True Life Story: She wants to pay back with her body

By Dr. John S. Balogun


I met this beautiful girl in my third year at the University. Permit me to refer to her as ‘CC’.

She was not a student but an indigene of the town where I attended school.

I met her with a little baby at one corner crying on my way home from school one day. I stopped by to know what could be making her cry.

As I drew close to her, I noticed a little baby, less than one year of age, sleeping on a dirty wrapper by her side. My heart moved with compassion.

Then I asked her, “Why are you crying?”. She said she and the baby were hungry and there’s no hope of getting food. I asked her if the baby was hers and she said yes.

I got really emotional and decided to ask about her husband; she responded that she was not married and the man who impregnated her refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy. Her parents were very poor and could not afford feeding her and the baby so she got on the street to beg for money.

So sad, even the street was dry. People were not willing or do not have enough to give.

I felt really sorry for her but I told myself, “Being sorry for her isn’t enough, I must find a way to relief her anguish and make her smile”.

So, I told her to follow me. She picked up her baby and followed me to my house. I had some raw food items, Gari, Rice, Beans, Yam. So I gave her almost all of the food items. I was always fasting and praying that time, I did not really need the food that much.

She was so happy and grateful. While she was leaving, I gave her some amount of money to enable her get ingredients to make soup. Then I told her to go and prepare food for herself and her baby.

That evening, she brought her parents to come and thank me and I used that opportunity to tell them about the love of God who loved us to the extent of making His only Son die for the sins we committed.

They were happy. I prayed with the family and they left.

Fast forward to a week later; I heard a knock on my door. I stood up to open the door and it was CC.

My people, hunger is a bastard and poverty is evil. You need to see this very pretty lady called CC, you will never believe she’s that beautiful.

I asked her about her baby and she said the baby was at home and doing well. I told her to come inside and have a seat.

I looked at her and asked her if there was any problem; she said there was no problem but she just came to say, ‘Thank you’. I appreciated her for coming and told her to give all the thanks to God.

I thought she was going to stand up and go but rather she walked up to me and said, “I am sorry I didn’t come since last week, this is me now”; then she began to undress herself.

I screamed, “Stop it! What are you trying to do?” She immediately stopped undressing herself but looked very surprised.

I told her to dress up immediately and she did. Then I made her understand that I had made up my mind that the only woman I will have s*x with is my wife after our wedding and that I don’t do what she’s requesting from me.

She was still looking surprised and then began to cry.

I was already very emotional at the time and sincerely speaking I was very ar0used s*xually but my resolve for s*xual purity was not negotiable.

While all these were happening, I was seriously praying in my heart for God to help me not to defy myself that day.

Then CC cleaned her eyes and spoke up, “Sir, thank you very much. You are the first man who will ever help me without sleeping with me”. Her words entered through my skull into my brain and like electric current into my spine.

She said further that she needed money for her WAEC registration and that the man who gave her the money was the one who impregnated her. Not only that, many other men had slept with her while they were giving her money to cater for herself and her baby.

I was already crying for her as she shared her bitter experiences with men. She said she had concluded in her mind that men cannot help her without sleeping with her and that was why she came to meet me that day.

When she finished her stories, I told her the attitudes of those men were wrong and they would all live to reap what they had sowed.

Eventually I told her how much Jesus loved her and how ready He is to transform her life and give her hope for a good and fulfilled life again.

With tears, she repented of her sins and believed in Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Lord. She became radiantly beautiful immediately and the joy of salvation was visible all over her.

We became good friends and she grew in grace.

Young lady, whatever you cannot get from a man without sleeping with that man DOES NOT worth it. If he says he must sleep with you before helping you, please allow him to go with his help.

My fellow men, it is not good and not godly to take advantage of women because you want to help them. Be an answer to their prayers and not a catalyst to their problems.

Finally, in case you have messed up, please come back to God. He loves you. He will forgive you. He will take care of you and the ‘unwanted pregnancy’. He will give you a brand new life.

I hope my story inspires you?

Dr. John S. Balogun