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GRAND FINALE. #Season_2.
Episode 4

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s POV
I opened my eyes and found myself lying all alone on the bed. I was still without my clothes and was just covered with the duvet.

I sighed, sat up and wondered where Mico might be.
I touched my head and smiled lightly as i recalled everything that had happened the previous night. I can’t believe i had actually lost my innocence.
Well, it’s not like I regret any of it. I think Mico is the right one for me.

I took my clothes from the floor and wore them on. I needed to get ready for the morning contest. I was done putting on my clothes and was just sitting on the bed when the door suddenly opened and Mico walked in.

Hmm, sweet crush.

‘Hey’, he called in a low tone as he walked towards me and I smiled nervously and stood up.

‘Good morning’, I replied and fiddled with my hands.

‘How are you feeling?’ he asked as he brushed my hair with his palm.

‘I’m fine’.
‘Uhm…I need to return to the girls’ dome. I need to get ready for the morning contest’. I told him and he nodded and sighed.

‘Okay then, I’ll see you later’, he replied and kissed me and I reciprocated.
Then I left the room afterwards.

I returned to the girls’ dome and had breakfast with them and after that, I went into my room to change and get ready for the contest.
While I was dressing up in the room, Suzy and Ivy came in and they let out a light scream when they saw me.
‘Oh! The Princess is back!!’
‘We’ve been waiting all day for you’, they said at the same time.
I just chuckled and took my eyes away.

‘Come on Alyssa. Don’t tell me you are mad at me, it was just a game’, Ivy said.

‘It was a dangerous game. What if Jeremy had won the bid?’ I asked, a little pissed off.

‘Well, it was obvious he couldn’t because Mico richer than him ’she replied.
‘Come on Alyssa, lets forget about it, okay?’
‘So tell me, how was it? She asked enthusiastically.’

‘How was what?’ I possumed.

‘Your night with Mico, of course. You guys were all alone in the room, right? What happened?’

‘Uhm…I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing happened.’ I replied.
‘Come on Alyssa, why the secret? you mean you guys just slept and woke up?’
‘Yes, obviously.’
‘Sorry girls but it’s time for the contest. I need to go.’ I caught them gently and left the room with a smile.
I knew they were going to come as well.

I took the elevator with some other contestants and soon, I arrived at the hall which had already been filled to the brim.
I took my seat amongst the other contestants as we awaited the main event to start.

I noticed there were drawing boards arranged on a straight line with different sketches on them. Then, some colors and brushes were kept in front of them as well.
What was today’s contest going to be all about?

‘Good morning students’, the coordinator for the day came up and said, and the students replied chorusly.
Then he turned back to us the contestants and enlightened us on what we were expected to do.
In this stage, we were expected to complete the drawing on the board and paint it perfectly, and we had just seven minutes to do so.
Wow! Is this really going to be possible?
But, I kinda love drawing anyway.

Then we all stood up and took our different stands in front of the drawing board.
God, help me.

The bell went off and we all took our brushes and other materials and got busy.
Mine was the drawing of a storm, and trust me, it wasn’t easy.

I completed the drawing and made use of the right colors, I guess.
And just then, the bell went off and we all stopped.
I took a pip at the drawing board of others and trust me, I had almost laughed out.

The judges came up to the drawing board and took a look at our different drawings and wrote down marks in their notes.
I really hole mine is worthy enough.

Then they returned to their seats and after a while, the results were out.

“At the end of the first round of the contest” the coordinator announced.
“Three contestants were evicted”.
He paused and opened the list he held.

“The representative of Pagadian,
The representative of Bali and
The representative of Bangkok,
I’m sorry, but this is the end of the road for you”

Some of the students in the hall started grumbling and I guessed those were probably students from the states that were evicted.

I placed my hand on my chest and sighed, I can’t believe I passed the first stage.

I stood up with the remaining contestants as the students applauded.

I smiled and looked into the crowd and my eyes ran into Mr Fredo – the principal.

He gave me the thumbs up and I smiled and waved at him.

I smiled on the phone as I walked along the silent balcony, talking to Sandy.

“Oh, my God, Alyssa! I wish I was there with you guys” she said wistfully on the Phone and I smiled.

“I’m sure you’re going to make us proud.
But you need to be very careful around Samantha. I don’t like the fact that you’re next door mates”.

“Don’t worry sandy. I’ll be fine” I told her, hoping I sounded convincing enough.

‘I hope so Alyssa.
By the way, my brother was really hurt when he heard you had become Mico’s girlfriend. You know he had a crush on you…”

I laughed at she told me about it.

Just then, something caught my attention from outside.

I saw Jeremy walking towards his car and I suddenly recalled the call I had overheard him making the previous day.
He had said he’d be going home today . and it was already evening.

Could it be possible he was on his way home?

I watched him from the distance as he approached his car and upended it.
I think he was about walking in. But just as if he remembered something, he closed the door and left again.

“Alyssa? Are you with me?’ Sandy asked on the phone since I had been quiet the whole time.

“Uhm…Sandy, can I ask you a question?” I asked.

“Yes, sure. What is it?”

“Uhm…do you remember Jeremy the strange guy you told me about?” I asked and she scoffed.


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