AWKWARD NURSE : Season 3 Episode 21 – The End


By Chidinma Jerry M

Season 3 (Episode 21)

Clara’s pov.

I and Ryan enjoyed our date in the hotels. i was happy as Ryan was looking sweetly into my face.

” Clara I want to spend the rest of my life with you
” me too Ryan
” after being Anna, what’s next? Don’t tell me you wiil go back and Anna will replace you because I won’t let you go again..
” Ryan i don’t know what’s next…i don’t know if your father will accept me. i love you. So when we get to the bridge we will cross it.
” shall we see the pool

We walked down to the pool house. it was already evening. Everywhere was quiet and partly bright. It was empty meaning Ryan bought it out..
” I want to do crazy things with you.” Ryan said walking into the pool with his suit and shoes. i smiled and removed my heel sandals. I walked into the water with my gown. Ryan smiled and removed his suit jacket. Then he held me to himself. My gown was flowing in the water.

” Ryan this is crazy
he smiled and pulled off my mask.
i looked around
” someone might see me
” it’s empty.
i nodded and he kissed my lips .it was crazy but sweet. only both of us in the whole pool house . i looked around it was really beautiful.


After a while of playing around, we rushed up to our hotel room laughing and running with our wet clothes.
We both walked into the room .

The bed was designed with rose petals.
i hugged Ryan. We both fell into the bed
Ryan makes m happy. We shared glasses of wine between us and just had fun talking and gisting with each other.
This hotel will kill us for wetting their bed. crazy us.

Next morning.

Thinking about my craziness with Ryan last night got me laughing. You won’t believe we slept on the floor of that hotel after we stupidly got their bed wet. But sleeping on the floor was fun.

Rachel’s voice brought me to reality

” the bidding has started
“ok.” i replied and walked in with Rachel.
Jake said he would take care of Tristan. I wonder what his plan is.

Everyone was sited especially Chris my favorite. When I was still Clara I really liked Chris cos he always paid double each time I brought food for them from my auntie’s shop. And anytime I had technical problems he always helped me out.

Chris’s pov.

Oh Clara is here. Don’t ask how me how I know .. am i the hottest brain in a.g.h.c for nothing? When did I find out?
i found out that night when I sent the preview to her but I was suspecting her right from the first board meeting she attended. She is really kind to help Anna. I hope Malcolm doesn’t find out about this, he will surely ruin a lot of things for her.

She walked in fully and removed her jacket.
“how Is the bidding going?” She asked
” you won’t believe Malcolm wants to buy the hospital” Ethan Said
” what?
” Yes, he just logged in” Henry added
” did you check his account base?
” Yes, he doesn’t have the complete money for now but he keeps bidding.” Ethan said
” Increase the bid.
” ok” Ethan added
” keep increasing it. Take it higher until Malcolm can’t pay .
” what if we can’t pay too?” i asked simply
” keep taking it higher.
” Ok.
Ethan increased the bid by 5 percent.

Malcolm’s pov.

Aurora walked into the research department and Mr. Kang walked out while looking into his phone.

” how Is the bidding going?” Aurora asked
” a.g.h.c keeps increasing the bid
” nice so we have to keep toppling it until Anna can’t afford it. She desperately wants this hospital sir.
“and I won’t let her have it ,…increase our bid “I said to my boys
” Ok sir but it is getting higher than we can afford
” take it higher…so Anna can’t buy it
” Ok.
they increased the bid.

” Aurora in order to purchase this hospital, we need to sell m.h.c in Chicago
” what! Just to stop Anna. You want to sell m.h.c and relocate?
“Yes…it’s over my dead body that Anna will buy this hospital. it will really ruin a lot of things for me.
” ok sir but we need a sure source for selling m.h.c in Chicago. it is really a great building.
” Don’t worry N.D.C wants to buy it. I already spoke to them and they will send the money in few ……

” sir the money had entered. N.D.C bought m.h.c in Chicago. Now we are hospitalless sir
” good, have you checked Anna’s account base
” Yes , she might win the bid
” no increase our offer, till she drop out
” Ok sir


” did she stop bidding?
“no I increased the bid but Anna toppled it by 6 percent sir
” she desperately needs this hospital. It seems she has another strong financial backup.
” keep increasing our bid
” sir we should stop. The total money we sold from m.h.c has entered
” I don’t care keep bidding Anna won’t buy this hospital.
” Ok.

Chris’s POV

Is Clara ok? She had increased this bid so much that a.g.h.c won’t pay in the next two years. What kind of game is Clara playing? She sat comfortably with her legs on the couch drinking her cup of coffee… and the only thing she has been shouting is ” increase the bid .”

” madam we have increased this bid too much…if Malcolm doesn’t buy it, we will get into trouble because we don’t have this money ” Ethan said

” Malcolm is looking for my trouble, he wants to increase the bid so let’s join him” Clara said
” Anna the money is too high now, it has passed our spendable income and you still keep increasing it. If Malcolm drops out, how will you pay for the building?” I asked
” Malcolm won’t drop out. He wants the hospital desperately. He already sold his branch in Chicago ” Henry said.

