Hailey sat on her bed in deep thought. Today was supposed to be a great day for her since Oliver is out of the picture but it got ruined..

Now that Brittany has found out that she was the one who tried to kll her, her plans are really in danger.

She has to take Brittany and that her son out of the picture but at the same time she can’t, if she tries one f.oolish move then she’ll end up in prison.


“Does she knows I’m the one that sent her to jail and I also got rid of her father?” She thought but quickly shook her head.

No, she got rid of all the evidences so there’s no way she could find out. Now what she has to do is to get rid of that phone..

“Yeah, that’s it” She smiled as an idea came up in her head.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door..

“Come in”

The door opened and Nina came in with a bright smile on her face.

“Good morning ma’am, I brought your breakfast” Nina said.

“Thanks Nina..” Hailey faked a pathetic look on her face.

Nina walked closer to her and placed the tray beside her.

“Do you need anything ma’am?” She asked.

“No, thank you… I’ll call you when needed” Hailey said and let out a slight smile.

Nina nodded and left.

Hailey smirked and continued thinking what she was thinking..




He got down his car with a smile on his face. Though he felt sad for Oliver’s death but seeing the golden look on Sandy and Aidan’s face when Brittany appeared was something to smile about..

“I wonder how they’ll react when I’ll bring Brittany to that birthday” He thought

Yes, Aidan’s birthday is in two days time.

He got in his house and a maid bowed and greeted him..

“Welcome back sir. Miss Valerie is here” She said and politely left.

Nicholas walked to his living room and met Valerie there. She immediately stood up when she saw him.

“Val…” He smiled and came closer to her.

“Is it true that Brittany is working as your secretary?” Valerie said immediately.

“Well yeah” Nicholas shrugged.

“But why didn’t you tell me? We’re friends Nicholas!!” Valerie snapped and Nicholas’s mood changed.

“Only one person can call me by my name and that person is death,,, I already told you that Val” Nicholas said seriously.

“Besides why should I tell you, not like you even cared for once about her” Nicholas said and Valerie went mute.

“Also it’s my decision on who I hire and who I fire in my own company.. Stop trying to control me,,, it’s annoying” Nicholas said and turned to go upstairs..

He stopped on his tracks when he felt arms round his tummy.

“I’m sorry Nick, I was just mad that you didn’t tell me. I mean we’re friends and you should have told me such things” Valerie said.

Nicholas sighed and removed her hands then turned to her before smiling..

“It’s okay, we’re cool” He said and touched her hair.

Valerie smiled back in return.

“Thanks for being there during this hard moment of my life Nick” She said.




Savannah came back home with three shopping bags in her hand. Ashley was the one who dropped her home.

“Ahh Connor!!” She squealed happily when she met Connor talking with Audrey.

They both turned to Savannah.

“Oh Annah! Connor came long ago but you were not yet back” Audrey said.

“Connor!!” She screamed happily and jumped on him.

“OMG!! I missed you so much!! You suddenly left without saying goodbye and you didn’t bother to call or text me” Savannah pouted.

“I’m sorry” Connor smiled.

“I’ll leave you two alone… Just start dating already and stop confusing me” Audrey said and went upstairs.

“Mom!!” Savannah snapped and Connor chuckled..

“C’mon!! I have a bunch of things to tell you… You’ll sleep over right?” Savannah asked.


“Please! Please! Please! Please!” Savannah said cutely.

“Okay, okay..” Connor chuckled and pinched her nose.

“Is it me or you became cuter” Connor spoke and raised a brow then leaned closer to her.

“Tell me,, who’s the one kssing you everyday” He said with a serious look on his face.

“Connor!!” Savannah hit his arm and he couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s just 6pm,, come on let’s go out” Connor said and stood up.

“Sounds interesting… Let me grab my jacket” Savannah said and rushed upstairs.

She grabbed her red leather jacket and ran back downstairs but tripped over the stairs.

“Careful!” Connor caught her by waist, their faces so close to each other..

They began staring at each other.

“Uhh, thanks Connor” Savannah broke the stare and Connor immediately released her.

He cleared his throat..

“Let’s go”




Brittany sat down in front of the vanity table as she brushed her long silky her. She decided to let it down today..

She sprayed her perfume and then stood up, no makeup on.

Brittany picked her handbag and opened her door to see Alex standing in front of her door.

“Good morning mom” Alex smiled widely.

“Good morning baby, wow you’re already ready for school” Brittany smiled as they climbed down the stairs to the dining room.

“Mom! Daisy said she once saw you on TV” Alex said.

“Who’s Daisy? Oh you mean the cute brunette who won’t stop talking when I came to pick you up?” Brittany asked and he nodded.

“Well yeah. Few years back I was popular and many people knew me” Brittany said.

“But what happened?” Alex asked.

“Well,, I decided to take a break” Brittany bit her lips.

“That’s sad.. I wish you become popular again so that I can say to my friends that ‘hey that’s my mommy!” Alex said and Brittany chuckled.

They all settled down to eat..

“Granny you’ll have to take Alex to school. I missed two days of work so I’m sure I have tons of work to do meaning I need to go early” Brittany said.

“Sure” Gracie smiled.

They ate in silence with Alex munching cutely of his bread with chocolate smeared on it, some even stained his pouty lips.

Few minute’s later, Brittany stood up once she finished eating her meal.

“Bye guys!” She said and kissed Alex’s cheek.

“Bye mommy!!” Alex smiled and waved.

Brittany walked out of the house and covered her eyes when the camera lights began flashing on her.


“What the fk!”

? Miss Brittany Rodriguez we have questions to ask you

? Miss Brittany, how does it feels to be out of jail after five good years?

? Miss Rodriguez what deal did you made with the police force?

? Miss Brittany why did you do such an illegal business that ended you in jail?

? Miss Brittany will you go back into modeling?

“How did they know where I was living?” Brittany wondered.

Suddenly a car drove and stopped beside her. The door opened..

“Hop in!”

Brittany immediately got in the car which drove off immediately. Brittany looked back at the reporters who were running behind the car but they lost them.

“Thanks so…” Brittany pause when she didnt recognize the person’s face.

She thought it was Nick..

“Who are you?” Brittany asked

“You don’t remember this face” The man said and looked at her.

Brittany furrowed her brows before her eyes widened abit.

“Oh you’re my neighbor from the other time. The guy who gave me my phone..” Brittany said.

“Yeah.. So you’re really Brittany Rodriguez?” He asked.

“Didnt you see the news?” Brittany raised her brow.

“I did but it’s just so surprising and amazing…. Like I’m a fan and I can’t imagine I’m driving the great Brittany Rodriguez in my car” He said.

Brittany chuckled.

“Thanks for the compliment though I’m more of a nobody now” Brittany shrugged.

“I’m Justin Carson, we can be friends right?” He spoke.

“Sure you already know my name so no need” Brittany said.

“Oh!! please drop me there! That’s where I work” Brittany pointed at her destination when she saw he was about to pass..

The car stopped in front of Nicholas’s company and she got down.

“Thanks Justin” She waved and left

Justin watched her as she entered the company..

“She’s more beautiful up close than on TV” He thought with a smile on his lips..


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