MY AFRICAN WIFE : Episode 1 – 10


Subtitled: Marriage war

By Author Joy

Episode 1

Edith hugged her husband, she pecked him lightly and collected his brief case.
He drew her close to himself ” sweetheart hope you are no longer shy and you will give me what I want tonight? ” he asked her not wanting disappointment like the past few weeks. She smiled and walked away.

Danny was happy seeing her smiles and thought she was ready but not ready to say it out.

She had been waiting for him so they would eat dinner together. He joined her at the dinning table, they both ate in silence, Danny was not ready to speak in order not to say something that will get her angry while she changes her mind on him. She was also quiet not wanting to bring any topic that will make her husband talk about s*x.

Dinner was over, Edith cleared the dishes. They prayed as they always do before going to bed. Immediately after the prayers, Edith was fast to get to the bedroom to fake a sleep while her husband lick his lip like someone about to take pepper soup from a fast food joint. The two have something installed for each other.

He joined her on the bed, she was backing the space she left for him to sleep “I’ll still nack you” he said to himself as he smiled inwardly seeing the curves and tiny waist she has. His wife is a very cute lady of 23, they got married few weeks ago.

He placed his hand on her soft black skin “she’s really cute ” he said to himself, Edith was shivering out of fear, she couldn’t fake her sleep any longer. The thought of her husband r@ping her crossed her mind and she froze immediately.

Danny who was behaving like someone under congeal manipulation was shocked seeing how she made herself froze, “calm down, you’ll be alright trust me” he whispered to her.

He gently slipped his hands down her night gown trying to touch her chest but she stood up “what are you trying to do? Can’t you see I’m sleeping?” she asked
“common sweetheart, I know you are faking the sleep. You must not starve me of this, I married you legally ”
“please and please, I want a peaceful night. I had an hectic day and I’m sure you are also tired because of work stress ….”
“but I can’t be tired of you ” he cut in.

He moved close to her “Biko Obim, I’ll do it carefully and I’m sure you will like it ” He said
“no I don’t want it” she said retiring to her bed.
“sweetheart we need to make babies ” he said trying to bring an idea that will calm her but she insisted saying they can get baby from motherless home.

He touched her again this time around she stood up in fright thinking he might force her, her thoughts was right he wanted to force her. Believing if she doesn’t want it in peace then he would give her in pieces.

She moved backward until her back was touching the wall while he made advance towards her. She ran away to the living room but he ran after her. Edith began to cry like a baby pleading her husband not to hurt her. He also pleaded with her not to stress him that his mind was made up and he must have what he wanted because he strived hard to get her.

Edith was smart enough, she saw one of the car keys and picked a car key from the table not bothering to check the owner of the car, she ran to the gate and opened it. She pressed the car control button and the car horned.

Before Danny could come out of the house his wife had gone already. He placed his hands on his head amidst tears, it was late already and might be dangerous for her to drive alone at that ungodly hour.

He went to his room, he picked up his phone to call his friend. His friend reassured him things will be fine and she would not be hurt.

He was so scared that he slapped himself several times for trying the attempt to r@pe his own legal and lawful wife. But he had no option than to do so beause she had refused him.

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