MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 21 – 30

? EPISODE 21 AND 22 ?

By Princess ?

It was then i realized the lady has already hanged her night gown and some other cloth on our hanger.
Ismaeel picked her night gown and my towel to her in the bathroom and the lady came out minutes later
Ismaeel: This is Rahman my roommate i always tell you about, This is Amaka my girlfriend Alfa Abdulrahman
Amaka: Good evening Abdulrahman
Me: Evening
I don’t even know what to say at that particular moment, so many things on my mind. “amaka” “girlfriend”, what about Ebun, Angela nko? So definitely what Esther told me then was actually true. I picked up my praying mat and went outside to pray, the prayer was not even coming smooth like that as i couldn’t take what i just saw out of my mind.

I finished praying and the next thought was where am i going to sleep? If am going to sleep in the same room with them, i was seriously hungry at that particular moment, i was forced to go inside the kitchen to pick my bread and butter.

Amaka was already on bed and Ismaeel was no where to be found. After so much thought i decided i cant sleep in the same room with them if the worst come then i will go and sleep in Ezekiel’s room. I entered Ezekiel’s room from the kitchen and i saw another lady in his own room with Ismaeel there. He introduced her to me as blessing, definitely Ezekiel’s room was not even an option.
I called Ismaeel to the kitchen to let us talk because time was going already, it was almost 12pm, and he knew from my facial expression that I was seriously angry
Ismaeel: Please am very sorry Abdulrahman, i never knew you will be coming home tonight, what happened, you didn’t go for the Jihad camp again
Me: I didn’t go but what is all these nonsense Ismaeel? Am highly disappointed in you..i never expected this from you wallahi despite you knowing what the quran said about fornication and adultery..definitely this is what you do whenever am not home, house that i assumed is sacred, i didn’t know you have been doing this rubbish in the house and on our bed.
Ismaeel: Am very sorry Abdulrahman, i can explain everything but not today please
Me: what do you have to explain to me..that you have been sleeping with different girls, the fact that you are dating Ebun,you slept with her on this bed, same goes for Angela and this one think i don’t know? I know everything but i doubted it in the first place because i never caught you and i don’t expect it from you but am highly disappointed. You that is an Alfa
Ismaeel: Please i will explain everything to you tomorrow..its late already Abdulrahman
Me: So, where am i going to sleep tonight? I thought i can sleep in Ezekiel’s room before not knowing that you guys planned it together
Ismaeel: we can vacate the bed for you and we will sleep on the floor rahman..please you don’t have to take this thing too far
Me: sleep on that bed? I cant sleep on the bed again lailai…the bed that you have been doing all your nonsense on…dont worry, i will sleep on the floor and leave the house for you tomorrow to enjoy yourselves.
Ismaeel: Am very sorry Abdulrahman.

We were still discussing when NEPA struck and took the light, i used the opportunity to spread our praying mat on the floor and Ismaeel gave me one pillow and my duvet which I used in covering myself. Ismaeel settled for the bed with Amaka and it was so disgusting on my mind seeing them like that as they cover themselves up.

I prayed for sleep to come but it didn’t come, there were so many things on my mind at that particular moment, i couldn’t take the picture of her unclothedness that i saw out of my mind.

After a while i realized i was hearing movement like someone moving on the bed, i remove the duvet from my head and i was dumb founded when i realized that probably they were having S£x, i was able to sense a movement going up and down on the bed, i was just there for like 15minutes watching what was happening then suddenly NEPA restored light.
We forgot to put off the light and that was because we were in the kitchen when they took the light. I saw both of them Unclad, Ismaeel was on top riding her and we all paused the moment the light was on for like 30seconds. I was just staring at them as they starred at me too. Ismaeel quickly jump up to switch off the light while Amaka wrapped herself with the duvet instantly. I was just praying for the night to be over as my mind couldn’t take it. I didn’t know when i later slept off and it was call to prayer by 5am that woke me up.

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