By Terri Savage




Henry car stopped in the front of the store and he came out and began walking inside.

He is here to see Cassie his aunt.

Getting inside, the female workers started talking about his hotness.


He flashed them a wink and their knees wobbled.

Brittany walked out and saw Henry, she stopped at her track as she stared at the demigod in her front.

“Hey ” Henry said.

“Hey, are you here to buy some clothes?” Brittany asked.

“Not really, I am here to see my aunt, Cassie Kitchen” Henry replied.

“Oh, she will be in her office” Brittany said.

“Thanks” Henry said leaving to Cassie office.

Brittany held her chest and breathed.

“I’m blessed this two days seeing two demigods” She said walking away.



Henry got in the office and met it empty, Cassie was out.

He looked around the office and walked to the table.

“I can’t remember the last time I came here, a lot has change” He said.

His eyes caught the painting frame on the wall and he walked there, he found himself admiring it beautifulness of it, he touched the frame and smiled.

“It’s so beautiful, the artist must really be talented” He said.

He walked to Cassie chair and sat down, he took his legs and placed them on the table, he took a book and started reading.

Cassie returned back to her office, her eyes widened as she saw someone sitting on her chair with a book covering the person face.

Her face turned into an angry look immediately.

“Who the fk are you?” She asked, yelling.

Henry smiled and took the book away from his face and smirked at her.

A smile fell on her face

“Henry” She called suprisingly.

“Aunt” He replied.

“You id!ot, when did you get here?” She asked and sat on the table.

“Some minutes ago” He replied.

“You came back and you didn’t even care to come see me huh?” She asked htting his head.

“Ou ! aunt”.

” My baby” She called and Henry frowned.

” Stop calling me that, I am not a kid anymore” He said.

” You will remain a kid to me, how is school?” She asked.

” School is fine, you don’t visit like before?”.

” I am busy this days, so what are you doing here?” She asked.

” Don’t be dumb aunt, you should know why I’m here, to see your single self” He replied.

” You are calling your aunt dumb, I think you have forgotten about my ¢raziness” Cassie said and stood.

” Aunt no..”

Cassie pounced on him and Henry started screaming as she h!t him.



Henry is driving on the road when his sight caught three guys be.ating up a guy, he wanted to pass but he couldn’t as he hate bvlly with his last bI.ood, he parked the car and came out.

He walked and started pulling the guys away.

“Hey who are you?” One of the guys asked him.

“You don’t need to know me, why are you guys be.ating him up” Henry replied.

“You don’t need to know, it’s none of your business, now if you don’t wanna get hurt fk off” The second guy among them said.

“I’m sorry I can’t do that” Henry said.

“Then get ready to be beaten too” The third guy said and they came at Henry once.

He ducked the first punch thrown at him.

He counter it back with a hard kick on the guy’s leg.

He grabbed the second guy and lifted him back before slamming him hard against the other guy on the ground.

The third guy and most strongest among them succeeded in kcking Henry at the back.

Henry quickly got to his feet and faced him, it didn’t took two minutes before he started bI.eeding as Henry pvnched his face badly.

The three guys managed to run away.

Henry turned to the guy on the ground, he gave him a helping hand and the guy stood.

“Thank you man” Hilliary said

“Why were they be.ating you?” Henry asked.

“I fked one of their girlfriends, the bch wasn’t even that good. fk” Hilliary replied wiping his pvnched mouth.

“Are you African” Henry asked.

“Yes from Nigeria” Hilliary replied.

“Really?, I studied there for two years” Henry eyes beamed with excitement as he stared at the chocolate skinned guy.

“Wow, I found my brother” Hilliary and engulfed Henry in a tight hug.

“Hey you’re suffocating me” Henry said laughing at his craziness.

“I’m Hilliary”.


“We were destined to meet, oh! my twin brother” Hilliary said.

“Let’s go” Hilliary said taking Henry’s hand.

” To where?”.

” My house”.

” Huh, how..” Henry couldn’t finished his statement as Hilliary began dragging him to his car.

When they got to the car, Hilliary enters the driver seat shocking Henry the more.

” What did you think you’re doing?” He asked.

” Driving to my house” Hilliary replied.

” We just met I don’t know you..”

” It doesn’t take twenty years to know someone, just get in the car and let’s go home twin brother” Hilliary replied igniting the car to life.

” Ohhh” Henry groaned holding his head.

Henry opened the car and entered.

Hilliary took off in a great speed.

” Mummy, I am kidnapped!!” Henry screamed.



The car drove into the compound and halted.

Both of them came down.

Henry looked around the house before facing Hilliary.

“Is this your house?” He asked.

“Yes, I live here alone, I came to California just some days ago, you are the first guy I will be making friends with” Hilliary replied.

Henry scoffed.

“Who says we are friends” Henry said.

“We automatically become friends the moment you saved me from those American guys” Hilliary said, smiling.

” Why did I even saved you, I should have gone my way, right now I’m dealing with a pyscho”.

” We are the same, same letter of our names, studied in Nigeria even though you’re an American, we are the same, looking at you” Hilliary said and hugged him.

Henry pushed him away and began walking inside, Hilliary followed him at the back.

Henry entered the living room and fell on the couch.

“Welcome to my humble abode twin brother” Hilliary said.

“Stop calling me your twin brother” Henry frowned.

“You’re my lost twin brother, I lost my twin brother in an accident, seriously I don’t know why I like you the very minute I saw you” Hilliary said sitting beside him.

“Sorry for your lost” Henry said.

“It’s nothing, my parents are in London”.

“So what are you doing in California?”

“It’s a long story, my dad sent me here to finish my high school, I have been expelled in twelve schools in London” Hilliary replied.

Henry eyes open wide in shock.

“Twelve schools, Jesus” Henry laughed.

“Are you in high school and if yes what is the name?” Hilliary asked.

“Lake high school” Henry replied.

” Oh my God, that is the school my dad enrolled me in, I will be starting on Monday, you see we are twins” Hilliary screamed jumping on Henry.

Henry rolled eyes funnily and fainted.

” Twin bro, what happen?, please wake up” Hilliary started shaking Henry.

“Twin bro!!!” Hilliary called and when Henry didn’t buged, he began crying.

Henry eyes opened when he felt something wet on his face, he gasped as he saw tears in Hilliary eyes.

“Wait, you are crying? unbelievable”.

“Are you okay, why did you faint, should I get you water?” Hilliary asked at once.

” You’re not only crazy, you are a great talkative” Henry said.

” That’s Hilliary for you” He winked.


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