Brittany Rodriguez..

That name is popular all around Mexico. Brittany Rodriguez is a well known model, number one in their country with a pretty face, kller body. Her face is almost on every magazine, ever news paper.

People adore her, they literally worship her.. She’s their idol, their favorite.

All these popularity was supposed to get into her head but no, Brittany isn’t like that. She’s sweet, adorable and kind.. maybe too kind

Unfortunately Brittany’s mother díed in a car accident when Brittany was just 6 so her father, Oliver got married to his mistress with whom he had a daughter with, same age as Brittany but younger.


Valerie is Brittany’s step sister, few months younger than Brittany. She’s an epitome of beauty too but she’s a pest and also very rude and arrogant.

Brittany has a fiancée, they both love each other just so much but little did she know that all what she had was vanity.

How will Brittany react when she loses everything she held dear. Her family, her career, the love of her life… All that just within a blink of an eye.

Wanna know what actually happened? Then follow up for this enticing story I bet you won’t wanna miss out!!

Tags: Office love, jealousy, hatred, love triangle, sx, action, billionaire romance, marriage



By Ariel Mirabel



A pink shiny Lamborghini stopped in front of a company which had a huge logo ‘OZ Company’. The door opened and a pair of smooth legs descended the car.

She shut the door of the car as she stared at the company in front of her. With a smile on her face, she catwalked her way in the company.

The workers in the company stared at her as she walked, especially the male workers.

She was putting on black long sleeve mini gown which ended just beneath her @ss with a designer’s belt round her slim waist.

Her @ss shook dangerously as walked and her bbs bounced along… Short she was very hot.

“Is my dad in here?” Valerie asked the secretary who was sitting on her desk.

“Uh yes miss… But he’s-”

Valerie walked out on her before she could finish her statement. The secretary frowned.

“So rude”

Valerie opened the door of her father’s office and went in. She met Oliver on his laptop, looks like he was having a video conference.

“Dad!” Valerie smiled widely.

Oliver sighed immediately…

“We’ll continue the meeting later” Oliver said and switched off his laptop.

“Daddy… Have I told you you’re the best daddy in the whole wide world?” Valerie said and came and sat on his thigh.

“How much?” Oliver asked.

Each time she begins to act all sweet to him, then that means she needs something.. And it’s definitely money.

“Uhh, 10 million” Valerie said and smiled while scratching the back of her neck

“Deposited” Oliver said.

“Awwn thank you!, you’re the best dad in the whole wide world” Valerie kssed his cheek and hugged him tightly.

Oliver laughed lightly.

“Okay, I have to resume work right away” He said.

Valerie stood up from him and waved then began leaving.

“Val, thought we talked about you wearing skimpy outfits” Oliver said.

“C’mon dad… I’ll be 21 next month!, beside this is what is trending right now… Bye!” She blew him a kss and left.

Oliver shook his head. She’ll never change..

Oliver held his chest as a light pain gripped him. The pain subdued in few minutes.

He resumed his work.


“Miss Brittany!!”

“Miss Brittany!! An autograph please”

“We love you miss Brittany!!”

“You’re so beautiful!!”

Brittany smiled and waved at her fans who were been blocked by her bodyguards as she walked inside her studio.

“Good morning miss” Her manager greeted.

“Oh please Courtney, you’ve been my manager for like three years.. Call me by my name” Brittany said and Courtney smiled.

“The photographer, dresses and shoes are all set for your next photoshoot” Courtney said.

“Cool, let’s go!” Brittany smiled.

Half an hour later, Brittany came out of the dressing room looking so gorgeous. She was wearing yellow shiny backless gown which ended at the middle of her thigh. Her long curly black hair fell on her back ending above her curvy waist.

She walked in the room and all eyes turned to her.

? As usual, she never disappoint us with her beauty.

? I envy her so much…

Brittany went up the stage and took her position. The photographer gave her a thumb up and began the shooting session.



Brittany came out of the dressing room, changed to her normal wears. She began leaving the studio since the shoots was over.

Her phone suddenly began ringing. She brought it up and smiled when she saw it was Sandy.

“Best” Brittany picked up with a smile on her lips.

“Britt!, I missed you so much…” Sandy whined.

“Me too, sorry I’ve been busy throughout this week” Brittany said.

“No worries, meet me at the cafeteria near your workplace” Sandy said and hung.

Brittany wore her her shades and nose mask before leaving the studio. Her bodyguards opened the door for her and she got in.

The car drove off…



In the rowdy market of Mexico, where people could be seen moving up and down, left and right a girl could be spotted amongst the crowd.

She was putting on a black baggy jean with a white oversized shirt and a cap that covered her face. Only her short hair could be seen.

The lady dipped her hands in her pocket, walking in the market when she spotted someone, who’ll soon become her next target.

The girl stopped by a vendor who was selling cabbage. She began going through it like she was interested in it while her hands discreetly slipped in the pocket of the person standing next to her, bringing out the wallet.

“I’m not seeing what I’m looking for” She said and turned to the leave.

“Where’s my wallet!” The person standing beside her said loudly when he couldn’t find his wallet to pay the cabbage.

The lady covered her face well with the face cap, hastening her steps.

? I saw that girl take it.

? Yeah you’re right!

? After her!!

She immediately took to her heels and dashed out of the area. Four men began running after her.

She increased her speed but looks like the men where determined in catching her.

Soon the men began throwing stones at her, she dodged some while running. Suddenly a carriage out of nowhere came and blocked her way.

She jumped it and kicked a barrel which began rolling down to the men’s direction. Two of the men tumbled on it and fell.

She looked behind and smirked at the other two men tailing her. Suddenly someone pulled her at a corner.

She looked up and furrowed her brows.


“Savannah” He smirked.

She turned back when she heard the men approaching.

“Quick!, cover me!” Savannah said.

Connor immediately leaned in like they were two couples kssing. The men ran passed them.

Connor took a step away from her. He looked at her hand and sighed, shaking his head.

“Still stealing as usual.” Connor sighed.

“None of your business” Savannah dipped her hands in her pocket and began leaving. Connor followed behind.

“Why don’t you get a decent job. You’re a graduate for goodness sake! This thing you’re doing will surely land you in trouble in the future” Connor whined.

“You’re talking like my mom” Savannah said, counting the money she stole.

“Wow! I hit the jackpot today. I will eat good candy for sure” Savannah thought with a big smile on her lips..

Connor suddenly flicked his hand on her forehead.

“What the fk!!” Savannah rubbed her forehead.

“That’s for not paying attention to me when I’m talking…” Connor rolled his eyes.

Savannah cracked her knuckles and neck. Connor swallowed hard and immediately took to his heels.

“Wait till I catch you sh*t bag!!” Savannah ran after him..




“That’s so beautiful!!” Sandy gushed when Brittany showed her the sparkly diamond ring on her finger.

“I know right? He proposed to me last week!!” Brittany smiled.

“I know, I was there dummy” Sandy chuckled.

Brittany smiled, her mind going to her cute bunny. As if he knew she was thinking of him, her phone began ringing.

She immediately picked it up while blushing…

“Bunny” Brittany cleared her throat..

“How is my wifey doing?” A deep masculine voice said.

“I’m more good, now that you called” Brittany said.

“Mind if I pick you up after I’m done working?” He asked.

“Yeah sure babe!, I’ll love to” Brittany smiled.

“Bye love. I love you…” He said.

“I love you too” Brittany said and hung up.

“Love is sweet when you are with the right person. Poor us the single” Sandy pouted.

Brittany laughed lightly…

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