” i know but the level this bidding has reached, selling one hospital won’t help Malcolm reach this amount” Ethan said.

” just increase the bid ” Clara shouted and drank her coffee.

Ethan increased the bid and Malcolm still toppled it. He had to look into Malcolm’s account and it turns out he doesn’t even have the money he is quoting here, neither does Clara. What kind of game are they playing?

Just then I saw the latest news article on line
” Anna you need to look at this
she came closer

Breaking news, ex a.g.h.c’s workers in the Chicago branch had successfully gotten government attention. Government oders Anna to pay them double of their normal pay before the end of today, if not the case will be served to the prosecution. We are waiting for Anna’s reply.

Clara smiled
” actually madam you need to reply now
” really
” Yes you have less than 50 minutes
” Ok…log me in..
” Ok please sit and face the screen
“ok.” Clara sat down.

i logged into the news line now the whole world can see her and hear her

Malcolm’s pov

” Sir Anna Is dropping a comment on the news ..she is online
” preview it quickly, I want to hear what she has to say.
” Ok sir.
i looked at Anna. She was so relaxed and calm.

?? All protocols being observed. I am here to give a reply to government verdict. I understand what the workers in a.g.h.’s branch in Chicago (which was locked down) are going through. I understand why they are protesting.
i understand that they need money.
But a.g.h.c is not a charity organization.

i will only do what’s right. As we all know the locked down branch has more than 90 workers. i can’t pay them double time after which they would go back home to sleep. I can’t remove that kind of money, it will affect our growth”

Rather, i promise you all that before today runs out, I will buy a new hospital in Chicago. You will all be employed to your formal positions and we will discuss about payment as employer and employees. Thank you.”

She logged out. Oh really. Anna! Do you think I will let you buy this hospital? You must be crazy.

” increase the bid by 40 percent” I said
” what?
“do it .
“Ok ……….. done.

Chris’s pov

Oh my God… what did Malcolm do? Now that Clara promised the world a hospital Malcolm gave the highest bid.

” Anna the bidding ended… we are doomed.” Ethan said
” what do you mean?” Clara asked chewing sweetly … is Clara aware of what is happening? She is too relaxed.

” Malcolm increased his bid by 40 percent
” wow! ” Clara replied smiling
” yes, the sellers closed down on
Malcolm’s offer. The money was too much . ” Ethan said

“now the question is, between you and Malcolm who has the money at hand? Who will buy it now?” Henry asked.

“Anna we have 10 minutes. Tell us how to get the money.” Ethan said
” but Malcolm doesn’t have this kind of money too right? ” Clara asked

” oh no, oh my God …. oh my God … Malcolm bought it ” Henry shouted and dropped his phone it shattered.
Ethan logged in and I logged in. It’s true.

“Yes , Malcolm sold 5 of his branches Anna. He really wants the prosecution to go and catch up with you… he doesn’t want you in Chicago. He won. He bought the hospital.” Ethan said.

I hastily turned off my system. We lost… thanks to Clara who was eating on duty.

” Chris what are you doing? Check the weather forecast for me” Clara said.

wha……..what… is she drunk? What does weather forecast have to do with our loss?

” I don’t mean to sound rude madam but what Is the relationship between weather forecast and the fact that Malcolm bought the hospital building we wanted?” Ethan asked.

” sorry madam but we are talking about an important loss here, we should be talking of what to do. What do we tell our workers or the government? You promised them a hospital remember?” henry added.

” check the weather forecast , i heard there will be a huge storm today, confirm it.” clara said forcing a sweet into her mouth.
” Yes madam ” Ethan replied.

I logged in and confirmed it

” Yes Anna, in two hours there will be a storm in Chicago.” I said
” Ok…” She replied smiling.
“Anna we lost. What Is the way forward?” I asked desperately.
“after two hours, we will find out who lost.” Clara replied and walked out.

Malcolm’s pov

Yes I did it. Hahaha, i would like to see what Anna will tell the government when they ask her for the hospital…. hahaha am a genius.

” sir the hospital is now ours but we really spent so much money” Aurora said
“I don’t care, as long as Anna is not in Chicago.
” what about the branches we sold to N.D.C. 6 branches , how do we come back?
” Anna is going to lose more. She didn’t get a hospital so she will pay her 90 workers double time. I just sold 6 hospitals but I bought one good hospital. Chicago is hot. Before one year we will get our money back and buy our hospital back from N.D.C. N.D.C’s manager told me that i can buy the hospital back anytime I want. I might even buy it tomortow if Nelson pays.(drug money).

she nodded.

” congrats sir, Anna must be crying now.” Victor said .
i smiled as I looked at the amount of money I had’s really too much for one hospital. I am seriously bankrupt. I pray the new hospital generates income.

“are you done moving our stuffs out of the formal Chicago branch? ” i asked
” Yes sir …our team was very fast. Almost done… soon our doctors will move in.
” Ok.
” what about the 5 other branches sir? Do we move out?
” don’t worry I sold everything in them.. and I will buy them back by tomorrow.
” Ok.

