MY BESTFRIEND MY LOVE : Season 2 Episode 1 – The End


?Season 2 Episode 1?

A Story by Oluwatosin Odebiyi

We stood there in each other’s arms for over fifteen minutes, till he asked if I was hungry and cared for a meal. I nodded and we left together to his car. That was the first time I was going out with him in his car and the thought of it made me yearn to know when he got it, who got it for him and everything that had been going on in his life after our separation. I wanted to know whether he started seeing any girl and whether he slept with anyone like I did with Jide. I wished so much in my heart that he would say something like that to me to at least cancel out mine, that I wasn’t ready to tell him about it.

When we got to the car, Stanley looked at me and asked what I was thinking about and I smiled. I told him I was thinking about everything that happened and how he even got the car he couldn’t tell me about and added that it hurt so much anytime he passed by me like we were total strangers.
It saddened my heart when I said that and I cried; then I added again that I was really sorry about it all and it hurt that bad so he should never leave me again and that I couldn’t stand to live without him again. We were in the car park then and realizing that someone could see me, I just opened the front door and sat down and bowed down my head. And I cried the more;

Stanley sat in the driver’s seat and put his arms around my shoulders, rubbed my back and said, ‘I won’t leave you again, Pearl. I can’t even stand the thought of losing you. You used to be my everything; my best friend and my love. I told you everything and my life became so dependent on you so you should imagine how empty my life felt when that happened. I felt betrayed and I was scared as well.
Seeing you in the arms of another guy was something I never thought would happen I don’t know why but I trusted you too much for that and so when it happened, it hurt badly. You know I was hurt by my first girlfriend, but this time, it felt different. I felt like my heart had been ripped apart; I thought I would never be okay; I thought I was going to die and I hated you so much for doing that to me. I even went home, and you know mommy; immediately she saw me, she knew what was wrong. It was as though she saw it coming and comforted me. She got me the car the next day and her reason was that, since I was no longer with you, I would need my own car; but I wasn’t happy. The car did nothing but remind me of you and I. I hated every single day I lived without speaking to you nor hearing from you. I couldn’t even watch movies anymore, because any scene with lovers reminded me of us and my friends even forced me to go clubbing with them; and you know I’ve never been to the club. There, they got me a girl that tried k!ssing me but I pushed her away. Pearl, she wasn’t you.

How could I be with anyone else? How could I make out with any other girl? You are the love of my life and I’ve come to accept that my life is nothing without you.
’ He sounded so hurt when he said all that, and I raised my head, looked into his eyes and as usual, I couldn’t help the tears. When he was done talking, I hugged him and k!ssed him. I loved him so much and still do. Stanley was everything to me and I was everything to him too. As we k!ssed, we stopped and he looked into my eyes and said, ‘cry baby, when will you ever stop crying at any little thing?’ I smiled and he said, ‘my pretty little thing, I really missed you.’ Then, he pulled my ears and said something funny that got us both laughing.

We k!ssed again and after, I got my mirror and facial wipes; and I wiped my tears and makeup. I re-fixed my makeup and he drove us to a restaurant outside campus to get pizza. There, we got the jumbo size and a fruit juice and we took like six slices there. We talked about everything, our childhood, funny moments and the first time we had s*x. It felt so good being with him and I wished I could scream to let the whole world know that he was mine and I wasn’t going to let him go again. I laughed at the thought and told him. We left hours after and I told him I didn’t want to go back to my room. So, he drove us to pub and there, we danced till dawn.

We got back to campus feeling so tired and I was tipsy as well so he carried me to his room and for the first time in weeks, we made love and it felt like magic. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and I dreamt about us. In the dream, we were at the beach, making love by the shore with fruits and rose petals all around us. The dream felt so real and as we lay there in the sand, looking into each other’s eyes. I was just looking at him and admiring every single part of his face; his eyes, nose and cute lips. Then, he mentioned my name, ‘Pearl,’ and I smiled and kept staring and he kept mentioning my name, this time it was louder and then, I felt a tap on my shoulder. That woke me, and I realized everything that happened at the beach was a dream and I frowned at him.

He was already dressed and ready for lectures and asked if I had a lecture that morning; I didn’t even know. I had completely forgotten that I was a student and had lectures that day. My phone was also off, so even if Rabby had tried to reach me to ask if I was going for the class, her call wouldn’t come true. I jumped out of bed upon realizing that, washed up and left to my room while he left for class. On our way out of his room, we saw Jide come out of his room and I waved at him. He smiled and told me made a signal that he was going to call me; Stanley didn’t see all that, he was in such a hurry that he just ignored Jide when he saw him.

So, I got to my room afterwards, and then I charged my phone and saw Rabby’s messages. She was so worried about me and had already left for class, thinking that I wasn’t going to make it and so she stated that she would let me know if anything came up and also sign the class attendance for me if need be.
Reading her messages made me realize I could at least skip class for the day because she had promised to cover for me; so instead of dressing up, I just jumped onto my bed and watched a movie, ‘bad moms.’ It was funny and I laughed and enjoyed every bit of it. I was so happy and glad that I was finally back with the love of my life.

After watching the movie, I felt so hungry so I went out to get breakfast at a food joint on campus and there, I met my new friends that made my normal life on campus take a different turn and in the end, I lost myself and everything I loved.

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