MR ARROGANT – Faith Lucky: Episode 31-40

(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 31

By: Faith Lucky

Hera’s pov:
I stared at Emily confusingly because I didn’t understand quite well what she meant.

“A cute son? What’s a cute son?” I asked, completely perplexed.

“Really?” She asked, with her eyes wide open as if they’ll fall off. She gazed at me like I’ve asked the most unheard question.

“You don’t know who a son is? Like, a male child or a boy?” She asked, nonplussed.

I scrunched my face in confusion as she called out what I didn’t understand and what I’ve never heard before.

“What are all those names you called? Are they names of places or what?

I don’t understand.” I said, feeling so confused.

“Okay, I thought you were joking. But it seems you are not.

You’re d@mn serious.” She laughed lightly.

“But first of all before I tell you what it means, I just wanna let you know that, I’ve gotten a job to be a cook in a wealthy house.” She sighed softly.

“Okay.” I nodded my head.

“Now, let’s go seat on the couch, so I can explain to you the meaning of a son.” She smiled and pulled me to seat.

“Well, a son is a male person. Just like we have you as a female, we also have another gender called the males.” She explained.

“Really?” I asked, seemingly interested about the whole thing.

“Let me continue. Now, just like you’re a daughter to your mother, that’s how a male is a son to his mother.

We aren’t the only kind of gender in this world.” She added with a smile.

“Really? Oh my! Wait! Those strange people that wanted to harm me that night, they are the sons you’re talking about.” I asked, recalling those strange creatures or whatever.

“Exactly! They are the males or rather, boys.” She smiled.

“Oh my!” I laughed hysterically, not knowing exactly while I bursted into an uncontrollably laughter.

Emily looked at me and she joined me in laughing.

We laughed like cr@zy people until we stopped to catch our breathe.


Delaney’s pov:
School wasn’t boring as it was the first day I had arrived.

When we got home, I spent the evening with Xavier’s mum until she’d asked me for something.

“Look Laney, I want you to give this juice to Xavier. Make sure you don’t spill it.” Xavier’s mom beamed happily.

“Okay ma’am. But ma’am, I’ve been wanting to ask you this question but it keeps escaping my mind.” I said shyly with a smile.

“What is it dear?” She asked and tucked in a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.

“What’s your name?” I asked, feeling a little bashful.

“Oh dear! That’s a good question.” She beamed.

“My name is Jenny.” She enthused.

“Okay. I’ll start addressing you as ma’am Jenny. Hope that’s okay by you?” I asked.

“C’mon Delaney, you can call me mom.” She pouted like a child that’s being deprived of sweet.

“Huh? M…om?” I twitched my lips.

“C’mon Delaney, say it well.” She urged with a smile.

“Mom?” I said with a shy smile.

“Yes! Don’t feel shy to call me mom okay?” She smiled.

“Okay ma’am, sorry I mean mom.” I said and we both laughed lightly.

“Okay. C’mon now. Take it to his room.” She said and handed me the glass of cold orange juice.

I held it and smiled at her.

“Alright, go now.” She whispered softly.

I chuckled and walked out of the kitchen.

I opened Xavier’s door and he was only on his t0wel wrapped around his waist.

His hair was dripping wet and his pink lips shone brightly and it made it more pinkish.

I stared admiringly at him as his eyes caught with mine.

“What the h.ell? Why did you just barge in without knocking?” He queried.

That strange word *knock* again. What exactly does it mean?

“Erm, I’m sorry.” I said shyly, not knowing exactly what to say.

“What are you doing here?” He asked and ran his eyes all over my body.

“Erm… I came to give you this.” I smiled sweetly and stretched out the glass of juice to him.

“Okay.” He replied perfunctorily and took it from me.

“You can leave now.” He said with an eye roll.

As I made to leave, my eyes suddenly caught with something strange below his w@ist inside his t0wel.

The thing was bu.lgy and though I couldn’t see it, I knew it would be th!ck and l0ng.

What exactly is that?

“What are you still doing here?” He asked.

When I didn’t say anything, he followed my gaze and he gasped.

“Hey, what are you looking at?” He half yelled.

“What is that? Why’s there looking big and bulgy?” I asked perplexed and moved closer to him.

“Hey stop there!” He yelled and moved back.

“I mean no harm okay? I just want to know what exactly is there.” I said, my curiosity getting the best of me.

“What’s there doesn’t concern you!” He snapped.

I stood rooted on my spot but then, I turned and walked to the door.

Then, I turned sharply and grabbed the huge bu.lge in his t0wel.

Geez! If felt so huge and thick in my grasp.

“Argh!” He yelled and poured the glass of juice on my body.


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