She moved backward until her back was touching the wall while he made advance towards her. She ran away to the living room but he ran after her. Edith began to cry like a baby pleading her husband not to hurt her. He also pleaded with her not to stress him that his mind was made up and he must have what he wanted because he strived hard to get her.

Edith was smart enough, she saw one of the car keys and picked a car key from the table not bothering to check the owner of the car, she ran to the gate and opened it. She pressed the car control button and the car horned.

Before Danny could come out of the house his wife had gone already. He placed his hands on his head amidst tears, it was late already and might be dangerous for her to drive alone at that ungodly hour.

He went to his room, he picked up his phone to call his friend. His friend reassured him things will be fine and she would not be hurt.

He was so scared that he slapped himself several times for trying the attempt to rape his own legal and lawful wife. But he had no option than to do so beause she had refused him.


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