MY AFRICAN WIFE : Episode 1 – 10


Subtitled: Marriage war

By Author Joy

Episode 7

Danny behaved coldly with Edith, he gives her whatever she wants and avoided any issues. After she had been giving him green light several times without him minding she broke into a quarrel with him one night.

“You don’t care about me any longer ” she Began, he was shocked at her words because he tried his best to make it up to her and keep her rules as safe as he could.
“I don’t get you, what are you trying to say? Is there anything you’ve asked that I’ve not tried my best to do? ” he asked frantically.

She couldn’t go straight to the point but she knew things were not okay. “let’s make love ” she blurted out grrrrraaa.
he turned to the other side of the bed.
“maybe some other days for now I want to sleep and I don’t want you to drive to your family house this night, it’s really late. Don’t forget I’ve promised never to hurt you ” he said
“no I won’t be hurt, it’s for our own pleasure beside you want babies ” she said
He smiled within him “sweetheart just chill I’m okay with babies from orphanage home just the way you said the other day ” he said without minding to look at her expression.

She was talking about baby because her mum has asked her about her cycle, she never told her parents that she slept outside the day they sent her back. They thought all was fine between the two not knowing the worst is yet to come.


Very early in the morning as early as 6:30am Anabel was at work already supervising the cleaners. Everyone had observed the closeness between Anabel and their boss but their mouth were sealed.

(Anabel’s pov)

Danny has told me he would be coming very early so that he would finish his duty on time then take me out but I wonder why he was not around……

He has told me to stop calling him sir or boss whenever we’re together…… I’m only permitted to call him officially…… I’ve been observing the way Gift the head of Production Department has been following me up and down, I’ll tell Danny to sack her because I hate suspicious people who don’t mind their business…..

My phone rang I check to see the caller *Love of my life * awwwwn it’s my fiance who engaged me before leaving the country…… I picked the call, he was glad to hear my voice, I told him everything was cool…… Soon I ended the call when Gift came to my office…..

“yes how may I help you? ” I asked not minding to look at her….. She’s the annoying type that doesn’t hide the truth for once….. I so much hate her with passion…. She would say she want to be a selfless person….. No profit in such that was then, now honest people are poor and miserable.

“You know what I want and what I’m up too. You are new here just a month or two if I’m not mistaken. I’ve known boss and his wife right from their relationship. What I’m trying to say is that your enjoyment wouldn’t last because he almost ran mad the day she was angry with him, he so much love her” she said

I looked at her like a dirt “then how does that affect my life and career? ” I asked peering at her big eyes that looks like that of frogs.

“Don’t ask me stupid question, I’ve been hearing little little talks about you and the boss but I did not believe not until yesterday when I overheard you groaning and m0aning inside his office. You are too young for what you are doing ” she said

“Whatever! I know how jobless you guys are in this company but you’ll soon lose your job” I said.

“Mere PA like you make me lose my job? 8yrs of hard work towards the company. Your village people dey deceive you ” she said

I laughed out loud “just watch and see, by the time I’m done you’ll see me as the owner of this company ”
“unless the God I serve is dead, ogbanje like you. That your engagement ring will not go successfully since you don’t want someone’s water to boil, yours will not get hot” she said
I refused to answer cause she’ll say more. Soon she left.

I’ve known Edith from secondary school, she is the type that forms alot. I was opportune to be in the same secondary school with her. Although she was my senior. I got scholarship by my pastor after winning a Bible quiz at church, I was asked to choose the school of my choice.

When I started schooling at the same school with her I was crushing on the school head boy who I didn’t know if she was dating him or if they were mere friends.

I tried talking to her one day, she disgraced me in the midst of the crowd. She walked out on me while I was trying to talk to her. Then I have plans of making her my friend and tell her I was inlove with the guy but she gave me a head off. I want to teach her some manners now.

I was still lost in thought when my boss came in “Good morning sir ” I greeted
“Morning sweetie, how was your night?”
“t’was great and yours? ”
“cold and lonely ” he said
I know he was missing me, I’ve never finished using my juju on him.

He went to his office while I remained in my position (office) for the main time. I will tell him about Gift and make sure she loses her job.


(Edith’s pov)

I know I’ve hurt my husband but he doesn’t have to treat me that bad, I’ve started losing my sanity by talking while doing house chores….. The Danny I knew is the talkative and playing type but now my husband has changed….. All he cares about was work! Work! Work! ……. I feel like shouting whenever he is at home…. He now keeps late night, cares little about me….

I have a plan of visiting him at his office today, he left so early without waking me up for morning devotion. I need to go and see him.

I dressed up as fast as possible to his office. When I got there his PA was smiling seeing me “How may I help you ” she asked

That was when I noticed her, she was wearing a buttoned cloth that exposed almost all part of her brea$ts, her lashes were fixed with artificial, her nails were painted blue……. I was amazed, my husband has employed a colored television as his Personal Assistant that’s really sarcastic and she doesn’t know how to address people.

“My husband of course ” I said without minding to greet her.
“Sorry woman I don’t think he will want to see you, he has been choked up with works. Maybe you should come back later ” she said
“Are you okay? I said I’m here to see my husband and you are giving me condition of coming back ” I barked at her.
“Sorry woman I’m only doing my job” she said
“Don’t worry you’ll lose the job” I said.

I picked my phone and called my husband, I spoke with him in my native Yoruba language angrily he came out by himself “Anabel have you forgotten she is my wife ” he asked.

“Sorry sir but you said nobody should come in ” she said
I gave her a long stare, I don’t have the heart to tell my husband to sack her because I don’t know her status, I don’t know if that’s the only place she is surviving from so I followed my husband into his office.

“You didn’t even wake me up, you just left without breakfast” I said
“My love! As you can see I’m choked up, how was your night?”
“It was pretty good, what about your PA? Hope she’s not enticing you with the way she dresses? ” I asked because I was pissed off with her dressing. A responsible lady should not dress in such a way.
“Dear! She is just my PA and I cannot stoop myself so low to conquer on a common PA” he lied
I felt relieved, I was quiet with him at his office for a while before he spoke up.
“Dear tell me whatever you want I will do it” I was surprised, was he carried away by my dressing or what.
“I’ll tell you when you get home I said ” smiling
“alright then” I was so happy soon I left his office.
The PA was looking me up and down, I wonder what was wrong with her maybe sacking her will be my request because I hate such.
While I was on my way Gift a long time staff stopped me, she said she has something to tell me but I should leave it till Sunday, she would come to my house.
I was so inquisitive to know what Gift wanted to tell me but I waved it off later when I remembered my husband still loves me.

(Danny’s pov)

My guilty conscience made my heart skipped when she mentioned my PA, I couldn’t just stand any accusation towards her and that was why I asked her to tell me whatever she wanted but I hope it’s not s*x because I’ve promised her that I’ll not attempt s*x with her. Besides, Anabel is very good in bed. She is damn great and she is a pain reliever.

I called Annabel immediately my wife left with strict warning “you must be careful with my wife as my mistress you have to be obedient to the real woman of the house. Stop exposing your brea$t please it’s making you to look cheap. Cover it for me because I don’t eat public food okay” she agreed and I waved her to go back to her position.

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