MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 31 – 40

? EPISODE 31 ?

By Princess ?

Throughout the week i didn’t hear from Aisha, reading was so hard for me and all my exama were definitely in the hand of God as i was not able to assimilate all i was reading. Aminat tried her best for me but nothing can be compared to my Aisha, nothing can be compared to my first love, i truly love her and can’t just take her out of my life just like that.

I saw Aisha and his fiancée in school the following week and they even requested to give me a lift out of the school which i decline with excuse that i was not going to town. It still baffles me how someone will be that callous as she never even bothered to call me, text or apologized for the way she treated me, it was just as if nothing happened.

We finished our first semester exam and were given two weeks holiday, i was not with the right frame of mind to continue with the coaching class, the initial excuse was my exam but i realized i had a weaken heart. Assimilating had become so difficult for me so i rather be myself than disgrace myself in public all in the name of continuing coaching classes.

It has been close to two years i last visited home, they didn’t even ask me to come home either, my dad sends any little money he has to my account anytime he feel like. In fact, i don’t ask them for money since i have extra means of income, they send our food stuff through bus coming to Ilorin and there was even a regular driver that always help them out and we have been so close that anytime they are sending us food, he will come and drop it at our door step in the hostel for me. My accommodation fee is sent to my account, as usual, ismaeel doesn’t have any problem because of his many sources of income.

Break was over and we already resumed second semester 300level, they started pasting our results on the notice board. The first two results i saw was D. At the end of it all, the result was mixed together and i even had E in a course, that was the first exam we did for the first semester.

When the last result was pasted, my CGPA had dropped to 4.41 which means i dropped drastically from my first class position.
Our HOD was surprised about my result for that semester and he personally called me to his office in the company of my level adviser, they asked what was the reason for the decline in my result, if i was having any problem as they never expected my result to drop like that. In fact the HOD called for all my answer scripts to be sure it was actually my score. After going through all my results sheet he was so sure there was something wrong with me. He advised me to work on whatever is bothering me and never let it affect my academics. I appreciated them, thank them and promised them that my result for the second semester will definitely push me back to first class.

It was so funny that i didn’t later hear from Aisha again, i couldn’t help but wonder if that was how love ended with someone.

I was in my room one day after i came back from school, i saw Aisha earlier with a guy in school in a somehow romantic mood, though she didn’t see me. Aisha had stop using the long veil and she resorted to just tying scarf on her head, in fact she had started wearing jean trouser which revealed her beauty to the outer world, I was so jealous as I continue to stare at her beauty, (what belongs to me alone before, was now what the whole school is now seeing for free).
I didn’t know when tears started rolling down my eyes after thinking through everything that happened between me and Aisha. To say i love Aisha so much was an understatement, definitely it was not because of the S£x but for the fact that she thought me what love is all about, i never had any emotional feelings with the opposite S£x until i met her. The worst part of it was that i always see her in school like three times in a week but she always run away from me without leaving chance for communication. I was even ready to apologize to her if i was the one that offended her, i was ready to be by the side and let her see reason that i was the best for her but the chance was not there at all.
I didn’t know when Aminat enter the room, the only thing that brought me back to the atmosphere was her hand on my cheek, that was the first time we had a physical contact because they all know i don’t have contact with the opposite S£x, i don’t know what gave her the courage to touch me too. Aminat started ranting at me “ what is the problem Abdulrahman? Why are you crying? Dont tell me you are still thinking about Aisha”
“You are a total disappointment wallahi, what sort of a weak man are you?look at you, looking so unkept, only God knows the last time you shaved, look at beards all over your face. For crying out loud, its been more than two month this lady left you for another guy, the lady has moved on already and you are still here crying, you better wake up to reality because its as if you think she is still coming back to you or you guys can work out things between each other, you want to kill yourself because of a lady, you are becoming a shame to manhood jaraeee Abdulrahman, i even thought you are strong looking at you from far not knowing that you are a weak fellow. No wonder Aisha left you for another guy, so you are this emotionally weak, you are a man for crying out loud, you will be a graduate in about a year time and if you cant handle something as small as a relationship while in school then how are you going to cope when you leave school, married and start handling complex relationship like marriage, you need to brace up and be a man for once jhoor”.

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