MR ARROGANT SEASON 2 – Episode 11-20

? Mr
Arrogant ?
(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 11

By: Faith Lucky

Chelsea’s pov
“Seriously, such guts he has. But nevertheless, he doesn’t know what’s install for him.

He’s gonna be shocked when he’ll still frame Delaney up.” Brielle smirked.

“Yeah. He’s acting all innocent and like a good friend, well, we’ll see about that.” Brianna concurred with a mischievous grin.

“He’d be surprised and it’s gonna cause a rift between him and Xavier. I’m sure Xavier trust him a lot. It’s gonna be something minor but it’ll turn into something big.” Blair smiled and pop out her bubble gum noisily.

“Seriously, you guys are genius. But I pray this plan is gonna make Xavier detest Delaney and Rio. I need Xavier to make a pick for prom and I want him to pick me.

I want to be the his prom date.” I sighed despondently.

“You don’t have to worry Chelsea, Xavier is definitely gonna pick you.” Brielle cooed and patted my shoulder.

“Yeah.” Blair smiled.

“Okay, let’s cheers to the one and only prom date for Xavier, Chelsea.” Brianna giggled while we all laughed.

We clicked our glasses of champagne and laughed heartily.


I never knew being friends or rather, partner in crime with the B3 girls would be this fun.

But come to think of it, I haven’t really thought of a plan to put the blame on them.

I haven’t thought of making them look like bad persons because Brielle looks like someone who’s in love with Xavier and if I ain’t smart enough, she’s gonna se.duce Xavier and take him away from me.

And it’s never gonna happen!

I’ll make sure to that.

I’m just gonna use her to achieve my goal and after that, she’d be out of the way too – alongside, her bitchy friends.

I can’t wait…


Brielle’s pov
“Oh my goodness!” Blair laughed and fell hard on the bed, clutching her stomach and still laughing.

And just as if her laugh was contagious, Blair bursted into laughter and then, I joined.

We laughed cr@zily, not knowing exactly why.

Nothing seems funny but we were laughing.


I stopped laughing to catch my breath while Brianna already had tears in her tears because of how hard she laughed.

“Okay girls! Why the laughter?” I asked.

“You should Brianna, she started it first.” Blair chuckled softly.

“So Brianna?” I glared playfully at her.

She wiped her tears and stood up from the bed, facing Blair and I.

“I was laughing at how foolish Chelsea is. She’s just falling into every of our trap.

She doesn’t know we also have something big for her, a great shock she isn’t gonna expect.

She wouldn’t even know who’s behind it and Xavier is sure gonna detest her.

The plan is a huge one. We’ll be killing two birds with one stone at once.” Brianna smirked triumphantly.

My face lit up and Blair squeaked happily.


“Oh my! She’s sure gonna be in a lot of shock in a few days time. I can’t wait to finally have Xavier detest the two persons he likes and then, choose me as his prom date.

I’m gonna be the envy of all the girls and I’ll make sure I rub it at Chelsea’s face.

I can imagine the look she’d have when Xavier finally chooses me.” I smirked, feeling so proud of myself.

“Yeah. Definitely. And I can’t wait.” Blair smiled.

“Me too.”


Chelsea’s pov
“Okay, it’s now or never.” I breathed out, staring at the B3 girls.

“Yeah.” They chorused with a smile.

We did high five and went to our ways.

“Rio, let’s meet at the boys restroom. I have something important to tell you.” I texted hurriedly with Xavier’s phone, while Blair stood at the door watching out for me, in case, a student is about to come in.

When the message read sent, I deleted it and quickly kept back Xavier’s phone in his backpack.

I gave Blair a signal and we both left the classroom.

We had all gone out for sport and when Brielle gave signal that Rio and Xavier weren’t together, we came into the classroom.

We were fortunate enough because Xavier left his phone and it made our work more easier.

Now, it’s Delaney’s turn.


Brielle’s pov
I dragged Delaney by her wrist – not very hard though, as we made our way to the boys restroom.

“Huh? I thought you said you wanted to talk to me privately, why did you bring me here?

This is the boys restroom and we aren’t supposed to be here.” She panicked and withdrew her hands from mine.

“I know. Please Delaney, hear me out.” I feigned a sad pout.

“No Brielle! Whatever you have to say must be said somewhere else and not in the boys restroom.” She said adamantly.

Who knew this girl would be as tough as this.

“You talk too much.” I groaned angrily.

And immediately, the lights of the boys restroom went off.


Delaney’s pov
Huh? I panicked in fear as the lights in the boys restroom went off.

“Brielle?” I called but I didn’t hear any sound.

Everywhere was totally dark that I could barely even move for fear of hitting my head against something.

I heard footsteps and I became afraid.

“Who’s that?” I asked aloud, with so much fear vibrating in my body.

“Delaney?” I heard Rio’s voice but I was too weak to answer.

I’m afraid of the dark and especially when I’m alone.

I stood rooted in one spot, looking so lost and afraid. I was literally shaking in fear.

And just then, the lights came up.

“Delaney!” Rio called again but it was as if my soul had left my body because of how scared I was.

As if my soul returned to my body, I started walking slowly to meet Rio.

As I ran to meet him, I suddenly slipped because of the water I didn’t know was poured all over the floor.

Rio was quick to hold me firmly by my waist but because he wasn’t having stamina because of the slippery floor, we both fell on the floor with me on top of him.

I breast was pressed against his chest and our faces were just few inches away.

Our gazes locked and neither of us were willing to look away first.

And just when his lips were about touching mine…

“Rio? Delaney?” Xavier’s angry voice thundered in the restroom.

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