My Mum Is A Bad Example!

Side view of young woman with eyes closed

I picked my mum’s phone to use. I saw some messages coming in. I read how a man was planning to send money to her to abort a pregnancy. I almost fainted. Mum is a preacher of sexual purity. She always teach us how to pray. How to serve God, how to be chaste.

Oh! I found it hard to believe I read that from her phone. That message affected me. I started having boy friends after that. The message made me so weak. It made me believed no one can stay out of sin. No one can really be pure.

Unknowingly to her, I took more interest in reading her chats. Oh! I saw several men she was dating. I saw where she was meeting them. I saw how they were sending money to her. And this is my mum at home, playing a chaste woman. A woman of purity. This dampen my spirit.

My dad was not bordered, or should I say he didn’t take note. They sleep in separate room every night, unless some days they chose to sleep together. And so mum does all her evils at night. Dad is also a pastor.

He pastor one of the biggest church in town. Many souls were converted through him. But his wife was heading to hell.

I started living a strange life. I started doing the same things on my phone. I hooked up with men. But in no time mum caught me. She cried!
I frankly told her, I copied her ways. She couldn’t stop crying.

I asked her why? She told me dad pushed her hard into sin. He neglected her. They fight everyday, and so they separated rooms. She was always lonely. She started by having negative friends, who introduced her into those things.

But it was too late for her to draw me back. She repented after seeing the havoc her life made on me. She went back to God. But I couldn’t stop this life I found so interesting. I went deeper into sin. It affected my siblings as the first born.

Dad was so careless that he noticed nothing. We still pray together. We still go to church together. But his family is going to hell. My two sisters followed my path. Mum couldn’t stop crying and praying everyday. She couldn’t open up to dad because we have secret together.

But grace found me one day. But I’ve been battered. I’ve lived so recklessly. My mum would have saved that. My dad would have saved that.

Mum and Dad!
The children are watching! Be a good Example! Live a good life! Not in words alone, much more in actions. Don’t let your spouse be lonely! Someone will fill your place!
Children! Please pray for mum and dad, when things are not fine!

There is no one that cannot be drawn away into sin. But your fervent prayers can avail so much.
Don’t copy the evil ways of your parents! You can save your home!

Evang Kemi Longe