MY BESTFRIEND MY LOVE : Season 1 Episode 1 – 10


?Season 1

Episode 1?

A Story by Oluwatosin Odebiyi

“But I loved him Stanley, I really did. How could he do that to me? How?” I told Stanley and kept crying. I felt so miserable. It had been months and I thought I was finally over Jide but I woke up that day and heard a song play that reminded me of our love story. It was exactly like ours and the song made me cry and cry that, the previous days I had lived, believing that I was done and through with my love for him seem to have been a lie. I was deceiving myself and it hurt badly in my chest.

I had been in bed since morning and my mom seeing how miserable I looked and how hurt I was felt so sorry that she wished to stay by my side and comfort me but couldn’t because she had already done that a few days before and couldn’t risk losing her job because of my broken heart.
Those few days were the subsequent days after Jide sent me the heart breaking message which keeps playing in my head all the time and I just couldn’t get it off my head:
“Thank you for your love and care, I will forever be grateful, let’s hold God tightly. I’m sorry Bisi I’m out.”
It kept playing in my head and I screamed, ‘why Jide? Why did you have to do that to me? After all we went through.’ I wailed and kept crying. I couldn’t help it.
Stanley rushed to my house after my mom called and asked him to come over. I kept crying and asking him why it had to happen to me. My life was a mess because of him and my mom blamed me not gaining admission to the university on him. Yeah! I blame him too.
I was so in love with him, I thought about him everytime and instead of studying I was always texting him, thinking about him, watching movies and fantasizing about him, singing songs and having thoughts of him in my head and writing love poems and songs all about him. How was I supposed to pass the final exams by doing that? I kept crying and all he could do was look at me and feel sad for me. He said,
‘Pearl, you are a mess. What happened to you today?’ He was surprised I was still thinking about Jide when a few days before I had told him I was over him and even told him I liked him but he brushed it off and said I should stop joking. I kept crying and he hugged me, he told me to stop crying but how? How did he expect me to do that?
He hugged me and I kept telling him how unfair life was and why I hated Jide for breaking my heart. I kept talking and talking, and then he said, ‘Pearl, you can’t be wasting your time and days crying over some guy who obviously took you for granted. He left you after gaining admission to the university and after all that you did for him for his own reasons. You need to man up, or in your case woman up and move on with your life. You need to retake the papers that you failed and reapply to that same university and make him regret leaving you.’

Stanley had brought that up some weeks before but I didn’t take it seriously. I hated studying and I still do. I couldn’t imagine studying for all four of my electives again. I hated reading and the thought of it made me frown, but I had to do it. I had to make Jide regret letting me go. I had to do that.
I wiped all my tears and left to take my shower. I got back to my room after to see my previously messed up room looking so clean and orderly, all thanks to Stanley. He had been doing that those few weeks after I got Jide’s message, when I got brokenhearted and couldn’t do anything.

I dressed up and after, I saw him bring out a number of books. He said,
‘Madam, it’s time to study.’ I frowned and though I didn’t want to study, I had to. He knew how much I hated studying that but he didn’t care. He gained admission to the same university as Jide and that wasn’t a surprise to me. As a bookworm, if he hadn’t had gained admission I would have blamed it on the ‘witches and wizards’ in his family as Ghanaians always do anytime people face disappointments and misfortunes. I smiled at the thought of that and sat behind my study desk and Stanley helped me solve a number of questions.
The exams were in two months and the subsequent days he saw me studying every day and he came around every other day in the evenings to see me through. Since that day, I completely forgot about what happened with Jide and instead, I thought about Stanley all the time. I dreamt about him every single night and I wrote about him every morning in my diary. I knew he wouldn’t want to date me but the thought of dating him always on my mind and I ended up fantasizing about him every single time I was free and had nothing doing.
This kept going on and on until one day. He had closed from lectures and asked me to meet him on campus. He wanted to show me something. I asked what, but he refused to tell me what it was so I quickly dressed up, picked a cab and went to meet him in like 30 minutes. I hugged him when I saw him and then he said,
‘I need you to be strong, because whatever I’m going to show you, is going to be heartbreaking.’
“So, it was about Jide, why? Is he seeing someone else?” I asked, but he didn’t answer.
I almost cried but I had to keep the tears in. I had to. He asked me to follow him and we walked to the cafeteria, we got there and I saw him. He was with a girl. They were laughing and talking about something and it was so obvious they were dating. I was dumbstruck when I saw them, and I just stood there and cried. The tears kept coming, and Stanley asked us to leave. We left and got a cab back home, and all that while I said nothing. My mind was blank and I felt like being alone. We got to my house and something happened. Whatever happened was wonderful and embarrassing at the same time and is something that I can never forget.

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