2hours later

Chris’ pov

i sat wondering to myself. Why didn’t Anna buy that hospital? I mean even if we don’t have enough money here in the Nww York branch, the a.g.h.c’s combined account has more than enough.

i secretly hacked into a.g.h.c’s combined account and Jeez a huge amount of money has been removed from here. How? When? Where? What did she buy?

” Chris stop hacking into the company’s account base ” she said without even looking at me
” but Anna what did you …..
” the answer to all your questions is , ” Malcolm Is a dummy.”

she stood up up smiling

” how many minutes before the storm In Chicago
“20 minutes
” Ok…. place a call to the hospital Malcolm just bought.
” Ok.
i called them using a government emergency line Clara took the phone.

I hacked into the cctv camera of the new hospital.
Malcolm was really fast to move. All their equipment and workers were already relocated. The old branch was now locked as he sold it to n.d.c

i watched the video as all the workers heard Clara’s voice from different departments.

” this is g.e.b h, you have been ordered to leave work. Clear the new m.h.c -c in 6 minutes to avoid mass death ” Clara said.

Before Clara could drop the phone everybody ran away. Some people were falling on one another. Even pregnant women and kids .. hurting one another.
i watched Clara wipe her tears as she watched the crowd.

” Malcolm pushed me ” she whispered.

2 minutes after the cleared out. A heavy rain/storm came and the hospital fell down. All the drugs, resources shattered..
Clara smiled.

Wait! This means Clara knew that the hospital was weak. Omg what a brain! She fooled Malcolm. Malcolm sold 6 hospitals and went bankrupt all to buy a weak hospital which just fell down. Clara started laughing. She has a kind heart. She made sure no human being got hurt. So this was her plan.
Oh God! Malcolm is going to have a heart attack .

Aurora’s pov.

i watched sir Malcolm fall to the floor with his hand on his heart. He sold 6 hospital. He went bankrupt just to buy a weak building.

” ANASTASIA!!!!” Malcolm shouted as he held his heart

She warned you sir. “An eye for two eyes”. Anna is smarter than I ever imagined. She made Malcolm shed tears.
i rushed to Malcolm

” sir, we can still claim our 6 hospital back.
N.D.C has not launched them eyet

he stood up and nodded.
” claim them back now.
” Ok.

i turned to the crew…” is there anyway we can talk to n.d.c? We need the hospitals back. We will return their money in 4 days.

” Ok madam that can work….. wait. n.d.c is launching the hospitals

i and Malcolm watched the preview of our 6 hospitals names being changed.
To my greatest shock. m.h.c was removed and instead of N.D.C, A.G.G.C’s logo, name and sign was lifted to our hospital In Chicago. then the remaining five of our hospitals was changed to R.D

Anna cheated 5 hospital’s out of us and gave to her father in-law. Malcolm has been been chased out of 6 branches and Mr Dervantes got the 5 branches he lost for years back. He must be so happy. Anna got back in Chicago. Now she is in all countries she wants to be in.. as well as Mr Dervantes. But m.h.c we just lost 6 countries which we can never get back.
without using the law. Anna hit us very hard.
Malcolm broke all the systems in the research department and ran away.

Chris’s pov

i had the shock of my life. Anna you need to come back and employ Clara to work for you. She is smarter than you ever were. She defeated your 6yrs enemy who made you cry in only 6 hours. She made him bankrupt and also locked him out of 6 countries. Malcolm lost 6 branches. Now Anna your dream came true cos she helped your father in law get the 5 branches which has been giving him sleepless nights.

Mr Kang came in with the files of the new hospitals and Clara signed them.

She stood up.

” in case you didn’t understand what happened, I never wanted to buy that hospital in Chicago. the first day I visited the hospital was when I realized that it was weak.

In Chicago, the only hospital I wanted was Malcolm’s hospital. So I used this plan.

I made Malcolm believe that I wanted to buy the new hospital. He stupidly sold his formal hospital which I bought in disguise as n.d.c with Mr Kang’s help.

Everybody started clapping.

” not only that .. Malcolm proved that he was a dummy and stupidly sold 5 of his hospitals , which I also bought in disguise as n.d.c and transfered it to r.d.

” Malcolm sold 6 hospitals and went bankrupt just to buy a weak hospital which just fell down , it was all my plan.

We all clapped

” m.h.c.-c now belongs to a.g.h.c. We are back in Chicago. So kindly send back our workers.

everybody clapped.

” also r.d now has branches all over the world. the remaining 5 hospitals I bought from Malcolm were bought in my father in-law’s name… that was why i made sure to buy only their branches in states where r.d doesn’t have a branch. we are everywhere now , no one can pull us down again.

Everybody clapped.

Clara’s pov

i did it, i hit Malcolm back hardest just like I promised. i walked out and Mr Dervantes walked out too. He looked so grateful. He looked at me quietly for a while and walked closer to me.

” my child” he said
i smiled
” you made me proud. You solved my biggest business’ problem, thank you.”

he hugged me tight then he kissed my cheek and walked out with his guards.

isn’t this weird, Mr Dervantes didn’t call me Anna, he likes calling Anna by her name but he didn’t call me. Why? What changed?
Could he have known that I am Clara?
And he called me his child?
That would be my dream come true.

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