.

“What’s taking her so late?” Brandon asked glancing at his phone.

“Where is he?, my bad I didn’t even have his number” Cassie said.

“Ma’am what should I get you?” A waitress asked.

“Just a bottle of chil water I’m waiting for someone” Cassie replied.

The waitress then left to get her the water.

She took her phone and went to her Whatsapp, she typed a message and sent it to Branartist.

Shortly after she sent the message he replied.

Branartist: But I’m in the restaurant already waiting for you.

C-baby: Really? what are you wearing or send me your number?”.

Branartist: A blue shirt and here’s my number 68936216

Immediately his reply came, she copied the number and dialled it.

Brandon phone started ringing and he answered it.

“Hello” Cassie said.

“Hi” Brandon replied and Cassie quickly turned.

“What!!” She gasped loudly as she found out it was Brandon.

“Branartist” She called.

“C- baby” Brandon replied and stood.

“Gosh I can’t believe I have been chatting with you all this while fk” Brandon said.

“Poor rat, I can’t believe this” She said.

“B*tch, if I’d know it was you I won’t have come here to waste my time” He said.

” I can’t work with a rude person like you” She said.

“You expected me to be happy after breaking my drawings, did you know how much that was going to fetch me? I lost the damn job cos of your petty carelessness” Brandon said hotly.

“I will look for someone else to give that contract to” She said and took her bag.

” I don’t even need it either, go to h’ll” Brandon said and walked out.

Cassie held her chest and took the bottle of water gulping it down.

” I can’t believe he is the same guy I have been appreciating his work all this while, he is good but I can’t work with him I hate his guts” She said and paid for the bottle water before leaving the restaurant.


“You haven’t told me why you were crying?” Hilliary asked Dorathy.

“It’s something personal” Dorathy replied.

“Are you sure?” Hilliary asked.

“Yes I’m sure, thanks again” Dorathy said.

“It’s nothing” Hilliary said and touched her hair.

Henry suddenly coughed and Hilliary turned to him.

“Twin bro are you okay?”.

“I thought we were suddenly forgotten” Henry said.

“Come on guys” Hilliary pouted.

“Seniors what are your names?” Dorathy asked.

“I’m Henry Kitchen” Henry replied.

“Lex Madison” Lex replied.

“Blake Baldwin” Blake replied.

“Damola Hilliary” Hilliary replied.

” You guys are so kind” Dorathy smiled



Dorathy went to Nina as they walked out of the cafeteria.

The guys too left the cafeteria and began walking to the class.

Dorathy turned and her eyes met with Hilliary.

“See you seniors later” She waved at them.

Hilliary smiled and his eyes went to her a$s again.

“Gosh!” He muttered entering the class.

Immediately they entered the class a teacher walked in with a paper in his hand.

“I am here for just one thing, those of you who are interested in participating in the upcoming competition should come up and write their names here for registration for the internal exams” The teacher said.

“And note the exams will be taking place in two days time” The teacher said and the students gasped.

” How do they expect us to read in two days”.

” Gosh that’s gross for me”.

” Silence” The teacher yelled.

Some of the students interested started coming up to write their names.

Lex, Hilliary and Blake went there and wrote their names.

” Ain’t you going to write your name?” Hilliary asked.

Henry smiled and walked there, he was about taking the pen when another person hand took the pen, he turned to see Summer.

They exchanged some unfriendly glares before Summer wrote her name and left, Henry took the pen and wrote his name.

After everyone has written their names, the teacher walked out of the class.

“Two days time, we gat to read hard” Summer said to Tiffany.

“I badly want to qualify, I’m going to dedicate my time in studying” Tiffany said.

“Summer doesn’t have a problem, if I was her I will be chilling around, she is the boss” Hailey said and Summer rolled eyes.

“Summer and Henry follow me to the principal office” A teacher said by the door.

Henry and Summer stood up and followed him.

“What’s wrong?” Hilliary asked.

“I’m even confuse myself” Blake said.


The teacher walked in the principal office while Summer and Henry followed.

“They’re here” The teacher said and sat down.

“Summer and Henry, I want you to to be the leaders in the study group” Mrs Barrett said.

“Study group?” Summer asked.

“Yes, I want you two to coordinate those who have registered for the exams, I will be adding some days for the study” Mrs Barrett replied.

“But why me?” Henry replied.

” You’re brilliant just like Summer, I heard you scored higher than her in a maths assignment, that will be first time someone will ever scored higher than her, can you two do this, I want the best for the school” Mrs Barrett said.

Summer and Henry looked at each other then nodded.

” You can leave” Mrs Barrett said and they left.

Henry and Summer walked in silence to the class but Summer suddenly stopped.

” Henry” She called.

” What?” He replied.

” I know we ain’t friends, you don’t like me and I don’t like you too but for the sake of this competition let’s put the hate away and work as a team” She said.

” What are you trying to say exactly?” He asked folding his hands.

” The statement is too simple even for an illiterate to understand” She said and walked away.

Henry smiled and entered the class.


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